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  1. BigAl69002

    What drill size to drill and tap M3?

    I didn't understand a word of that book.:-)
  2. I shall be getting the same light buckets from loops on my birthday (9days to go) so I might be back to as some questions, before I start cutting ...... Yours is looking good my friend.
  3. BigAl69002

    What drill size to drill and tap M3?

    Or download a copy from here......
  4. BigAl69002

    CC-01 Turning Circle

    Do a Google search for "Tamiya CC01 steering mods" Lots of hits come up, just work your way through them....ignoring the front mounted servo mod, and check out the others.. A lot of forum posts have been about the GPM kit being u/s, but with care and a bit of inginuity it can be made superb..... I myself have watched youtube videos of cc01 mods, and have cut and shaved a lot off of the arms and knuckles, fitted CVD.s and tuned the's still not good, but it is much better than standard....and I will soon be fitting a modified GPM kit to get more.
  5. Also check out the Flysky gt3b. It is a wheel transmitter but also has the capability to be upgraded/modded to give up to 8ch
  6. Flysky or Turnigy FS-i6 6ch can be converted to 10 ch easily enough, good range and cheap rx. Only down side might be the mixing ability, only hass three mixes available.
  7. BigAl69002

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    nothing major bot made an antenna for my Pajero..
  8. BigAl69002

    CC-01 / Buggy Champ Universal Joints measurement

    seller on e-bay recons they are 32mm
  9. BigAl69002

    Ball Race Bearings

    rcbearings x 3...evrything that I have ever ordered from them arrives quickly, and the price / quality is just so. even down the the 10 x 5 x 2.5 bearings for servos..................
  10. BigAl69002

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Conformal coating, that's what he is bringing me today.. Last weekend out it rained a bit......I drove through a large puddle.....I removed the battery and took my rig morning I fitted the battery, drove my rig around the house for 5 minutes to try and replicate a small problem, encountered out on the trail......5 minutes and the car stopped......moisture in the Rx....another one burnt out....lines across my radio set...moisture again. So now I'm going to coat everything and put all componants into a waterproof box.....Gggrrrrrrr!!!!
  11. BigAl69002

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Todaqy my 25 mm wheel extensions arrived. So I made and fitted a spare wheel to the back door of my CC01 Pajero.
  12. BigAl69002

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    I released magic smoke from a servo today, in trying to answer my own question, so I ripped the circuit board out of it and another that went bad on me and made two servo to fit them.
  13. BigAl69002

    Newby Needs Advice

    Hi Guitarman, like you I am also new to RC cars, after extensive research, I built my Pajero rally with a set of ball races, in place of the plastic bearings, as advised on ALL forums. Best place to buy is RC Bearings, UK based and they know bearings. Everything else is suck it and see, mine now has a homebrew four lingk rear suspension setup, and a bit more steering via forum advice and knowledge... I would advise bearings essential, and everything else, replace with better parts when needed........most aftermarket hop-ups are bling and not really needed. Tyres in the kit are pretty good if you want to stay on hard surface, but they are too hard for crawling, even light stuff, they will let you down, KRT Kongs are the tyre of choice for immediate improvements, around 96mm are about the limit before body mods are needed. Even 96 will strike the body on full articulation. Next upgrade should be a good higher turn your research and you will find a lot of info for the CC01. Best of luck, the CC01 is a great trail, light crawler rig and you will be surprised at where you can go with it.
  14. BigAl69002

    Linking lipos

    No you can't link to form a 3s. Both the batteries you have are 2s, and linked together would make a 4s if series connected and 2s if parrallel conected.
  15. BigAl69002

    Slowing down a TL01B

    Cheers lads, We both run the FlySky FS-i6 radios, and yes we've tried limiting the throttle channel on the radio, but as TurnipJF states, the torque is seriously compromised...I have ordered a 45 turn GoolRC motor from fleabay, we'll try that first, see how we get on. Once again, thanks for the replies.