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  1. Mine arrived from Modelsport today, next day delivery
  2. It is coming to the UK 24TH July. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/tamiya-1-10-r-c-tyrrell-p34-six-wheeler-1976-japan-gp/rc-car-products/418852
  3. I had the same issue with the Falcon in the 80's, the nose cone pretty much fell off lol. One of the mud guards is a little loose already. One thing I did notice when placing the shell on was with the motor wires cable tied to the chassis as the manual suggests, it's near on impossible to get the shell on. I cut the cable tie and fed the cables into and under the upper chassis, this kept them away from the shell. To fit the shell now, keep it as far back as possible, insuring the mud guards clear the chassis, then pull it forward into position. The wheel adaptors. One thing I noticed is they don't grip the pins like all my other tamiyas (mainly on road) fitting them and the wheels was very akward. Many thanks, glad you liked the build. You getting one or got one? Wasn't to keen on them TBH, but I see your point. Suppose the 2.4ghz antenna could be taped carfully around one of them.
  4. I'm not familiar with the bigwig other than the build, but it does stand out as being very technical. Only ran it light on grass and loose gravel but it held up well. I certanley wouldn't look forward to have to replace a few parts, seems like it could be a lot of stripping down
  5. Looks stunning in the first pic The magnifying hand thingy I found was a great help, just had to learn how to focus with one eye shut lol If you havn't already, try one.
  6. I relaly like that color, good job. Yesterday, my first go at tyre painting. SAKURA White GELLY ROLL Pen + Helping Hand with 60mm magnifying glass
  7. It is CML distribution. Unfortunatley, I have no idea on Carisma parts availability. I was also looking at this which is why I posted it. They aren't a bad company, but out of a random 3 models I've picked out it seems most parts are 'supplier stock' only.
  8. It's not all Tamiya you know While looking for Ford focus bodyshells on eBay I stumbled across some Kyosho shells. Couldn't help but snap them up in all 3 liverys available. The seller has since ceased trading for whatever reasons Shells, decals and wheels are all genuine Kyosho, chassis's are all TL-01. The chassis required TG10 Rear Wheel Axle 50808 long axles to bring the wheels out. Some of the decals were cut away and replaced with paint on the shell, this gave a much neater, cleaner finish. 3 videos below show how I masked, painted and decaled each shell. A short clip of them altogether.
  9. Maybe that's why they're on 'sale' ? Carisma M48S Porsche 959 Brushless RTR CA70768
  10. Took my biggest, bestest and most expensive build yet out for a first run Was great to see her run, although it isn't fast by any means, not even on 8.4v. Definitley needs a 15 turn Fitebolt. It aint no shelfer, although it qualifys for one The video isn't the best and the music is a bit over dramatic The stick on wheel wells did their job though And for those that missed the build thread, it's available in video format.
  11. All finished. Bodyshell is way over designed lol
  12. Yeah, UK seller. There's a surprising amount of cossie stuff on there right now.
  13. I've run a Boomerang with a 1060 on 8.4 with no problems, maybe it's just lipo? higher voltage? I'm sort of surprised too on the piano wire shaft, would of been nice to implement an updated version into the new kit. The gearbox casings wouldn't need changing. I've also got a vintage Boomerang for which I've fitted the upgraded Hotshot prop shaft and cups.
  14. The shell Stripes were cut out and temporary stuck to the outside of the shell to marke up for the next masking, blue into white. The driver Never done one before so thought I'd have a crack. Just the decals left and assembly of the rollcage.
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