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  1. So, press nuts. I lost 2 on the rear shock tower and when I was replacing them (with longer screws and locknuts) I thought I saw one of them stuck down by the lower am, but that was the ones holding the arms in backing out. Whats with these things? I threadlocked where the manual said, is it a case of constantly checking them or replacing them with locknuts?
  2. Just swapped the RZ which had the comm cut the other day and it works fine. So the secondhand motor was worn out, its cheap enough to get sorted though so no major drama. Other than the place I take them to is over the other side of the harbour bridge that is broken, so maybe have to wait a few weeks
  3. I started my son with a TT02B, they are pretty bulletproof. Ride height isn't great but the 4wd makes up for that to some extent. The MantaRay would be a good option for a 4wd buggy as it has better ground clearance. I find the LB really disappointing, the Monster Beetle is a far better car, but costs a lot. The WT01 may be a good option if you want a monster truck?
  4. My FF04 Evo was marked at USD50 on the box which surprised me as it was about USD340 and the fedex charge was more than USD50. I wonder about the tracking on the SF Express option too. My last 2 have gone through Amsterdam, and it always says they arrive in Wellington which is rrally unlikley as Auckland Airport is the main point of entry, and about 10mins from my house. Very few international flights go into Wellington. I suspect they say Wellington as its the capital and also always the option for timezones etc. Its so slow even once it arrives here too, about 2 weeks after it lands in country which is weird since our regular postal service is usually pretty good.
  5. Yep my TT02D kit came from there. I didn't actually buy that one, a friend did, but it was quick delivery etc. I've bought books and things from there without any issues either. Its definitely legit, when you drive up the northern motorway heading out of Auckland they have a massive warehouse. Their prices are generally high, but then they have a sale and you get some bargains.
  6. Just had a thought - would the motor be the problem here? Its a secondhand TZ, if the comm needs cutting etc, would that cause it to draw more current and affect the ESC?
  7. You would be better asking on RCTech, people here will know more about the original Ultima. On my RB6.6 I ran it pretty much stock but upgraded the steering rack and servo horn to exotek alloy ones, both for durability. This was on a bumpy big 8th/10th scale offroad dirt track which is hard on cars. Oh and springs and shock oils to suit. Are you racing? People at the club will be able to help. If you're just bashing then you won't need to do anything
  8. I think a 17.5T should be fine for the Manta Ray, if you haven't put the high speed gears in then you are geared too low for it anyway so it won't be anything like at the full speed that the motor is capable of. With the smallest spur/biggest pinion available with the High Speed Gears you are just in the right range for a 17.5T motor. I have a silvercan in my Top Force and compared to my sons Ae B6D they are basically the same speed at 70% EPA on the B6D. That is geared properly with timing set etc, if they were geared the same I think the silvercan would probably be faster. I have the Tamiya Hi Torque servo saver in my Top Force and it fits fine and so far hasn't broken. You can buy an alloy horn which will fit the standard servo saver too which may be the best option. The kit servo saver is very loose compared to the Hi Torque one which is possibly better for your son (I'm assuming he's younger/inexperienced given you are turning the EPA down). I broke a couple of kit ones in a Monster Beetle and switched to the alloy GPM one. Pretty sure its this one, I think this would fit on my Top Force as well, so should fit the Manta Ray. https://www.rcmart.com/gpm-racing-gpm-aluminum-3mm-thread-servo-saver-blue-for-tamiya-dt03-cc01-m1025-hummer-wild-willy-2-tt02b-dt3023-3mm-b-00062937 It may be worth swapping the servo too, I run the JX 4409MG in mine but the SPT 4412LV is probably better and both are about USD13 shipped from Banggood. Both have metal gears and are pretty durable.
  9. I stopped in Bunnings and they had nothing suitable, but Mitre10 (Kiwi version of Bunnings, often next door to Bunnings) has a big range, and it looks like they now stock a decent range of model stuff. That's ideal, scratch built projects can get hidden in the household budget much easier!
  10. Just searching where is closest to buy and they stock aluminium, brass and copper tube. Which will be best? Or will it not really matter?
  11. Thanks for the responses, I will try and track down 6mm aluminium tube and see if it works. It will be cheap so not the end of the world if it doesn't
  12. I am sorting out the battery mount for my FF04. Continued lockdown buys me more time but also means shipping times are terrible so I would rather buy local bits and make it. I need a threaded tube about 2cm long to fit M3 bolts. I can tap a thread, but what size tube do I need? And wall thickness? I assume to end up with M3 I need about 2.5mm internal diameter, and probably 1.5mm wall thickness? Any one know for sure?
  13. Also, here are some pics of the Dyna Storm tower and Top Force Hi Caps. The tower is from Fibre-Lyte and just required 1 extra hole to be drilled to attach the body mount. I didn't realise how bad the couch was as it makes the suspension geometry look all wrong, its pretty good. Also, don't look at the stickers, I messed some up but when I looked at the price of replacements I can live with them. I should have taken pics next to the Top Force to show how similar they are. I haven't had a lot of run time with the Super Astute but from what I've seen its a very capable buggy, I expect it would keep up with the Top Force, although lack steering on higher grip due to the rear weight bias.
  14. What motors do you run in your Super Astute? The 23T Super Stock fits and is well matched given how capable the chassis is, but they give my HW1060 grief (genuine ESC but keep cutting out). A silvercan doesn't fit as the shaft is too short. I have some spare 17.5T and appropriate gearing, would that be the best bet? (I haven't actually tried fitting a brushless motor, I assume they will fit though) What ESC and motor are you running?
  15. My son was off sick today and he asked to run some cars, who am I to say no? Top Force with kit silvercan (hicaps, turnbuckles etc) vs Ae B6D setup for 17.5T stock racing (low grip, 4 gear standup, flat front arms etc). I adjusted EPA so the speed was even, Top Force easily won. Added a bit of speed to the Ae. Top Force still easily won. If i drove the TF I was miles ahead, if my son drove I was struggling to keep up, I had to drive well to keep up, a mistake and it was all over, even with a 7yo driving the TF. He has improved heaps, we had a practice day yesterday at our offroad club and he spent around 2.5 hours on the drivers stand running his B6D so he works at it. But still, a 1991 car vs 2016(?) you'd expect the B6D to run rings around a TF
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