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  1. I got quite excited to see this as the title says Sinclair C5. I have a C5 in pedal only form now and currently on the hunt to electrify the little beggar. Great build again Jenny and you certainly give confidence to us girls to build! Jo x
  2. Did some rock crawling with the mn d91 Land rover swb and it didnt break! Did order some metal prop shafts for it tho. March will bring an alloy gearbox and some metal parts (maybe) or I may save for a cc01. I want cheap trail/rock abilities and not break the bank and i'm stuck between doing up the mn d91 as an alloy beauty or a tamiya. I must say the mn d91 is miles more robust than a wpl but youre kinda stuck with the body and I so want a Unimog. Decisions.....
  3. So awesome Jenny and you inspire us all. x
  4. Fitted a servo and speed contoller to m MND90 project truck.
  5. I wished I hadnt seen this! I've hummed and arr'd if to get one for the orv chassis.
  6. I watched a prog about the MR2 and the rear engine bay was essentially a Toyota corolla subframe, chassis, box, engine and suspension were grafted onto the bodyshell of the mr2 all be it with the steering locked off.
  7. Sweet! I'll be adding them to crimbo list. I hate the stance of it. Next up: I saw a japanese guy have an anti roll bar on the rear. Apparently tamiya, it locked the bar to those holes mid arm, clamped to the back of the gear box and went around to the other arm. He also had an adaptor on the front suspension so a damper sat horizontally and acted on both arms. I found it on instagram and awaiting reply to part numbers from him.
  8. one way bearing that allows 4wd but rear wheel breaking. Cool centre diff i'd say.
  9. can you tweak the wheels so the rear is out as far as the front? It bugs me that the front track is wider.
  10. Wow that brings back memories of my old mk2. Dont forget the oil stains on the bonnet inside from the dipstick and breather. I cant tell you how much I love the RS1800.
  11. I always liked the Dyanne by Citroen
  12. Brats are beautiful. Nice job x
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