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  1. Does the 3R come with tyres and a body? No doubt the 3R car is better value with all those extras, but the TT02 will work out of the box with no upgrades so is probably a better christmas present for someone just wanting a complete car. TT02 kits are about the only ones that come with everything (except rc gear), all others seem to be a basic chassis kit which needs another $100 added
  2. My TT02's are kept pretty basic as like others have said, they'll never compete with a higher end car no matter what you spend on them. Oil shocks, bearings and I've found the high torque servo saver removes much of the slop in the steering. Ideally find a kit that has those already. I like the TT02D kits, they come with bearings and oil shocks but you need to buy grip tyres. Given tyres are a huge tuning part and consumable, buying those as extras isn't a bad way to go anyway. And then you get the drift tyres to muck around with that too. If you're going to go to town on hopups then definitely start with a TA or TB car, at least you'll get to TRF performance for about 1.5x the cost, unlike a TT car where you'll never get near the performance and could easily be 1.5x the cost.
  3. I got mine from Banggood, they're the SN 01BM crimp pliers, with the rachet, and they work fine. Banggood don't have the sane stock as they used to, but aliexpress seem to have everything and they have them. Shipping times can be an issue though
  4. @T-StudioWorks what bulkheads did you use? I have the RS7, its a great piece of kit so imagine the frontie kit is the same
  5. We had a caravan parked in the middle, but that was for 1 person, so if you had a chance you slept wherever you could. I did a stint in a reclined car seat (a Toyota RunX Z with 150kw atw! a mate went mental on it), another guy just put a mattress on our garage floor and had a kip, another put that same mattress in the disabled toilet (at 1am, no disabled people there at that time) and got the best sleep of all of us - 90mins straight! I managed about 90mins sleep over the race
  6. Well, we had 5 drivers so I could've just left them to it for a bit, but probably would've lost my sleeping slot. You probably saw the race on your way home. When you know when the next meet is could you send me a PM? Preferably a few weeks out so Mrs Gillham can have some IIPA's on the deck... A few people have said its the most fun you can have with your clothes on and i'm inclined to agree! Hopefully you like the servo as much as I do, the only downside is they don't make one in blue. I'm not sure anyone sees it as pollution, your modelling skills are next level!
  7. I've been racing this weekend, 1:1 this time in the mighty Toyota that could. That car is amazing, just finished a continuous 24hour race and the only tool we had to pick up was a hammer, to hammer out the rear wheel arch when a 350Z decided there was room to pass between 2 cars, there wasn't. Spun me around onto the grass and put a dent in the rear which meant the wheel rubbed on some corners. Such a fun time, and the lack of sleep, night racing etc etc all just add to the experience. A great way to spend a friday and saturday, everyone should try it. 2 beers and then in bed at 8 for a 12 hour sleep too, which I also recommend. @Willy iine great choice on electronics for the TRF420X, that hobbywing gear is brilliant. Aim for around 3.5FDR and the 21.5T will be faster than you expect. Are you doing a build thread? If you haven't bought the servo, check out the PowerHD B7. Its low profile, similar price to the Savox but its super fast. @berman was that the Hobby Station track? Looks like a great meet. I really want to come check out those trucks when they have an event near me, which that was
  8. I've wondered this a bit since seeing the TT02 SR and TB05 Pro at the same shop for the same price. What made you choose the TT02 over the TB05?
  9. Nice, I think every collection needs a TRF car, they are a completely different beast to what most people see of Tamiya. Any idea what you'll be going for? I'd love a TRF420X but the price jumped by 50% from the TRF420 and they are just getting silly now!
  10. Good point about running cool for the same speed. Tamiya have a range called transpeed or something and they go down to 4.5T. I guess the TRF touring cars coukd run those?
  11. Thats true, except the 13.5T will have so much more torque it will push a bigger gear and so the car will be so much faster with a properly geared 13.5T compared to the RZ. My race buggies with a 17.5T which a motoranalyser say have 3200kv are much faster than my Top Force with the Super Stock motor. The problem with most Tamiya's is that you can't adjust the FDR easily, they tend to have a few options on the pinion and thats it. The typical Tamiya FDR is designed for brushed motors, which means they are in the 6.5T brushless sweet spot Those Super Stock motors look so pretty though!
  12. Is that a discontinued model or something? I cant see it for sale amywhere...not that I need a new charger. There is a 8Air which looks good but its 500w and you say yours is 1000w. On topic of the original question, my main charger is the HTRC C240 which is a dual charger and does everything I need. I have a separate DC power supply to charge 4S batteries (that was a drama, could barely charge it between races) but the built in 150w power supply is enough for 2S batteries. The 4S needs about 100w and the built in power supply only gives 75w per channel. Still, a fantastic charger for the price, it was about NZD90 from memory, and the power supply was about NZD50 which I dont use often. I also have an old Hyperion and SkyRC S60, both are 60w single chargers. They work fine for 2S lipo and 6S NiMH. These come out on 10th scale race days, or when we have a lot of people over. If I knew what I know now, I would have bought the SkyRC Q200 quad and been done with it
  13. Are you close enough to go into Frankton Models? If you are, then go talk to Nathan, he'll steer you in the right direction. He really knows his stuff as hes been in the scene for years, and now his kids are front runners at most race meets. All that sounds about right for buying in NZ. That kit is the cheapest I've seen it in a while so thats a win. You could save a bit ($50 - $100) by buying some parts offshore, but having good local shop who will give you advice etc is worth more than that for the first time build. All of the parts you've linked are suitable for the car you've chosen too. That battery is all you'll need for that and give about 45min runtime, so you may want a second battery, but won't need a better one. You'll want a bearing kit as well, just buy a kit for that model. If you get more cars then its worth buying bearings in bulk as they become really cheap then and they ars a consumable. Otherwise the Plasma Edge II will run well and be reliable, until you decide you want to upgrade it, or put a fast motor in and break it. I wouldn't spend much on upgrades, there are heaps available, but you'll sink a fortune into it if you get carried away. I have a few TT02 kits and they have taken years of abuse in the backyard with my sons friends being less than sympathetic to them
  14. You'll be shocked to hear I have an M05 signed off for the incredibly serious M05 racing some of the guys at Counties do fortnightly. And you'll be disappointed that i haven't bought it since i can't practically make it to the races She was off sick today and so got the servo delivery which wasn't ideal, especially since they added to the pile and are for the 2 Thundershot series she doesn't know about...
  15. I find 13.5T the sweet spot for Tamiyas with their limited gearing. However, if you see a 13.5T blinky touring car they are crazy fast, so 13.5T is actually fast and not mild. Likewise a 17.5T and eve 21.5T is also fast in the right car, but will be disappointingly slow in most Tamiyas with their restrictive gear ratios So 13.5T or around 3200kv would be my pick.
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