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  1. Finally got everything installed and ready to run... 30 seconds after this pic - the rear a-arm broke - didn't even jump it or anything - I think it got stuck in some long grass or something... Swapped it out and will give it another go tomorrow. Also now I'm looking at Egress rear arms... these are just silly fragile...
  2. Mainly the front and rear damper stay braces - but also the steering linkages. Think I've got it sorted though - Going to go with a 2011 rear damper stay, which wont require the brace... and possibly an Egress front with hi-cap dampers.
  3. I'm just one of those guys - can't leave well enough alone I suppose! I've always used RPM on my Nitro cars in the past, so that was my first thought.
  4. Looks like the manual calls out 5mm balls for the steering and braces - RPM ball cups are for 4.3 or 4.8mm balls.. I want to get some heavy duty ball cups - what do you folks use?
  5. So - My hobby budget just won't allow for a $600 re-re... been watching and waiting for years as the Avante has been something I've lusted after since they came out.. I finally found one on ebay - an original from '88 rebuilt with 2011 parts where needed. I managed to snag it for a good price - it will be here next week. Some pics from the ebay ad to tantalize while I wait... A couple of questions: 1) I am in no way a purist and plan to hop this baby up - putting as many stronger parts and updates in as possible. Full aluminum uprights and the like. What (if any) 2011 updates should I make sure to do? For example - diffs, etc - are they stronger? I've seen the lists of updated parts, but I'm wondering - from practical experience - which are actually better to run? 2) The only thing I *AM* a purist about - is the original decal set. I really want to make up a body that is exactly like the original with "Spacetech Engineering" and the other original sponsor names. Anyone making replicas? As an aside - I also ordered the original 1988 Tamiya Radio Control Guide book with the full page layouts of the Avante... be still my 15 year old heart!! I had this years ago and spent hours drooling over the Avante pics... Already planning an entire display for this and my Frog Re-re... Thanks in advance guys...
  6. Can says is bonds to plastic - I guess I'll find out!
  7. Rustoleum Camouflage - Khaki and Earth Brown... I figured - being a sand racer, it would fit well...
  8. Well - Now it looks like I'll be using Nimh for the time being... The Lipo I was using was an older one I got with another car and it charged fine the first time - but now its giving errors (invalid cell voltage)... so I'm going to play it safe and not use it... I have several Nimh's I can use...
  9. I just added some washers as spacers for the two plastic pieces that attach on the sides since the lipo was a bit tight... I think I did 2 or 3 washers under each screw (4 screws total). I saw this trick somewhere along the way when I was planning my build.
  10. Current plans are to get a rear shock mount stiffener as that appears to be a failure prone area, a second body and some spare parts trees while they are still cheap. I also have an Associated RC8.3 1.8 scale buggy - and that thing is so stinking fast it almost not even fun - tears the tires off the rims nearly every run and I have to reglue them... I'm actually really liking the three piece rims and slower speed on the Frog as its much more enjoyable to "play" with without worrying about a 40+mph rocket flying around...
  11. Thanks for the compliments on the colors! Colors are what I had available - I also have been playing with camo on one of my rifles so the light is Khaki and the dark is earth brown. Yep - Lipo.. No Problemo!! Also included a pic with lights on.. Not sure what to do with the light controller yet, so its just zip-tied in place for now.
  12. Thanks everyone!! I'm loving every minute!
  13. Long story, but I'll give the cliffs notes version. I first saw a Frog at Joe's Hobbies in Farmington Michigan around 1984/85 ( I was about 12 at the time). I was in there looking for parts for my Hornet and a guy had brought his kids Frog in to have it worked on. I will never forget how that amazing machine looked sitting on the counter as they talked about it... I thought it was the coolest looking RC car I had ever seen. Fast forward 30 years and I've had RC10's, RC10GT's, Nitro MT's, Nitro RS4's, Rally cars, 1/8th scale cars, Rock Crawlers.... but that Frog has always been stuck in my head as the pinnacle of RC awesomeness. Well - I finally decided to pull the trigger before the re-re is discontinued. I also found out that unlike when I was a kid and rushed to finish a model - there is a lot to be said for taking your time over several days and planning things out... and actually enjoying the build! So - Here is my Frog - 30 years in the making! Body is a little rough as I had to make a bunch of mods as I did the wire routing... so I'm going to be getting another body for sitting on the shelf and keep this one as a basher... Some quick Specs: Associated XP3G 3 Channel radio and reciever Tekin FX-R ESC T-Pro MG958 Hi Torque Metal Gear servo Axial LED light controller and lights Tamiya Sport Tuned motor Full Bearing Kit All Deans connectors Stainless steel turnbuckles and upgraded steering rod ends Waiting on some shrink wrap for the antenna - had to use some zip ties for now.. Tamiya frog by Christopher Purdy, on Flickr
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