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  1. purchased the optional shocks and carbon fiber shock Towers. the stock shocks for this kit are kind of crappy. actually had it out today running on a 3 cell lipo. It's definitely fast. Once the shocks are replaced I'll post a video
  2. Thanks, I am not 100% happy with the paint. I realized that the masking tape I was using was not the best and i got some bleeding in some places. But once its all stickered up and I beat it up a bit (this is NOT a shelf queen) it should be good. I have also purchased the upgraded shocks from Kyosho as the one that come with it are not the best.
  3. Ok so here is the finished product. I have a build thread here with more pictures
  4. Electronics are stolen from a Team Associated brushless B4.2 It's a standard brushless ESC and a Reedy 3300 brushless motor.
  5. And here is the finished product, I did not take pictures of each step.
  6. Ok so this is my first time ever painting lexan and i made some mistakes. I am however pleased with the final look, even with the glaring issues in the paint. here is a shot of the first stripe
  7. I wont bore you with the build, its been posted multiple times before. Only thing i did different was use my dremel to file down the main rails at the bend so i did not need the spacers that were provided, makes for a more solid connection between the front shock mounts and the frame.
  8. My Kyosho 2014 Beetle (scorpion beetle) should show up saturday and I will be doing a build thread here. The attached pic will be my paint inspiration. will update thread as things progress.
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