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  1. How long did you had to play with fruits... Your body wheel housing (rear) looks not so nice. Take a spray can, wrap sandpaper around and use it to get a nice curve. I know the i20 front housings are not 100% round. Take a smaller can for them. This way you can round the sharp edges from the knife a little, too, looks much better. Overall its a great finish, nice colors! I have body #1575
  2. I got body #1575 Gmarket did not send to me international. Next day they cancelled my i20 order and did refund.
  3. Thank you. Yes, I have the orig. manual. I thought it was shown at an extra sheet. Many Thanks!
  4. Hi Someone can help me with a 4x4 Pickup Hilux Damper Set Assembly or instruction sheet? Perhaps there's a copy or scan online somewhere? I restored a 4x4 pickup and now have problems to mount them. Thanks, Dan
  5. Thank you! Now I found another picture here. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=64762&id=3338
  6. OK, thanxs! (Hätte ich gleich deutsch fragen können...)
  7. Hi all! I need help to identify this "Limited Edition items" part. It must be a part for F350? Can you help? Thank you Dan
  8. Hi I want to upload a profile picture. No matter what size the picture is. In example 199x160px, 9 kb or 90x72px, 7kb. I always get the error: "The file selected is too large." Now, what can I do?
  9. Outside measurement of clear cover should be about 57 mm x 89 mm.
  10. Hi! Does anybody know where to get display covers for the SAN-S Tamiya RC Buggy Collection Mini series? All stands come without clear cover/box. SAN-S Tamiya RC Buggy Collection: http://www.tamiya.com/japan/products/buggy...ion07/index.htm
  11. In the meantime I got a note from paypal that the money will come back. I told the shop owner that I don't want the money back, I want my order, but this did not happen, Hmm... For me, there are too much organisation or/and technical problems, I will no place an order again there next time. "...good seller, told him about a missing decal in my order, and he send it out without any xtra cost, that is definately a plus for any buyer."" --> that is not a plus, that's normal.
  12. I wrote in first post that I see this order in my account. Sry thats wrong, I'm not english, sorry. I fixed it. That's the problem. This order is NOT in my account under -orders made-. And because of this I got nervous. No answers, ?no order made?...no owner adresse. It' was the first time I made an order there. Now I got an answer and I hope I get my order soon, too.
  13. I made an order at vintage-tamiyaparts 4 days ago. Now I think it could be mistake for me making an order there. Amount is payed though Mastercard via paypal. I got an paypal confimation email. I did not got an confirmation email from the shop owner. Ordered item is still in the basket, my account details say there is NO order. Shop owner did not answer my emails. Perhaps he/she's ill, in holidays or don't want to answer? At the paypal confirmation email there are two email adresses from the owner. I sent my question because of the order is not listed to this adresses. One came back: Recipient address rejected: User unknown. And there's no adresse or shop owner name at this website. It's like sending money to a ghost... I made an Whois to this website, registar name is "Individual". Time will see. I'm not amused. Does anybody else have same experience?
  14. It will take one week till I get the Carson x-quad and the Kyosho one. Then I can have a look to the X-Quad wheels and know what I need, I will contact you, Thanks! But, how's about the manual, I know....it takes some minutes to scan...
  15. Hi I need some help about the Kyosho Nitro Quad Rider: Does Tamiya 1:10 rims fit on the quad? Because I want to use this wheels. This is a Tamiya Carson 1:4 Elekric quad, and I think it uses Standard 1:10 Tamiya fitting. http://www.offroadmarkt.de/carson-x-quad.php Is there a manual online? Someone can help me to get one? Thanks, sorry for my english...
  16. Hi! I cannot find the way to vote for the three cars... Need some help.[8)]
  17. Version at tamiyaclub.com is a very bad one. I can swap vintage 300dpi decals or manual scans from myself, if wanted. First 20 tamiya cars and other.
  18. Hmmm...want to buy one re-release as spare parts, too, but think the body mounts will not fit.
  19. I will scan my Ligier JS9 Matra manual and will upload to a ftp adress for download. No prob. I also have a rare 934 RSR german only manual in new condition if wanted. I got a bunch of old cars yesterday with as new manuals as you can see in my showroom. NetsmithUK please send me your email adresse for the download location and what resolution you prefer []
  20. A meeting at a saturday would be great. I hope I have time to come at next event.
  21. Hop-up parts are tuning parts, like alu parts, better engine, better clutch, other gear ratio. Du kannst auch gerne auf meiner site vorbeischauen, die ist in deutsch. Your welcome.
  22. Hello! Anybody can tell me the excact name of this red with the touch of orange? I want to use this colour for one of my Countach bodies, too. Is it "Bright Red" from Tamiya? It's not "Italian Red". http://www.tamiyaclub.com/getuserimage.asp...002184448_1.jpg thanxs, Dan
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