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  1. My restored vanquish front arm g8 part shattered any one got a replacement? I have the option of a 3D printed part but trying to keep it original Simon
  2. Hi all I am having problems locating receivers for this, the rx3 Are there any other cheap compatable receivers I can use ? Hobby king had some but they are sold out now? Also any one know where to get a suitable charger for the transmitter? Simon
  3. Front arms even if they are broken please
  4. Hi there are you still making these ?
  5. Both of mine are cracked trying to finish my restore anyone got a pair ? i don’t need the front suspension parts just the rear lower suspension arms thanks Simon
  6. Ideally new in box kit thanks Simon
  7. Ideally new old stock please contact me thanks Simon
  8. Parts e bumper and rear guard chasis tub ideally new old stock
  9. I guess i could do a second body a fox one as well if i can track down the decals... ill probably leave my nova box body as is....
  10. Its standard futaba used in the xb kits ill try and post a video, you turn and then it just wont return straight very annoying!
  11. Well I have managed to source a 2013 egress kit, cost me a small fortune. I can't afford the avante yet, how long do you think it will be in production this year?
  12. Came out great but my steering does not centre well any ideas? I thought perhaps the rubber covers were snagging but looks ok. Servo is centred correctly...
  13. Any thoughts folks it's finished shall I remove the yellow nova fox sticks on the bonnet or leave it as is.....
  14. Well folks I have enough bits now to build a reissue boomerang but I need a box if anyone has one or I'll buy a reissue kit as well if any of you gues have a spare
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