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  1. @Clodbusterfan And Two stock silver cans on 3s. Quick enough and little cost. Runs on a 3s 5000mah lipo. Haven't broke anything yet.
  2. I would love to see this as well.
  3. Def needs a wizard mural on the side with a portal window. I thought the same thing for the Kyosho Madvan body, IIRC it was Clod sized though.
  4. My truck is on my channel, I have xmaxx center driveshafts, 2 silver sport tunes and 3s on 860 esc. A year ago I had talks with MIP about custom length driveshaftsi have 2 sets, haven't installed them though as the Traxxas units are fairly bulletproof cheap and easy to make fit. Curious how the Raptor body fits RB.
  5. Looks good, the Agrios has to be one of my favorite runners. I'm curious to see what your mods look like though. I also design, machine and print my own parts so it's refreshing to see a well done truck.
  6. Quick easy weight may be to fill with sand and duct tape to seal...thinking out loud
  7. I use Windex same theory though. A bit of hairdryer heat for compound curves helps as well. I did a vid on my Blackfoot body if it helps. See my sig line for channel. blockquote widget
  8. Welcome to the world of Tamiya and kit builds. You should find the instructions to be well written and the car to be a decent performer out of the box. Its a rewarding feeling to build a new kit, which probably has something to do with why I have so many concurrent projects going on. Manuals are usually available for download on tamiyausa.com
  9. How does the DF03 drive, I keep putting off the Lancer Evo IV when they pop up?
  10. Long Ago Mid 90s in order RC10L RC12L MRC MT10M JRX-pro SE XX-T HPI RS4 M01 Mini Cooper -------long break filled with planes ------- Last few years mostly on order Cc-01Unimog Monster Beetle M05 Renault Alpine MF01x G320 CR-01 Bronco, turned into Blackfoot Montero Wheelie Kyosho Optima Frog Kyosho Scorpion Super Clodbuster TXT-2 Dynahead 934 40th Jager livery ----This week---- Reinert TT-01 race semi Ferrari 312T3 ---Next week--- I have a box full of Hornets that I really should turn into a trouble free runner.
  11. Your right, I read that wrong. I was thinking with regards to lexan.
  12. Has anyone here tried the Auto store premixed cans that are marketed as a color match to the OEM manufacturer colors for touch ups and the like? I want to say brands like Dupli-Color and similar sold at the Auto Zones and Advance Auto (US chains).
  13. I don't think I've tried it but, PS-55 flat clear may make for a better primer first in order for the TS -13 clear to adhere.
  14. Re: the above, and just to need out a bit... there's a lot more that goes into tire design than simply compound (softness). Things like carcass thickness, foams density (scale air pressure.. ish),tread block size and so on. Like I said before, this is all just an experiment to see if I can do it with the pourable rubber available.
  15. They're also a softer compound if memory serves. I recently got a shore A tester (because I really, really want colored clod tires) for picking compounds and molding my own. See below a bunch of results of what I had convenient nearby Results:. @68 deg ambient Stock BF Shore 80 MB Shore 75 Stock clod Shore 75 Bruiser clone BF tires Shore 75 Imex Clod Pullers Shore 55 RC4wd Mil spec ZXL(X4 compound) Shore 50 Cc01 option tires Shore 65 JCon GoldYears (Gold compound) Shore 65 Printed OpenRC F1 tires Shore 85 (Ninjaflex TPU) as a control. Tester reads as advertised material specs. Test procedures are ASTM 2240 if anyone's curious.
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