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  1. I have finally dusted off an Agrios kit that has been in the cue for too long maybe 6 months. Using a Hobbywing 860 dual motor brushed each with silvercans and a 3s lipo for starters. Build video
  2. geniusanthony

    WR-02CB straight steering

    Setting up to remove slop is most ideal of course in getting the car to track straight. Any additional tracking problems from play in the front end should even out with toe in. The wheel will naturally try to track straight, this means that any shimmy that is left in the steering would hopefully be taken out as you are essentially preloading the linkage when you add toe.
  3. geniusanthony

    The Day eBay Killed RC

    Several years ago I was searching for a nib 58099 and won a bid for one at reasonable money ...sub 300 usd. The seller claimed that on his way to the post office he dropped the kit in the street and it got run over by a bus. Everything destroyed supposedly. Later that year I did find one for also reasonable money. Last month I won a black edition grasshopper for 20$. All I needed was the neon wheels. I was the only bidder and it and seller claims to have shipped it. It never showed up, opened a case, never replied. Name was something trainsandthings. Just goes to show how dirty some of these sellers are willing to play. I am glad the re-re's are slowly bringing back things like old body sets and decals. Imagine trying to find a TA02 hks skyline in todays market.
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    Blue Edition Brat

    I like it, I don't have a Brat yet but do enjoy the option of alternate colored decals and parts molded in different colors. Same goes forthe various versions of the Lunchy.
  5. geniusanthony

    Vintage Shelf Queen Display Stands

    I am surprised this has not come up yet. Scale jackstands are available and work exactly as you would expect. If you have printing capabilities, the per cost part is pennies and for larger/smaller models you could always scale up or down. Drill the pinhole where needed for droop. RC jackstand found on #Thingiverse
  6. After waiting for far too long for one of these to be in stock, it finally arrived about a month ago. Had to actually finish a few things first but I actually sat down yesterday and got some progress. Bearings came in today so the rolling chassis is complete. I did another time-lapse of this one just like the Agrios, changed to a shot every 1 second instead of two. When the video is compiled I will put it up in here. Until then, here is a teaser of the cab mounted with the version 1 mount (its the green thing in the first pic) which as of now does allow the cab to tilt forward. Still need to draw up and print a rear body of I guess a support truck or a race truck, not sure which one yet. If you guys have any good 6x6 subjects to share I would love to see em. Cab is a Mercedes Actros 4143 for subject material. Also to do is re-profiling the front wheel cutouts and design/print off some flexible fender flares and or mudflaps. I might end up making some wheels as the aluminum set in front looks better proportioned to me and are approx 5 mm larger in diameter than the plastic set. Anyways, Enjoy! Tony
  7. geniusanthony

    '87 Lunchbox Body Advise

    @wetWilly Looks great. As messy as stripping a shell can be, it is also pretty rewarding to see all the previous crimes undone and a fresh start appear from underneath those layers. Have you decided on a color scheme and found decals to suit yet? As you are in the states, the Tamiya TS series of paints is ideal. Fast cure and pretty tough finish with good gloss. After trying to be fancy on my Blackfoot with a custom mix, in the end I stripped it back again and started over. Couldn't be happier with the result.
  8. geniusanthony

    Traxxas Xmaxx

    @GTodd Tamico has them for 300 VAT included
  9. geniusanthony

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Is that the same one that got the Watanabe trans? The white parts are all options, right? There was never a white edition CW01 as far as I knew. Looks great though, I have a boxart Montero that I had though might look nice with colored chassis parts.
  10. geniusanthony

    Tamiya 47381 - Super Astute (2018)

    I too missed the bus for an air-cooled 911, 10 years ago they were a $20k car all day long. I do have a flared 914 without the six, sadly the flat six engine conversion is now double what it used to cost, supply and demand being what they are. Regarding the RC10, I did find one of each that are unbuilt before the boom, vintage models are still reasonably priced. A classic from that shop though is around 475 USD, might be worth it if you got a Tamiya or a few at not MAP pricing.
  11. geniusanthony

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    If you don't have a G601 yet, I will be making my Bruder cab conversion and rear body mounts parts available. Pic Thread:
  12. geniusanthony

    Lunchbox diff and motor

    The hop up tires for the wheelie cars are the soft compound spiked chevrons, part number 54603 if that helps.
  13. geniusanthony

    Tamiya 57409 - Lunch Box Mini (SW-01)

    I have a TLT, mini lunchy body would be great. OT, what are some good TLT bodies? I've never really looked.
  14. Battery access is under the middle spare tire (above). Visible screws are temporary until replacement posts are installed. I am very please at this point. I will need advise on a front windshield I have flat .030 polycarbonate sheets though I don't know how I would pull one without a plug. The Actros body does not come with one. Also need to settle on a paint scheme. I don't have a decal package in mind yet for livery. I do have limited off cuts from other kits but no overall scheme in mind yet. Not tied to a color yet either if any enterprising individuals wished to offer a suggestion.
  15. Progress. Rear shell is 2mm thick abs. Mounting is solid. I made modular mounting rails with standoffs for posts. Will update with more pics tomorrow, maybe even a proper video of how. Until then: I am not tied to the spare gas cans on the back. Just servo taped on for a bit of flair since I had them. Could also print a drop in bed in place of middle spare tire well, perhaps with random tools and things.
  16. geniusanthony

    So, What Have You Done Today? This is the chart
  17. geniusanthony

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Not sure about nitro, hopefully others will chime in. This past week I tried to strip a 425 Unimog. Painted with nearly a full can of PS Orange by my self. Being in the US I tried a product called citristrip who's main ingredient was either methyl or benzl alcohol I can't recall which. Checking the polycarbonate data sheet the reaction was only supposed to be moderate (B). 24 hrs exposure to the product caused the paint to come off but made the lexan very brittle.
  18. geniusanthony

    Tamiya 57409 - Lunch Box Mini (SW-01)

    Searching the other star-unit offerings, they all seem to be 1/14 scale. The line about being held in two adult hands boggles me then as the Lunchy is already 1/12.
  19. geniusanthony

    My Grasshopper II, 25 years later.

    The new black edition of the racing fighter comes with red wheels in what looks like the same style, are those compatible? Edit, just checked the RF Black has star dish wheels, though still curious about compatibility
  20. geniusanthony

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    Nice looking Brat above. I submit all of the neon colored wheels for buggy's. Not terribly exotic but IMO help to capture the era of the early 90's when these models were new.
  21. geniusanthony

    My Grasshopper II, 25 years later.

    The wheels are out there, search for Super Hornet wheels the front set seems more abundant than the rear, GL with the rears though, I haven't seen them available lately. Orange would be SH, yellow would be SuperG.
  22. geniusanthony

    King Cab Restoration

    I keep missing out on auctions for nice versions of these and monster racers. Second the re-re of the series. Truck looks like great fun, you did a nice job.
  23. geniusanthony

    List your extra shells?

    I like this thread it is a nice reminder of what my queue looks like, also I now feel better about my list. Feel better as in I am not alone or too over the top.
  24. geniusanthony

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Tamiyausa have those shocks on special still. 80usd free shipping(though I don't know your location). Also, TXT-1 wheels at 21 per 2
  25. What, where?