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  1. edit: mounting holes seem correct for a 18T pinion. Seems your pinion is not 32dp.
  2. For the chassis cover, you could try using an old DF01 buggy shell with the front section cut
  3. Well, that person probably needs it more than me so I won't be making you an offer
  4. Yes, first one is from a Fox. I think the mounting plate is slightly different on the Supershot. If you're looking to sell it, I'd be interested.
  5. Buy some hydrogen peroxyde 12%, the stuff to make your hair blond. Put that on your rims, put them in an open box and cover the box with transparent film. After a few hours in the sun, they will progressively go back to white.
  6. the dynatechs are quicker and also very valuable, they are the correct hop up motors for cars from the late 80s and early 90s. In my experience, th's much easier to find a cheap technigold than a dynatech.
  7. I've always been happy with their service but they recently increased their shipping fees since the new website went online. I used to be able to buy a small item and pay less than $5. A few parts or tires was less than $10. Now it's twice as expensive as before.
  8. Very nice, looking forward to see the chassis after another sunbath. I have one that is much worse than yours so hopefully I can improve it a bit.
  9. Somehow, I felt it was time for something on the thundershot chassis. Cool, I'll be able to offer my vintage one a new body!
  10. that depends on how many Teeth your motor pinion has. Count them and find the right setup with the small metal plates
  11. I thought long and hard about that. I don't like using glue to repair something. My solution was to cut small aluminum plates of 0.7mm thickness and sandwich the existing damaged mounts. They are held in place by two 2mm screws. Clean and strong.
  12. didcos

    Rowdy Baja question

    Graupner distributed Kyosho products in Germany. I don't think it was a full "rebranding", like Cox did in the US. My original Scopion has both the Kyosho and Graupner logos on its Box.
  13. you could use the frp towers that come with the hi--caps. Slightly lower than the original plastic mount but it could work. That's what I plan to use to repair my vanquish, whish has the same problem as yours.
  14. I think it will work. From what I remember, Astute and King cab dogbones are the same length. Original King Cab dogbones are howerer slightly thicker in the center section.
  15. Today I had a vision, I saw a Bear Hawk for 2020
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