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  1. Don't forget, there is still a CC02 in the pipeline, M developments 07-08 and still a few re res every year. The company is healthy at least. It isn't a question of if it will come (See Ultima status prior to news) but when. Question for those that have been here for awhile, was there a time when Re-re's weren't even a thing?
  2. It the size is 110-115 mm, they would be the lunchie size pinspikes. MB spikes are 135mm tall.
  3. Also just in case they are listening, if this new model retains the IFS + solid axle layout, I would like a Nissan Patrol Ranger Raptor Hardbodys with included lexan shell a la Subaru Brat .
  4. I was pleasantly surprised by the MB when I built it a two years ago. For a 2.2 tire car/truck it was much quicker and less tippy than I anticipated. When I build a stock Blackfoot I will have to look at some of these light steering mods. Are there any recent threads that stand out as a must read?
  5. This is awesome. I have been half watching for a decent original but never pulled the trigger so to speak. Kyosho Legendary Series are such a pleasant build, I hope they continue the releases and maintain the superb presentation of the rest of the line up. Congrats to the designer for getting the new owners to produce it (from the article).
  6. Good looking truck, I'll have to get one at some point. Not sure how scale you are trying to go but, if you like I have an XLT grill insert that I modeled up and printed. I only mention because I'm not going to put it on mine and I would like to see someone use it.
  7. Honestly, I don't take mine apart that often that would necessitate a power driver tool. Best to buy quality hand tools for what are usually at most a 15mm long fasteners. I would rather take a bit more time and not strip any threads or round the heads. The last time I blew up my SMT10 transmission, I used a worn hex driver to remove it, rounded a fastener(countersunk Allen) and had to resort to butchery to get it out. That trans case is now attached to the cross member with 3 screws instead of 4. Shame, it was an alloy trans case now missing an ear.
  8. That's too bad, I already chose red for my power tools (Milwaukee), I know that by this point they are all Chinese from neighboring factories, I just don't want to have to deal with anymore battery styles Otherwise, I was pleasantly surprised by the RC tool kit feels good, appears to be quality. Just bought one this week to get to the coupon amount. Been putting it off for ages.
  9. Back with more, this time to make custom glass for a body (Bruder) that had none. Tiny Godzilla approves.
  10. FYI, MCI remakes of the monster racer hilux fit the hardbody great when scaled to 1:9. It was on the list I just haven't gotten there yet ...to tribute the MR jr on a txt-2 chassis. If you have seen my latest channel videos, the florescent yellow wheels were supposed to be for that truck.
  11. Without sounding judgey, $60 and slow shipping does seem like too much and I looove buying parts, just ask my wife😀. If there were a good solution for front oil shocks Tamiya would offer the hop-up. As is you can only copy what they did with the Super Hornet and Super G and fit humble but reliable CVA's. I am not anywhere near any of my hoppers right now but a peruse of the manuals would go pretty far towards what the parts list looks like. Definitely under 60$ I would think though.
  12. There was an old article on Tamiyausa (can't find it now) about CC-01 mods that utilized the TL-01LA front arms and knuckles. It would be a welcome upgrade besides simply narrowing the front block.
  13. Having not built one yet, I hope that a resolution presents itself. Bump for visibility and best of luck.
  14. Part 2 is done. Just trying to work that algorithm and get a little more visibility. Custom links and steering how to within. Lathe probably not entirely necessary. Needed a custom wheelbase.
  15. These would tick all the boxes for me https://images.app.goo.gl/fxg4czvQYpCPCRCD7 Cannot seem to find any for sale though.
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