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  1. Kind of testing the water with this but if anyone wants it for what I'm asking then it's theirs. Up for sale is my Dual Hunter (same chassis at Wild Dagger / Twin Detonator etc...) This has been my runner that I've used for a bit of fun once in a while but I haven't even used this for months now. It comes with full ball bearings, 4" alu shock towers and 4" oil filled shocks, HPI wheels, full bearings, 20t pinions, all radio gear including a Speedmaster Silverstar Ultra ESC (twin motor esc). Overall it's in pretty decent condition, the shell has got the usual scrapes and scratches as does the chassis. I have been running this with two 17t motors but one of them has broken (the endbell broke off), but I will include two 550 size motors (came standard from an E-Maxx or similar). The tyres are worn down a bit as when the twin 17s were in it it absolutely flew. Also, about 3 of the driveshafts have been bent from the torque the thing puts out. That's about it I think, I've been as honest as possible. I'm looking for £90 + P&P really, bearing in mind it comes pretty much RTR (the 550 motors would need wires soldering on to them, apart from that it is RTR). The ESC has a Deans connector soldered on. See here for more pics: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...03&sid=3221 Motors that will be included:
  2. Thanks for letting me know Martin, glad you're pleased with them. With regards to everything left up for sale, make me a rediculous offer and chances are I'll let you have the item, I really need shot of everything.
  3. Thanks for letting me know CHiPs. Also, the 3 modified motors are now SOLD.
  4. 5th March: Prices have been reduced on everything, bargains to be had. It all needs to go! See first post for new prices.
  5. Couple of new bits up for sale: 3 Different Modified Motors, all well used but working - SOLD
  6. Now on eBay with more pics. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=250588167316
  7. Haha, god that seems like a while back now Twinset, well found!
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