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  1. Really not sure what that bits meant to be for??
  2. So I got the Hornet parts and fitted them but that presented an entirely new problem which I'm sure most Hornet owners are more than familiar with - the whole gearbox assembly shifting forward and up under acceleration and having very poor movement control. So I read up on a 5th shock absorbers. Seemed easy enough to do on a Lunchbox/Pumpkin but it seemed most thought it wasn't possible on a Hornet/Grasshopper due to a lack of space. I saw one solution that added a shock absorber each side but this seemed far too over the top and made it look too cluttered. Having CVA shocks all round on mine meant the originals were surplus to requirement, in particular the tiny front units. A small modification to the gearbox housing and one small hole drilled to the back of the chassis meant the 5th shock was easily housed and has completely eliminated the problem! Simple and free!
  3. Thanks for the offer Phil. However, I've decided to buy an entire brand new Grasshopper as it's only 58 quid so that means not only do i get body, decals, wheels and tyres but naturally a whole set of spares too!
  4. Cool, i'll give that a go. Combined with all the other mods it should be a decent runner! Saying that, not sure about taking it out with that rare black body shell so might have to source a regular white one first!
  5. A valid point but it's not for racing, just blasting around on sand etc. I feel the current side bars would offer no roll very protection and alloys might give it a fighting chance! Plus they look better ! 😆 Almost forgot to order the 95mm shaft for the rear suspension, luckily Tony's Tamiya parts had one in at a very reasonable price! I also have an adjustable alloy motor mount to fit. So with the Sport tuned motor I have the requisite 18t pinion but the motor mount allows a range of 16 to 22. What would be best for sand and dune trailing?
  6. Thanks very much. I've ordered the Hornet D parts and MD12 springs. As for those bars, think I will pass at those prices! 😲
  7. So recently I added a Grasshopper to my collection, a Black Edition no less. Very happy with the purchase and it's simplicity is quite charming. It already has a few modifications - Rising fighter wishbones, CVA's all around, rear suspension brace, alloy rear bubs, alloy front bumper, Carbon reinforced front uprights, sport tuned motor and ballraced so all in all its got potential. However, there's 2 things I really dislike. 1) those side rails - all the strength of cooked spaghetti. Are there any alloy alternatives available? And 2) The whole rear suspension set up. I can live with a solid rear axle, I get that. What I can't understand is the fact it has no twist side to side - literally the whole rear just bounces up and down in one motion! (Ironic that I saw a stabiliser set for it on eBay!!) Are there any conversions that allow it to twist and give some form of independent movement (think fossil type real cars like Ford Mustangs) Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks, wasn't sure if the mounting points would be different.
  9. Does anyone know if set 47358 will fit an original Manta Ray?
  10. Hi, I've recently won an original thundershot on ebay in reasonable condition. It's missing one part that I can't find at all, even known and respected traders can't find it stating that it's discontinued. It's the tie rod BT1 (5325006) that links the two B7 parts. If anyone has one spare I would be extremely grateful if you would be willing to part with it!
  11. Again, and I really don't know how many times I have to repeat it, Speedy - this is NOT about modifying, speed, etc etc, it's about an OUT OF THE BOX build !! I'm sorry if my clear English is not precise enough on the 3rd repeat but beyond that I'm really not sure what I can do or say to make it any clearer! 😂😂
  12. I've seen and admired your work on here and Facebook, Truck Norris. If my builds could be even 50% as good as yours then I would feel extremely proud. Some serious talent you have there!
  13. Yes that's something I've found too, I really wish they wouldn't pre-drill at all! I understand they need to simplify so that it appeals to an audience without a large variety of tools readily available but then equally they don't consider the more discerning assembler who builds for aesthetics too!
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