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  1. My hornet would enjoy some new decals ;-) But maybe someone local to you might benefit more if postage to europe is too steep.
  2. Nice job! Regarding the axle guards, it's just a bad design. Mine have cracks at the exact same spot. I stopped driving before completely breaking them and reinforced them with CNC-made small aluminium plates on each side, using metric screws through the 3 available holes.
  3. I'm interested in those if still available. I've got some QD stuff to give away. Four brand new red rims, 2 used white rims and a gearbox with broken casing.
  4. Tamiya putty (as well as other products that dry with air) should not be used to fill holes. The solvent from the TS spray will make it shrink. These kind of products should only be used to correct very small defects or scratches. For anything bigger, you're much safer using 2-components fillers. Another good way to fill holes is to use styrene and acetone.
  5. are the Fire Dragon and Focus WRC manuals still available? If so, can I have them please?
  6. I wouldn't use glue. If it's styrene based, with products like "Plastic Weld" or even acetone, you can weld it back together. After that, I would suggest drilling it back to 2.5mm as the hole might have become a little bit smaller. Then use an M3 metric tap to make a new thread and replace the tapping screw with a metric one.
  7. Worst I've seen in the last few months was a beat up madcap sell at auction for about 250€. Two guys stuck at home fighting to get a piece of junk to pass time...
  8. There are not many first-100 buggys left that were not re-released in one form or another. The falcon is one of remaining few. In my opnion, it'll happen in the next few years. Unlike some other models, there is no major technical flaw that prevents it from being re-released. The front end is a bit weak but with better plastics it should be ok.
  9. Very true, that's why the re-release are interesting. That and getting the parts to restore the vintage ones. You're right, now is not the best time to buy collectibles as everything seems to have gone up a bit. I also noticed some basket case cars selling for crazy prices. The situation will probably go back to normal, let's be patient. Although I try to be sensible, I also restored a few cars that cost more than a full re-re model, but I enjoyed the fact of bringing something back to likf. Anyway, I still think 400GBP for a mint vintage Vanquish is doable, I'd have to think hard if I was offered that kind of many for mine
  10. If you make a "Wanted" ad for a Vanquish on this website with a 400 GBP budget, you'll probably find some people willing to part with theirs The reason I very rarely buy re-release models is that with a little patience you can often find a good original one for less money. .
  11. For the prices quoted, you can probably have a mint original Vanquish.
  12. Yes, somehow the information filtered, which is rather unusual with tamiya.
  13. Argh.... price strongly suggests an frp chassis. It would be bad news for those of us waiting for some new shock towers or other specific plastic parts to restore our vintage models.
  14. edit: mounting holes seem correct for a 18T pinion. Seems your pinion is not 32dp.
  15. For the chassis cover, you could try using an old DF01 buggy shell with the front section cut
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