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  1. Built the Sand Scorcher. It was my first SRB and really interesting how it goes together. I still have to fit the radio gear and paint the body, so expect to have this done by xmas.
  2. I think the Super Sabre will have oval blocks which last really well. I only run my reres on grass so mine are still like new on my Boomerang, but when i was a kid I used to run my Boomerang (different one) everywhere and the kit tyres just didn't seem to wear out
  3. You can get cheap Yeah Racing / GPM / Jazrider wheel hexes which are a direct swap for the Hotshot style triangle wheel adapters. This allows you to use modern wheels and tyres for running and keep the kit ones for the shelf. I use Yeah Racing which cost about USD5 from RCmart, obviously not worth a separate order for them
  4. I thought the same thing, then remembered I had a Super Astute with Super Astute transmission and its fine and doesn't have known weak points so couldn't think why I wanted to know so kept quiet
  5. Absolutely. I did a build thread under the builds for a scratch built yacht and didn't get banned...
  6. It may help, I'm pretty sure that the Gravel Hound, Plasma Edge and Plasma Edge II all have the same body. I imagine that if anyone is stocking them they'll call them a Plasma Edge II as thats a currently available kit. If they aren't the same then they look so close as you could use one anyway RCMart has them if you can't find a local one https://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-plasma-edge-ii-clear-body-wing-set-11825880-00072391
  7. I've run the TBLE-02S with a Trackstar 13.5T with 17T pinion in a Boomerang without issue. Used bullet connectors too. I directly solder my race cars, bullets direct to battery etc but wouldn't get too caught up in 'the best' since you're running an old design buggy anyway. If the ESC thermals then look at a fan or swapping it out. I don't know that Hobbywing model, as long as it runs sensored motors it'll probably be fine
  8. Very nice! Are they off the shelf parts or a lot of custom stuff? It looks like its been strengthened everywhere. The steering is interesting, I don't rate the plastic setup on the Top Force as it seems like it could be a weak spot but hadn't considered carbon
  9. Was in my LHS today and he had recently received a big order. A bunch of Thunder Dragons on the shelf, only one TF evo left now though as he got them a while back. I came out with $8 worth of springs
  10. @Fuijo this looks barely used! I followed your build thread before getting mine, like you I've ended up with a lot of hopups...if it doesn't sell for that price why not double down and get the Exo RS7 for it. Good luck with the sale
  11. What ESC do you have? The kit TBLE-02S should run the 13.5T in the Bigwig. Get the 17T pinion too, the brushless motir needs this. Set timing about 40deg on the endbell, the combination of low gearing and lowish timing means the TBLE-02S shouldn't need a fan. If you have a brushed only ESC then a cheap option is the Trackstar 80a Turbo. Hobbywing 10BL120 is popular here too, or the SkyRC TS120 is decent for the money. No idea on suspension, I just run my Tamiya buggies at kit settings and set expectations to match, seem fine to me on grass
  12. I might be with you on this. I have a Sand Scorcher which I've been eyeing up for years and its still in its box. Admittedly this is only a week after getting it, but still. I see this as my last Tamiya, until I upgrade the racers which could mean a TRF something. I think I'm done with collecting and backyard bashers (as in I have what I want and don't need more) so this is probably the last frivolous purchase.
  13. Tony is great. I've ordered quite a bit from him and I'm down in NZ. Shipping is generally included in the price, his prices are very competitive and the service is fast.
  14. Tough act to follow @mongoose1983, great haul! My Sand Scorcher arrived today. Its my first kit with blisters and I want to leave it NIB because of it, but it will get built. My wife said something about cake and eating it too and didn't think my 'joke' about buying a second one was funny.
  15. I find rcjaz to be really good, thats their website not ebay. RCMart generally have cheaper shipping for kits, but RCJaz have some great deals and are generally better for parts. Recently I got TRF SSBB dampers for NZD85, a few other bits and shipping was about NZD20. Those dampers are about USD85 on rcmart, or Eur95 from Tamico. Even if shipping was a bit higher the lower purchase price makes up for it.
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