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  1. Thats a sensorless setup isn't it? It looks like cogging, but thats the worst I've ever seen. Sensorless can often have a little delay which behaves like that but that to me looks faulty as its taking too long to get going. It appears that the ESC is getting signal as its trying to move too so unlikely to be the rx or tx, and it isn't behaving like a flat battery. Have you had that setup in any other cars or is this new?
  2. I have a lot of Savox servos, they are my go to when I want a decent servo that will last. I'm not so worried about most of my cars, if a servo breaks it's not the end of the world, but nothing worse than broken gear ruining a race day. I have a 0231 in my yacht as a sail servo too, although that hasn't seen the water yet. If you do look at Sanwa transmitters check out the MTS, they are the mod range offering and really nice units. The MX6 is cheaper but uses different receivers to the rest of the range so are more limited
  3. Interesting that you rely on those brands and find them better than futaba or savox. Do you have the better quality ones in their range, or do you mean the cheap ones too? The JX 4009MG is far better than a Futaba S3003 for 2/3s the price, but I would expect a Savox 1251MG to be better? Or is that me falling into the 'its more expensive so must be better' trap? Do you have a model that would compare to the Savox 1258TG? Thats my favourite in my race cars, if I can get an equivalent one for half the price I will convert my sons cars to them instead of the 1251MG
  4. Sanwa make some waterproof receivers and their radios are top notch. Don't really fit the 'don't want to break the bank' bit though. If you want to go full waterproof you can swap the ESC for a waterproof one too, and Savox make waterproof servos, so you can run completely waterproof electronics. I think Hobbywing do some waterproof brushed ESC, it may even be the 1060
  5. I have a Top Force but not a Manta Ray. I do have a few other entry level cars though which will be comparable to the Manta Ray. I was in the same position about 9months ago, the Manta Ray was available and the Top Force was out of stock but I didn't want the Manta Ray. Luckily for me the Top Force had another run and I was able to get that in a kit. I'm not a betting man but if I was I would bet on another run on the Top Force because Tamiya kits are out of stock everywhere right now, I think they will do another run. However, I have no way of knowing that so if you want a kit now, grab the Manta Ray. The Top Force is my favourite rere runner, but I bet a Manta Ray will be just as good if running is your thing. If you like the look then nothing but a Top Force will do
  6. I think hobbyking still sell the Trackstar Turbo 80a ESC and motor combo for around USD80. Add a USD10 program box and you've got a cheap potent setup Does the TT02R kit come with an ESC? If it does then do as Turnip suggests and use that with a brushless motor. I would go for 13.5T as a 17.5T will really need the high speed gearset and yeah racing motor mount to get the right gear ratio. If budget is important you could look at the TT02D kit instead. It comes with bearings and oil shocks already, as well as a sport tuned motor, ESC and the body. It has drift tyres so you need to buy some rubber tyres, but then you have a decent carpark basher which can drift too for not a huge outlay. The ESC can handle brushless motors too so its a cheap upgradevwhen you want to
  7. The motor is probably strong enough to run the buggy, but what size is the can? I think 1/16 are often a 2845, so 28mm diameter vs 36mm diameter for the 540 sized motor so the screw holes probably won't line up with the motor mount holes on the chassis. You may be able to get an adaptor or something, but its probably not worth it.
  8. Dropped 5 boxes (Boomerang, Novafox, Monster Beetle, Top Force and Super Astute) into a framers to get framed, just like how @Re-Bugged did them. I sent a picture of his Buggy Champ to them to work off and went in today to get firm prices. Ended up changing it a bit to make it cheaper and should have them next week. I'm hoping to get the Novfox and Boomerang in my office, but it will depend what my son chooses first, as if I choose it looks like they are for me.
  9. More TA07 parts. The alloy steering arms and bridge, as well as the second set of 54931 arms. I'm impressed with Fedex. I ordered from RCJaz last week, got an email from them on Friday saying shipping would be delayed so do I want to wait for pay an extra NZD$13 for Fedex. Paid the extra and they confirmed recieved and said they'd ship Monday. They shipped Monday and arrived today. I got similar service a few weeks back when I bought the RS7 chassis from RCMart, and that was only NZD$5 more than regular shipping. I have a SkyRC TS160 on its way from RCMart which has been stuck at the border since 13 June, so thats now been about 5 weeks and still not here.
  10. You can adjust it to give a mild boost through to a massive amount. Have you read about timing in brushless motors? Turbo and boost are dynamic timing from the ESC, rather than just the fixed timing on the endbell. Its like having 3 stages of timing so you can set the endbell timing for low rpm, then add in boost at higher rpm, effectively increasing the timing, and then turbo for top end (i might have those around the wrong way). NiMH won't provide the power, you need a decent lipo to get the full benefit of it.
  11. If there isnt much space then the Trackstar combo is out as you'll need the fan with a 10.5T motor. The SkyRC TS120 should be ok without a fan though as there is a lot of headroom, until you add a lot of timing. If you drop to a 13.5T motor then you could use a stockspec ESC which are really small, like the Hobbywing XR10 Spec oe Muchmore Euro v2. They don't have turbo and boost but are small
  12. Are you racing, in which case you need to meet class rules, or just want it set up for fun? If not racing I would go for a 10.5t sensored brushless setup. Ideally a programmable ESC, something like the SkyRC TS120 would be great, but there are a lot around that are similar. The TS120 is US68 delivered from RCMart, I've got a few of them and they work well. 120a, rated down to 4.5T on 2S, can handle 3S as well. You can dial in turbo and boost for more speed if you like, but a properly geared 10.5T should be plenty fast enough. As for a motor, I like the Surpass Rocket as a good bang for buck option. They can keep up with the best from other manufacturers but are quite a bit cheaper. I have the V4S, but the V3 is even cheaper and if you aren't racing it won't matter. But any motor will be fine, even an older one like a Speed Passion or Trackstar will be fast enoguh. Or you could get a cheaper Trackstar combo, they do the 80a Turbo ESC and 10.5T motor for about USD80. Whichever ESC you go for, get the program card too. And run lipo.
  13. Yep the TS D99x is good, i use them in my TA07 and TRF102. Savox 1251MG seems to be the go to quality low profile servo, unless you want to spend heaps. I have a JX 4409MG in my Super Astute and Top Force. They are cheap and seem to work ok. Theses cars don't get run a huge amount so I didn't want to spend much on a servo
  14. I get that, the plastic chassis have all the downside of carbon with all the benefits of plastic. I'm liking the exotek conversions though and have realised they are actually pretty good value. There is a fwd conversion for the TA07 now too... I almost bought a TB04R and had signoff, then saw the TA07 Pro was cheaper, more recent and wanted belt so thats where i ended up. Hindsight though, the TB04R would've been cheaper in the long run
  15. The manuals are all available for download https://www.tamiya.com/english/rc/manuals.htm , I just download the manual of the car I'm getting to check the lengths and then order pairs of turnbuckles from RCMart when I'm getting parts together for a new build.
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