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  1. A 17.5T brushless that has timing set properly and is geared appropriately is far faster than a 23T RZ. I run the RZ in a Top Force and 17.5T in my HB D418 and the HB is probably 50% faster at a guess. I turn the HB down to around 65% to make it ok in the smallish space. Both are geared so they come off warm after a run (ok, the HB is more agressivley geared and has a fan so knock some of that difference off). The torque is the difference, i run an fdr of around 5 - 5.5 with a 17.5T with modern 2.2" wheels (standard size). The Top Force is running an fdr around 8 with smaller kit wheels (tamiya star dish ones). Same with 21.5T, you need a pinion almost as big as the spur. I would run a 13.5T with the TBLE04 ESC. I ran 13.5T without problems on the previous ESC. I rate them as a cheap but useful ESC since they run the kit motors fine and the option to swap in a cheap 13.5T is always good. They won't win races (although in F1 they could) as the punch isn't great, they just feel a bit sluggish, but they are a decent option since they come with the kit. I think the difference in turn recommendations is the tamiya motors are old tech and a modern motor is light years ahead. They must draw a lot more current given how fast they are. It makes no sense that an ESC rated at 75a is limited to 17.5T
  2. One thats worth looking but you need to know what you're in for is the F103GT. Its basically an F103 with hex wheel adaptors to take touring car wheels. So an F1 with a proper body. Its not for eveyone as they are difficult to drive, but there is some tuning you can do to improve that. They also have no shock towers so can take pretty much any body with a low front.
  3. Strangely I actually know something about this. I had an S5 when they were new and my mum got a J3 around the same time. The S5 was my first decent phone and I would still have it except it was on one of those work plans where they give ypu the next one. I did a lot of calling and the battery was dead within 2 years but its replaceable. The S7 upgrade was a much worse phone that only lasted a year before the screen broke. The S8 that replaced it was just replaced last weekend as the speaker died, but that lasted 4 years. The S8 is a great phone and worth considering too. The J3 was pretty bad from the start. I think my mum persevered for about 18 months before it was just too slow and couldn't run anything, ran out of memory etc. It must've been bad for my mum to replace something that was still relatively new and should have worked for her.
  4. Haha, reminds me of my friends favourite saying when we used to paint 1:1 cars during school holidays, and also my mantra when painting RC bodies "good from afar but far from good". Looks good to me though, i have never attempted tyre lettering as my hands about as steady as a unicycle We plan to paint our racecar this summer and that is the goal, just to look less bad than it does now. Broke the second of those stupid plastic body mounts on the Lunchbox. Moaned to my wife about shipping costs and how I should restock spares. She encouraged me. $6 alloy mounts came in at USD60 as the shipping never got anymore expensive while adding stuff. My sons TA07 hasn't turned a wheel yet and got its first new hopups, alloy suspension mounts. Hopefully the Sakura D5 Universals will fit it too, otherwise thats money wasted. Not shipping money though, just part money wasted.
  5. Just a different experience from @Mad Ax. I understand where hes coming from as my TA07Pro was the same at the start. I had no idea how to set it up which was most of the problem, and it needed some hop ups. However, setting up a traditional style TC is very similar across brands, so I was able to get a base setup from an experienced racer. Avoid Awesomatix etc if you can't set up a car, they are very different, but an xray, TRF, Yoko (at least to BD9) are all similar. I have now modified most of the car, to the point where i could build another TA07Pro cheaply from leftovers. Now the car can hang with anyone, and there are 5 of us who run Tamiya. Parts are an issue but there are no shops at the track so everyone has to carry spares. I probably have about $60 of spares, arma, uprights, c hubs. My driving and setup ability have both improved so while I'm not at the front I don't crash too much and generally run clean laps (I just need to find a second or so...) which helps a huge amount. My advice is the same as Mad Ax, anyone looking for a new race car would be to see what everyone runs at the club and buy one of those. Its the easiest and least frustrating way to get into it. I would happily buy a TRF420 to race now, even if I was the only one running one, as they will keep up with the best from any manufacturer, but when starting out I should have bought a secondhand car from a good racer
  6. I built mine as per the manual and moved it out of the way and put the car on the printer. The oil all leaked out onto the printer within a few weeks. Probably should've looked into before building...
  7. Those are the original kit ones and would be ideal. The DCJs have a longer joint and 2 of those rings holding them together. I'll PM you
  8. I need a pair of universals which fit the TA07Pro. The kit ones are 44mm, but I don't mind what brand as long as they work. Everywhere is out of stock atm and DCJs for USD60 plus shipping doesn't really fit the bill for a budget parts build. Does anyone have anything lying around?
  9. What a great idea. I think you're on to it with the entry level modern buggy as they can be used anywhere so most if the kids will be able to use it once they're home. On road requires a reasonably smooth surface which makes it hard. You mentioned costs, I would get a DT02 or 3 and work out which is the cheapest once you add the essential oil shocks and bearings. I think the DT03 comes with oil shocks but not bearings. Some DT02 cone with everything. Bearings are easy as you order in bulk so they are super cheap. Obviously as a first car and what you're doing the best performance isn't essential, but you want them to enjoy it once they have it right?
  10. I know a few people who use ISDT chargers and they all rate them. Sorry I don't know what models they have but the brand is solid. This has ranged from someone using a power supply and charging at 20amps, and also one using a 2S lipo to top up their nitro rx pack, they seem to do it all. FWIW I currently use the HTRC C240 and rate it. Hobby Station sell them, but they are cheaper from Banggood. 2 channel, AC or DC power, decent charge rate. The only downside is the discharge circuit is only 10w so discharging is painfully slow
  11. I just had a look at a manual online and page 5 showed the optional pinions and the FDR was shown under each. In the manuals for older cars its often on the page where you fit the pinion. I'm pretty sure the high speed gearset comes with a little instruction sheet and that includes the table showing the FDR. The ESC should be fine but the motor will cook. It will keep going but deteriorate ove time (may get so hot solder melts, the leads fall off etc). It could melt the plastic too. If you don't get there with this setup brushless would be the way to go for a reliable 40kmh. Go for 4000kv or 10.5T - 13.5T and that should comfortably do it without stressing the electronics.
  12. The formula to calculate FDR is spur / pinion x internal ratio Internal ratio is set by the gearboxes. FDR stands for final drive ratio and doesn't take wheel size into account, which is why a 17.5T touring car will run FDR around 4 but a buggy is around 5.5 The manual will show the internal ratio, and also have a table with the FDR for the available pinions with the stock spur. You only really need the high speed gearset for brushless motors. A 15T brushed will probably need the biggest spur (which is the kit one I think) and one of the smaller pinions. Use motor temperature to check. Run a couple of minutes then check the motor temp. If its cool go up a pinion, if its too hot go down. To give you an idea I have the high speed gearset for my Top Force but ended up with the kit spur gear for the kit silvercan and Super Stock 23T
  13. We have only had a bit of coverage down here about the fuel shortage. Its funny though how people react - last lockdown our media showed overseas panic buying of toilet paper so people here did the same, despite the fact we make it here (must be one of the few things left we actually make) so shelves were only empty because they couldn't get it from their storerooms to the shelves quick enough. And don't forget your new submarine deal, we're hoping we'll get used by France to get back at you guys and get a free trade deal with the EU That skills shortage is global too. Over here its nurses, teachers, builders. They're all older and not enough young ones to replace them. Which makes sense, as a teacher can't expect to ever buy a house based on current salary and house prices, so everyone wants to be a banker or lawyer to get paid more...yep its working as well as expected. Back to original topic, that suggests now is time to buy that TRF420 as they are going to go up? I wonder if rcmart etc will be affected too
  14. You're right, it has been a great day. No bbq today, yesterday was the final day of the Rock 2000 so an epic beer delivery and pizzas on the charcoal grill. It made me wonder when restaurants claim to make woodfired pizzas, they are lying, they were nothing like these ones that were cooked with smoke. Nothing RC here, I still have 2 bodies and a TA07 pro to build but just don't quite get around to it
  15. What software package do they use? Over here most clubs use mylaps and the results are available instantly online, along with all results around the world. So you go to the website or app and have all the info on your phone. Its great fir practice too as they can set the loop up and you can monitor your results as you go, and no one has to sit there all day on the computer. Other than the beer part (during the race meet, beer after happens though) this happens to a large extent. Every club I've raced at has a kids class, also allcomers for anyone to run anything (within reason, couldn't run 8th scale or 6s monster at a 10th meet for example). Girls don't have their own class, but there are always girls racing, usually with their dads.
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