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  1. thanks. i think i have a hot shot as well, it doesnt have the body though here is a link to some pics https://goo.gl/photos/Uh3goVAqeb2AjVks5
  2. I am not going to restore all of these right now so i was wondering if anyone was interested in them. I have a link to the pics of the collection i have, PM me for that. Or if you want detailed pics of anything. Some are missing a few parts some none at all. If you are interested I can go through the whole rc with pics so you know what you are getting. I also have a fishing box with servos, gears, shafts....alll sorts of things. I would need help figuring out what it all is but i'm willing to take pics and go from there. king cab astute avante vanquish the fox and there are a few more.
  3. I just came across a bunch of vintage tamiyas. I believe I have a Vanquish that seems to be missing tires and maybe a few other parts. there are 18+ rc's and i havent had a chance to look at them all closely. I dont believe the Vanquish was one of the ones we were going to restore any time soon. If someone else can put it to use I will be happy to sell. I can take pictures if you are interested just let me know.
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