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  1. I know I can buy one. I just have always known Tamiya to never leave any detail out of their 1/14 scale rigs. I wonder why they didn't put one in this kit?????
  2. So I am building the new Tamiya Cascadia. I was just wondering why they don't have a smokestack for it? I was really hoping to put a smoke system in it to give realism, but there is no stack (Exhaust Stack)???????
  3. Rubber sealed bearings and a 4CH radio for the Cascadia.
  4. So I just bought one and it will be here Tuesday. Any suggestions? I have owned a King Hauler before.
  5. So I bought this kit new. It came with a Carson .15 motor (Don't think it was the original motor) The air filter is definitely too old to use. So I ordered a Motor Saver air filter kit. I also ordered a CVEC tuned exhaust pipe. Just need to order an exhaust header, glow plug, fuel line and a fuel filter. Plus I want to replace the hubs the wheels attach to. They are the kind that do not have pins and I hate them. I think I can substitute some kind of Tamiya hub so I can use hex's that slide over a pin. Here are some pic's.
  6. These are the ones I have and love them! https://www.integy.com/st_prod.html?p_prodid=19817&p_catid=161&ratesortby=New#.WUG4G4WcHIU
  7. Worked on building the Academy Visto. Ordered a CVEC tuned pipe for it and a Motor saver air filter kit. Still need to order exhaust header and fuel line and filter.
  8. Got the orange front shock tower set and the bead lock rings installed. Just need to do the Super Bee Kill Switch now.
  9. Some more orange pieces and a super bee kill switch for the 5B.
  10. New wheel nuts installed on the 5B
  11. Get used to it. If you bashed the Sonic or the Striker hard they always broke.
  12. That's sad! I went to my old submarine base and ran it where they have some really nice hills and jumps. There was a young couple that were admiring it, and they didn't mind the dust I stirred up as well!
  13. Not a great video, but I only had phone. Will take GoPro out next time with head mount. https://www.facebook.com/dw.sites.3/videos/1972774362956855/
  14. Finally found some running ground for the 5B. So got her dirty then spent about the same time cleaning her!
  15. Installed a Modified RC 5B quick release roll cage on the Rovan Buggy. I also installed a Voltage Watch on it to monitor the battery!
  16. Aren't all RC cars if you drive them like ya should?
  17. Was it a 5B? This is a 5th scale buggy not a 1/10th.
  18. Swapped out the Receiver Battery in the Rovan 5B. It was originally a 2000mAh and would last one tank of gas (1 Hour). Now I can run about 2 1/2 tanks (2.5 Hours) on one receiver battery charge. These are Sub C batteries. The same size used in 1/10 NiMh battery packs!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Got the door handles, wipers, headlights, and mirrors installed on the Orlandoo Jeep.
  20. Hum......might have to take a look. Thanks for the heads up!
  21. Got the rear end and spoiler painted and put together. Making progress on some projects this week.
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