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  1. Black Van Dan.

    FX10 kit

    Had planned to fit this to my lunchbox but changed my mind. Cost me £35 shipped from the states. Looking for £30 posted in the U.K.
  2. Black Van Dan.

    Team Associated spring set.
  3. Black Van Dan.

    Lunchbox Black Edition

    Paint shop managed to mask off the rear lights and number plate and gave it a full repaint. Also in other news. I sold the M03 Mini and ordered FX10 suspension parts 🙈😬
  4. Black Van Dan.

    Lunchbox Black Edition

    Stripped the body shell down last night and its in the paint shop today for a tidy up. 👍🏻
  5. Black Van Dan.

    Lunchbox Black Edition

    Thank you. 👍🏻 Wheelie bar was £16 on eBay. Might get the body redone next week. It's already looking a bit battered. @khyzersoze I probably will go the FX10 route. The annoying thing is I had originally ordered the FX10 bits, then cancelled the order when I saw the shapeways arms. 🙄😊
  6. Black Van Dan.

    Lunchbox Black Edition

    Rear shock mounts and wheelie bar wheel painted black. Looking much cleaner now everything is Black, I even had the little U shape shock mount brackets done too. Going to have to change those silver screws for black button heads. (I know I need help) 😂 Also in other non Lunchbox related news. This lovely little M03 Mini will be arriving tomorrow 😬 Anyone interseted in these Team Associated springs before I list them on the bay.
  7. Black Van Dan.

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Bagged this little gem on eBay.
  8. Black Van Dan.

    Lunchbox Black Edition

    In other news.. I've taken the alloy rear shock mounts off and will get them etch primed and painted at work tomorrow, so they match the rear brace bar and wheelie bar. (Yes I do have OCD) 🙈 Also redone the dampers as I wasn't completely happy with them. Now they are perfect. 👌🏻
  9. Black Van Dan.

    Lunchbox Black Edition

    I don't think the motor/battery power really comes into it. They just aren't strong enough. Think we all need to chip in and have some 3D printed in titanium or machined out of billet. 👌🏻
  10. Black Van Dan.

    Lunchbox Black Edition

    I've got a new set of the team associated springs for sale if anyone is interested as they sent me another pack by mistake.
  11. Black Van Dan.

    Lunchbox Black Edition

    Item number 322371740260 👍🏻
  12. Black Van Dan.

    Lunchbox Black Edition

    ⬆️ What he said lol. Bare in mind they only added the disclaimer to the product description after I had one snap. Hopefully hear back from them later today regarding a refund.
  13. Black Van Dan.

    Lunchbox Black Edition

    Yeh stock arms in this video. It doesn't turn anywhere near as good as it does with the shapeways arms. Yeh the 1st arm broke from just running up and down the street doing wheelies. The 2nd snapped when I rolled it. Not a huge impact, and nothing the original Tamiya arms couldn't handle. Running a 12 turn motor and yeh Lipo. 👍🏻
  14. Awesome work. 👍🏻 My first Tamiya was a Mud Blaster! 😎
  15. Black Van Dan.

    Lunchbox Black Edition

    Small clip from today's run.. I've tried to embed the video using the media tags but failed.. 🤔 Was doing some nice little jumps over a sleeping policeman. Had a few rough landings and now am missing a bit more paint and a side window lol.