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  1. It is only day 1 of the fair. Do they typically leave anything on the table to release later in the week? Personally I am excited for the Miata as I don't yet have an M06 same for the 911 (no TA03), R5 and CLK for the bodysets even though I already have one of each boxed. New touring truck is good, I'll have to bring mine to the track one if these days and see if others start to turn up in time.
  2. Well written thread. I like the path you are taking with the truck as well with the home sawn components. I have to ask as I'm in a similar stage of my own project and also using Fusion360 for my design work. When transferring a paper printout to the material, do you pick up any errors from original design to printout and what format are you exporting your drawings to for patterning your final part? I had intended to blue the aluminum, scribe, punch, drill and mill based on dimensions but didn't want to commit without a means to double check as I go from a digital design to a physical part.
  3. Good job on that. When I read the title I too though of the touring car movement as having started the chassis naming convention. I have a 58099 in the attic, I should have a look if it says TA01 on it anywhere. Also have the D2 Benz, nib, I am certain it reads TA02 by that point though.
  4. Same, I will offer to make some If anyone on the east coast could loan me a f350 shell, I could model and print some bolt on body mounts for the TXT-2 for their trouble. Is the wheelbase close enough or would the truck have to be shortened?
  5. Having never driven one of the leaf spring trucks I cannot comment on the drive. TXT-2 on the other hand remains one of my favorite trucks with regard to performance and looks. The Jug is lovely, I have contemplated building another with the f350 body and some Imex puller tires to get closest to the look.
  6. They are 6mm on both sides, transfer case and axle input shaft.
  7. I may go off-topic here but I may as well share. My monster truck experience prior to receiving the SMT was a stock clod, a four linked locked up mod-clod and a TXT-2 all silver cans and 2-3S. After receiving the SMT my initial impression was poor. The plastics all felt rubbery and soft. This was the rtr max-d model so there were a few rtr bugs to work out right out of the box. The output gear to the axles was loose so no 4wd. Getting the trans out the first time was an effort since I didn't put it together. Since you are an experienced builder I wouldn't expect to have the same grief since you say you were interested in the kit version. Post that with everything working as it should, first week drive a few times and get frustrated with the lack of power. Swap out clod wheels and then the overgrown stance irritated me. Shorten the wheelbase and put in more power, lose the crawler esc they used to come with and yeah, it was quick enough at that point. Plastic gear trans melted next. Put in steel gears, and alloy trans case then it was were a bit noisier.Next problem after that was the axles started clicking. As LC said above, AR60s are not up to MT duty. I still haven't opened up the axles, I imagine they were built correctly though, perhaps they needed shims to tighten the mesh from the start but that's the current state of the truck. It sounds like some of the weaknesses have been addressed from the marketing, I am personally sour on the truck and the amount of upgrades it needed . At $200 for the kit, I think it's not a terrible price for a slider but at least there is enough aftermarket support to keep it running and to correct weaknesses.
  8. Like most I have had a few problems with my used purchases. What generally makes me pull the trigger is if there is a rare or period correct upgrade on a car that I think I really want. In the attic presently is a box or hornets, grasshoppers, super hornets and a super g that were all bought for one reason or another. One of the cars was so trashed I bought another to donate it's parts to the rest. In this example I got a few good parts and accessories like a black endurance motor or a white futaba attack radio set but mostly it is a when I get to it box. No real interest in doing them up and sorting the broken bits from the good bits, counting the NIB candy green, black special and Watanabe, I might have ten. No one needs ten hoppers but the few color editions will make a nice pairing with the box art cars at one point. Used cars are generally dirty, broken, neglected or otherwise incomplete. I have learned to study the text and pictures much more closely when looking for that gem On the other hand, sometimes it works out. I got an 88 Avante that is nearly perfect. Since I didn't build it myself though, I feel a bit apprehensive to dig into it and see how it works and if it's broken in any way. Haven't even run it yet. Maybe that's the case with buying rtr or premade trucks, you just don't appreciate it the same as if you'd built it from a kit.
  9. It is. Be prepared to do something special with the body mounts. I made 35 and 38 mm copy of the original to make it sit correctly. This one will be getting the polka dot treatment. I have thought about making up a real grill also as opposed to the sticker they come with.
  10. Looks great. Did you strip the wheels before painting?
  11. Nice zoom in! It was a spatula that died. I use it as a picklefork to pop rod ends from ball studs
  12. Thanks. Wheels are not 3d printed, I will start a thread in the monster truck section though as I am curious for opinions.
  13. I've been putting this little Clod together from a spares and a roller I'd bought for the Ally bits it came with Before is the red one
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