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  1. Hi All this is my 2nd Tamiya, Purchased 2nd hand. (reminds me i still need to build the Jimny) its Pretty much Immaculate to be honest, really pleased with it. I haven't ran it yet because there are a couple of things I want to do to make it tip - top. Already has tamiya Sport Tuned Motor, Alloy brace and hobbywing 1060ESC and bearings Any Way, Pictures Here are some of the imperfections on the body So plans.... MIP Diff Upgraded shocks. rubber sealed bearings. Probably fit a 15t firebolt motor or maybe a 12t titan, not sure yet, sort the body out, i probably wont go box art, i may go yellow or orange, havent decided. New Aerial Tube. LEDs. Some advice from you lovely Tamiya people Plese Are the light buckets alerady to goso i can fit LED's straight to them? How do i strip the body of windows, wing mirrors etc? What shocks do i go for? Does anyone else run an MIP diff? are they any good?
  2. another one for these lipos, i use them in my girlfriends neo scorcher,
  3. Saw this video on another forum and thought i had to share. Its amazing what these 2 have achieved and how their talents will never be recognised because of their background. Such a shame
  4. I can't wait to see Rogue one. I loved episode 7 and I'm sure I will enjoy this as much.
  5. This is really nice, great build!! I cant wait to see a vid of it running
  6. @Wireless Thats a rather nice collection you have there, the RS500 is one of my all time favourite cars.
  7. Haha there sure is. I think its because its one I don't really remember that well. It's a bit strange looking too
  8. I don't think I'm that bothered about this one. There's definitely others I'd rather Tamiya Re Released
  9. I listen to whatever comes on iTunes shuffle. Could be anything at all. I also put the vinyl player on from time to time
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