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  1. They were £49 on eBay. I found some on the net for £30 inc delivery. Still expensive though. Most places have sold out. https://www.rcjaz.co.uk/tamiya-84282-hotshotsuper-hotshot-boomerang-gold-plated-wheels-fr-p-90052986.html
  2. It did look too short. There is an o ring in there. I’m not sure if it’s one or two though. I will pop another in and see what happens. Thanks so much for your help. Cheers, Mark
  3. Does anyone know what makes this pop out? I reversed fast and it just came out. I took it apart and rebuilt it - tested it and it popped straight out again. Sorry, quite new to this stuff.
  4. Thanks guys. I’ll swap out the receiver and test again. I think I did muck about with the end points they seemed ok. I’ll see where I get to with the receiver as it was a two pack I bought. Cheers
  5. Hi - I’m after a brace for my Blackfoot, black if possible but not too fussed on colour. Are there any still available? Cheers, Mark
  6. I’ve just finished building my Blackfoot rerelease. I thought everything was fine but then noticed a slight delay on the steering when turning left and right (on a stand). Sometimes it locked hard left right. I had bought two additional receivers for the flysky and put a new one on the BF. It’s responsive but just a little glitchy, acceleration and reverse are fine. Has anyone else had a similar problem or got any ideas as to what this could be? I thought about putting the stick kit servo saver on to see if that make a difference. I’d like to keep the kimbrough on though if possible. This is the first time buying additional receivers - rather than a kit. I thought that may have been the issue. If anyone has any ideas that would be great. Cheers, Mark
  7. Thanks for that. I’d need to copy someone who had a similar car to be in with a fighting chance. Cheers!
  8. Thanks for that. I’d need to copy someone who had a similar car to be in with a fighting chance. Cheers!
  9. Can you show us a photo of a set up that doesn’t use a servo saver? I can’t picture how it works without a servo saver. Totally flummoxed so I am
  10. It’s on but I think I’ve stressed the plastic. Cheers for the help.
  11. This made me laugh. Good one. I have a needle file I’ll give that a bash.
  12. Yeah sorry about that - I was too quick on the trigger.
  13. I bought a couple of the Kimbrough servo savers guys. Do they take a different size of ball connnector? The one I have is pretty big compared to the size of the whole. No jokes stretching it’s looks like it will stress the plastic. Cheers.
  14. Thanks for all the ideas, I’ll start the BF build this weekend. I like the idea of a clod Buster and sand scorcher. Then I may try a buggy and then a Kyosho build. I better start saving.
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