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  1. Sorry i don't know if they'll fit. I don't have an XV01 but have heard its pretty tight. I like Surpass Rocket motors. I have the V4S and V5R but you can get the V3 or V2 cheaper. For bashibg around thats what i would get, one of the older ones as they are much cheaper and still perform well. I get mine from Banggood or Aliexpress. You will need to solder though, i don't know of any sensored combo that comes prewired
  2. A 13.5T motor would be a good fit, but I would get a programmable ESC like the SkyRC TS120 or cheaper Trackstar 80a Turbo, with the program card (hobbywing will have heaps of options but I don't know them). This will give the ability to add in timing and boost from the ESC so a 13.5T can run like a 6.5T if you want more speed. That servo could be improved. A cheap and cheerful JX or SPT or Trackstar servo would do the job better and cheaper. Look for .10sec and 6+ kg torque with metal gears
  3. Is that just the standard kit gearing? I find that gearing works for silvercans, torque tuned and sport tuned and you don't need to change. There is headroom built into the gearing to make sure the motors don't overheat and there isn't a huge difference between those motors anyway. It matters when you get into racing classes with restricted motors as you are trying to extract the most speed from the motor and are often pushing it to its limits. The way my 17.5T buggies are geared if I lose a motor fan during a race I'd probably lose the motor.
  4. I saw that thread too but read it that the TA08R pic was posted as a joke, trying to make the point that normally they wait for CAD drawings or pictures or something before starting a thread. Usually the R follows the Pro after a few years doesn't it? Seems strange to me that its coming out when they have the RR and MSX which run the TRF420 geometry, SSBB etc and cover both plastic tub and carbon or aluminium chassis. I can only assume that this is because Tamiya knows I now have my TA07 PRO and then some (a lot of $$) bits working well, so they go and put this out.
  5. This thread is funny. I have to order my parts from the UK! Tonys, Fusion, Modelsport etc
  6. I have had a couple ripped out (caught in a driveshaft) and was able to buy a new one for a few dollars from Banggood. This was FHSS if that makes a difference. They just have a small plug, unplug the old one and plug in a new one. Pop the case open and see how its attached
  7. I've heard of that happening but never had it happen to me. That gearing will be far too high for a 19T motor. Its probably so high that its slowing the car down as the motor won't be able to get to its max revs. I found a stock TT02B with the kit torque tuned motor was sluggish with a 19T pinion and went back to the kit supplied 17T. Try goijg back to the kit spur and pinion and see if it still overheats, and whether it is faster
  8. @berman thanks for the offer, spoke to my wife last night and 'we've' decided we'll wait since my birthday is July and it looks like there is another batch coming.
  9. Whats the objection to a rerelease? I have TT02B, Boomerang, Top Force and some modern race buggies and for general backyard racing the Top Force is my pick. There are a few versions on the DF01 chassis and the Top Force and Manta Ray have both been released recently so you should be able to find one. The TT02B doesnt have the ground clearance of an old buggy so it works great on tarmac but not so great on grass. Its also heavy and the longitudinal battery means it doesn't jump well. The DB01 as suggested above though would be the best outside of the TRF buggies.
  10. Is it new in box or built as a display? Don't make a special trip but if you remember next time you're there, thanks for the offer. I'm not in a hurry as it will be put away until July, and it sounds like more are due in a few months anyway. The price will be interesting of the new ones as last time here they were $489 but the prices seem to be going up all the time
  11. I don't think anyone would get tired of that being posted, its the original afterall!
  12. I almost bought that one a month or so ago but decided not to as I want to build it. Was very close though, it looks nicely built (assuming its the same one...) RCJaz shipping is a killer, about $170! RCMart is better but still a lot. I found emails from them in my junk folder. They cancelled it because they need to investigate shipping to NZ and expect a surcharge on the shipping and that it will take a few months. I'll pass as the exchange rate was worse on Paypal than i expected anyway (i expected $570ish and it was $609, that seems a lot). Hopefully they'll make an appearance in local shops soon enough. I don't understand, whats leftover wine?
  13. Yep they are the boxes. I emailed a framing place a picture of Rebugged's Rough Rider he posted here and then took the boxes in. I have 2 up in my office and so far no one has asked if thats a picture of toy car on my wall despite a year of zoom meetings.
  14. I like the boxart but not the space that the boxes take up, so I copied @Re-Bugged They look great on the walls, wasn't cheap though but worth it
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