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  1. Hi, looking for a Bruiser / Mountain Rider rolling chassis (with wheels/tires). No electronics/motor needed! It can be used condition, but must be complete and in working order. Must be located somewhere in EUR (I'm in Germany) due to shipping costs. thanks
  2. supergreg

    Wanted: Twin Detonator decals

    wohoo! Great info. thanks a lot. Always a good idea to come back to TC.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a set of decals for the Twin Detonator (58309). item part #9495417 Has the bodyshell been used on later models? I'm particularly in seach of the tinted windows and the front and rear lights. Is there a (very) similar bodyshell with matching deacls? thanks
  4. supergreg

    Jet Hopper Simple Modifications And Upgrades

    Hi Jason, you might want to check out my showroom entry:
  5. supergreg

    TL01 based 4x4 Rally Mini Cooper

    Excellent built. Just came back to tc to follow this thread.
  6. supergreg

    Tamiyaclub On ANY mobile (probably)

    +1 for Tapatalk!
  7. supergreg

    DuraTrax VW Baja Bug 2,4GHz RTR

    looks familiar...
  8. supergreg

    Tamiyaclub On ANY mobile (probably)

    To the Android users out there: it detects the 'user agent' setting of your browser. That's why it shows the regular site on some android devices. I use Dolphin browser on my Android phone and in the browser settings you can change user agent to 'iphone'. then it shows the mobile site. would be even better if I could use it without changing the user agent setting.
  9. How come there is no 'official' facebook group? Would love to see faces to all the nicknames here!
  10. supergreg

    Jet Hopper Simple Modifications And Upgrades

    I just found out there's also a UK based Conrad online store:
  11. supergreg

    Jet Hopper Simple Modifications And Upgrades

    Hey Jet Hopper addicts! I wanted to let you know I found an easy way to get the press fit pinion off the motor. There's a tool available from Modelcraft that does the trick. it's this one: Here's how it works: The pinion comes off without damaging the motor or the pinion. The whole process takes zero brute force and is finished within a minute. The tool is available from here in germany, but I'm sure there's something similar from other manufacturers all over the world. here's the product link: cheers Kai
  12. supergreg

    M06 Confirmed

    RWD indeed. more pics here:
  13. supergreg

    Jet Hopper - England / Uk Version Box

  14. supergreg


    Just wanted to say I put more pics of my entire Jet Hopper stuff to my showroom: and I did a scan of the manual. it can be downloaded as PDF here: also available as JPG + additional spare parts list:
  15. Don't know if this has been posted before: Before you get too excited, please read the text on Team TRF blog. More pics here: