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  1. I'm sure it's the same. I built a super clod last year, my oG mod clod is built the same. No reason to expect anything different. It was/is a solid design that just works.
  2. When I built my WO I loaded up the diff with AW grease. Been running it on stock tires with a 4000kv brushless, under full power it is nearly uncontrollable when running on loose dirt. As an aside, I can see that your Webers have a fuel leak. My 1:1 fun car is running 40 IDFs and they only turn gold when the float bowls leak.
  3. The Super Clod Buster is equipped with two motors and tightly sealed gearboxes that have been molded as one piece with axle housing.... From https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/58321clod/index.htm
  4. I had to look that up, it seemed familiar. At least you decorated the dryer with a nice color.
  5. With coupon it was only $245, because they won't charge me until it ships, I don't know if the coupon will apply. My wife asked if I got two. I didn't, This will make 3 clods for me whenever it arrives, I might have to get a re re sassy chassis for my first Super Clod now that a red shock/bumper model is on the way.
  6. Totally unrelated but I just picked up another gold pan that came with P-L striker tires... Kit number for the black clod is out. Kit number 47432. $275 on tower seems like a good deal.
  7. Bumping this, recently snapped a yoke and looking for options. Traxxas or otherwise. I have found out that thundertech used to offer HD driveshafts but no longer. I may have found another option but nothing is certain yet.
  8. Hello, I haven't checked your profile and do not know your experience level, so please excuse if my advice seems ... Basic. If you are contempl ating buying either of those two trucks consider getting a new kit instead. Prices are down and you will not have previous owner problems to contend with. Assembly is fun and straightforward enough. You will also learn more about the truck through the build to keep it running in the future. Otherwise, drive it stock and enjoy it before you determine what direction you want to take. Clod based trucks can take many forms and you won't know which path you want until you bomb it around for a bit. Get a basher shell before the hardbody gets all mangled. When shopping for a shell you will be looking for something with a 270 mm wheelbase. If you are after a scale monster truck, MCI has decal packs for the popular ones and the Traxxas classic Bigfoot also has a suitable wheelbase AFAIK.
  9. Sums it up pretty well I think. That is after all what this hobby is all about. Well stated.
  10. The gold wheels tie into the decal colors quite well.
  11. I was able to get a set of the white Pro-line Brawlers in stock offset before they were discontinued for this same purpose. If you were in the market IMEX are making the Puller and Baja treads again as well.
  12. 270mm is stock clod wheelbase. It's nice that the stickers are removable to correct the non-Tamiya design cues. Looks pretty good in pics though. There was an HPI baja toyota body that was supposedly perfect for use on TXT's from some mini trophy truck they did some years ago. Thanks for the pics though, From reading my typing I can tell just how much I have thought about this combination without acting. I guess it has only been about a year that I have been on the monster truck path.
  13. With printing, you are limited to the process and the material. I am sure the design is smooth but when printed out in nylon the grain of the material will be evident. What may be beneficial is if @Toykid had options for different types of materials or if he could release an stl for the item to be printed on a home machine for best results a resin printer. This may or may not already be the case though. The only other workaround is substantial post processing, i.e., sanding, filler, sanding, filler, sanding, top coats, details.
  14. Excited for this. red plastics and a mashup of old and new stickers.
  15. Pics didn't load. I too have considered taking a punt on the TH-1 as an alternative to the Axial SMT based trucks. If you have basic dimensions for the shell such as length, width & wheelbase, that would be great to know. I'm also interested in if the decals are applied to the inside or outside of the body so the "wrong ones" could be removed and replaced...if that makes sense. A year or more ago I bought a monster racer Jr and king cab Jr (1/32 AA battery cars) and thought, how neat would it be to make a 10th scale version of either. I have the proline Hilux, 1/9 mci decals and a spare txt-2 kit. Never got around to it and this seems to be an easy way to get there.
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