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  1. I expect that Tamiya will keep supporting the chassis for a while yet. An XV02 makes sense, especially since it shares a lot of DNA with the FF04 Evo and frontie racing appears to be gaining popularity around the world. An FF05 is overdue now (or just a better internal ratio for 21.5T blinky racing), so FF05 and XV02 together makes sense. Part of the problem could be that the XV01 is a relatively expensive kit so Tamiya could be focussing on the supply of cheaper TT02 cars which would be volume sellers, assuming supply and distribution are constrained at the moment
  2. Its exactly like that. Well, teams are really clever and can swap engines trackside. We would just pack up and go home. One team got a VN Commodore wagon from a wreckers for $1,000 with blown head gaskets. Fixed it up. Got 4 laps and blew the engine. Got another engine delievered, fitted it last nigth and got 4 more laps and blew that one. They gave up then. We're 17th of 66 teams and the little Toyota is flawless. Hasn't missed a beat and is putting in some very respectable lap times. I think I just jinxed it
  3. That sounds ideal to me, building the chassis is the best bit. Went racing today, in the 1:1 car. Day 1 of a 24hour race over 3 days. Only 3 hours on track today, most of the race is over the weekend. @bermanat Hampton Downs if you're bored, its really low key so full pit access etc...
  4. Thats great to hear, I still haven't got around to ordering any, but I need 1 now and expect to need a few more. My original kit motors are all wearing out, 3 have gone so far. How long is the shaft? A normal kit motor or sport tuned won't fit in a Super Astute as the shaft is too short, be good to swap a silvercan into that so it can be run more often, its too fast with a Super Stock.
  5. Umm, not sure if it really worked, its a bit like saying i drink too much but its ok because he does crack right? The ones that get me are the Skylines, R32's used to be given away and are now crazy money. Same with RX3s and RX7s. But the RX4s, no one wanted those back in the day and now they're exepnsive. Don't get me started on Evo's should've bought a 3 a couple for $12k...
  6. Thanks for posting these pics. I showed my wife and told her I could be worse since they're all essentially the same chassis (my words to make me appear better, i know the difference, but implies you have another 50 cars somewhere, clever eh). She rolled her eyes but admitted that my collection is much better being obviously smaller. In saying that I've moved onto talking about 1:1 toys so maybe she prefers 1:10 toys, especially when a GC8 WRX is $35k now
  7. For me it would be the DB01 or Top Force, but both are near impossible to find. The Top Force Evolution is on its way, but that will be more than 200quid. Any of the DF01 chassis are decent though, the Top Force is just the best of them with chassis plates not a plastic tub, adjustable upper arms etc. I wouldn't bother with a TT02B, just about any rerelease is better and you'll spend a fortune on upgrades and it is still a TT02B. I have a couple and they have their place, but really they are sacrificial cars for my son and his friends so the good ones don't get ruined. I even bought cheap controllers for them The DT03 is interesting though, I don't have one but they are proper buggies rather than a touring car turned into a buggy so should be good. If 2wd is ok, there are probably some Super Astute kits still around, they're a great runner.
  8. @Moonraker1 lot 396 looks like a Hornet and a Vanquish, not Grasshopper. A Vanquish would have a lot more value than a Grasshopper. In saying that I'd happily pay the 60quid for that lot that they recommend, but I bet they won't want to ship it down to NZ...
  9. Why have you cancelled the orders? Is it because its not true to the original, or uncertain supply? Just curious. I won't be getting one as I got the Top Force and added hi caps, turnbuckles etc to get it close to the Evolution and can't justify spending the money on one, but if this had been released instead of the last run of Top Force I would've bought one for sure.
  10. They are a nice buggy eh. Seeing this and @Juhunio build I really should get mine going properly. It just needs the rear wing reattaching, and I should shorten the front shocks a bit, but really should just use it
  11. It just depends on the length of the aerial. The tube doesn't need to be the full length, just enough to keep it away from moving parts. I have used a long tube which is just held down by the body too, just depends on the car and rx. What tx are you using? You can buy rx's without an aerial, thats the easiest way
  12. I usually use a small tube under the body, or somehow secure it. I've had an aerial ripped out when it got caught by the driveshaft. Luckily a new aerial is only a few dollars so it didn't ruin the rx, but shipping times are a killer.
  13. The Futaba 3PKRA is a decent budget transmitter. It has the essential adjustment that you need (even has throttle EPA so you can slow the car down for kids). It doesn't have multiple model memory though. The 3PV is the next one up and is good enoygh for racing and has 10 model memory. Its quite small though so may not be big enough if youhave big hands. Its worth spending more on the radio gear as you have it a long time and only buy once. As for servos, futaba make great gear but its expensive for what you get. I've tried cheap servos from JX and SPT and while I don't believe their claimed specs they are still stronger and faster than those bottom end futaba servos. If you're like most on gere you'll end up with a lot of cars so cheaper servos make sense. I buy in bulk from Banggood The TS D99X linked above is good too and decent quality. Anything Savox is good too. I generally look for 10kg and .1 secs, better for my racers
  14. Where are those washers from? The containers look the same as the screws I got from Banggood, i need those. At least shipping from Tony is reasonable...
  15. Does Norway have a cultural thing where you won't say bad about anything? Suspect the Thunder Dragon is lightyears ahead. It IS lightyears ahead Also, this is meant in jest. I'm a kiwi and within the commonwealth we have stereotypes abput other friendly nations and Canadians are apparently the nicest people on earth and even have a law that says apologising doesn't indicate guilt. No idea If Its true, but they seem pretty nice as do Norwegians....
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