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  1. Jonathon Gillham

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Woken up this morning at some ungodly hour (7am, haha) by my son and dog because a courier had just dropped off a package. It seems we're lucky down here and don't have the same problems with post that you northerners do. Anyway, my 5m of sail material arrived so I just need to pick up eyelets from my mum (struggling to find little eyelets, turns out mum has hundreds in her sewing box) and I can make my sails.
  2. Jonathon Gillham

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Ghost carrot made me laugh. We had a tv campaign a few years ago which was about drinking and driving, and there was a classic line about ghost chips. Funnily enough I was out for dinner last night and a local brewer, 8 Wired brewing, makes a 1% beer called ghost chips so I had to try it. I try every low alcohol beer I find and this one is at the top of the list. Ghosts are everywhere. Once again I've contributed nothing!
  3. Jonathon Gillham

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Ok so turns out it was the easiest thing in the world. Literally just plug the ESC's into Channel 1 and 2 on the rx then turn on the Elevon function. I wish everything was this easy. I'm waiting for something to go horribly wrong now.
  4. Jonathon Gillham

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Got my, I mean my sons, tank chassis working. The crimping tool arrived so I was able to connect the ESC's to the motors and swap connectors on a Y lead to work as the battery lead. My dog isn't impressed, its pretty noisy. Its currently working on both sticks, next step is to work out the V tail thing so I can, I mean my son can, drive it with 1 stick and control the turret servos with the other.
  5. Jonathon Gillham

    Crimping tool

    These arrived today (link below) and they work brilliantly. I didn't attempt to crimp the plugs without the tool as the tool was on its way, but they have made it very easy.
  6. Jonathon Gillham

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    I have a really tedious task I have to do but luckily keep finding more important things to do. Well, more important right now, won't seem so important next Wednesday when I have to have this done by...but just had a major win with my sails for the Racing Sparrow. Found the material from a RC yacht supplies place in Australia and since its for a hobby it wasn't cheap but what can you do? Find it from somewhere else that isn't a hobby shop! Rang a very nice lady to ask her about the sail material, I mean document preserving material, that she sells and luckily she gets asked all the time by RC yacht people so I know it works. And 5m x 1067mm for the price of 1m x 600mm delivered. So in theory I can make 8 more yachts. Whats more likely is I have 9 attempts to get a decent sail and can only make 1 yacht. Amazing how much extra we pay for stuff because its for a hobby. Same thing happened with the aluminium tube for the mast - 2.5m for $8 vs 1m for $10 (I needed 1.05m, I wasn't really worried about $2).
  7. Jonathon Gillham

    A good servo for a Bullhead?

    Yeah it is, I was tempted by the 0231 for a fiver more but its a tall servo and that would mean it would have to move closer to the centre which would leave less room for the servo horn. I'll update the build thread some day and you'll see what I mean, the servo horn is stupidly long - maybe it'll help steering on your bullhead? Its this one People use the Futaba S3003 without issue in these yachts since they come with the basic Futaba radio sets, but I'm not convinced that the 3kg torque and plastic gears would really work on the sail. In saying that it works fine on a Monster Beetle. I had the same thought today about the rx box from my TT02B. I'm not sure the Flysky rx will fit in it but its worth a shot. Also makes it easier to remove the rx as well. Haha, did it break while using it or you broke it so you could buy an orange alloy replacement? I've found my wife doesn't mind if I buy replacements, its buying new stuff thats the problem. I popped the battery case open a bit more when I showed her the puffy battery to be sure...
  8. Jonathon Gillham

    Hot 3650 motor in SCT - Do I need a 540 for the torque?

    Is it 2wd or 4wd? I know at our club the 2wd SCT guys run into heat problems with 540 sized motors and they go through motors reasonably often, as in most would be changing each season vs a few seasons for a buggy. I think they run 10.5T blinky so they will be geared pretty aggressively too. 4wd SCT is all but dead at our club but there was talk of allowing them to run the 8th scale motors and 4S batteries as a big problem with 4wd SCT is the strain on the 10th scale electronics, they just aren't up to it when geared for racing. Trackstar make a brushless in 550 sized for SCT but Hobbyking only have low turn motors available. In saying that the one linked below is "only" (yep looking at you Jason!) 4550kv and its 4.5T so maybe the lower turn are the way to go? That I don't know. As a basher I would probably go for a 550 sized with closer to 3000kv than 4300 kv, or even pick up a cheap 8th scale motor as they have more torque and it won't be as stressed. The 8th scale usually run around 1900kv - 2200kv and 4S batteries, so maybe run it with 3S (as I doubt the Turnigy SCT will be as durable as a race kit so 4S could be overkill).
  9. Jonathon Gillham

    A good servo for a Bullhead?

    Nothing to do with your Bullhead @Jason1145 but since it started in this thread I'll continue my parallel boat servo bit...With the above advice I bought a Savox 0230 waterproof servo for the sail and will swap out the least used Sanwa or Futaba servos from my fleet for steering. I had an expensive rc weekend anyway with ESC and battery so doubled down and added pinions, more wire and connectors and a servo. Easier to ask forgiveness right?
  10. Jonathon Gillham

    Screw size TT02 TB01 TT01

    The manual says 2 x 8 tapping screws. Thats easier than going to the garage where I have some TT02B diffs sitting on the bench.
  11. Jonathon Gillham

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Went racing. It was my sons first race meet and he had a great time both racing and marshalling. The club is great and everyone was really encouraging and he was stoked to get a special mention at the drivers briefing I had mixed results. I didn't swap my ESC out of my Ultima so got through the first heat and then it gave up the ghost. Its ok though as the battery also swelled and popped the case, so bought a new one. Orion, since I can get them trackside. They should sell them at banks so you can extend your mortgage to cover the cost. On the bright side, the new Surpass motor is awesome. Set to 6.2amp draw it came off cool so I can go up a pinion or 2. Except I have to buy them, I have 27t - 32t and 35t - 37t. It currently runs 32t. Even undergeared it was keeping up with the fast guys. The Lazer went much better except 2nd heat my transponder unplugged itself. I have a clip thing I use on my 8th buggy to keep the servo plugs together so that will solve the transponder issue, it happened at the last meet last year too. I should buy another transponder and not have to swap them. The Orca Blitreme is fast but it runs hot, well I have to gear it this way to keep up and its right on the edge. I will swap it to the other Surpass for next meet.
  12. Jonathon Gillham

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    I have heard good things and a common theme from people who use them is that they can't fault them even compared to expensive brand name ESC. A lot of people at my club use these exclusively. There is a wifi module thing you can buy for extra which allows you to use your phone to program it, I don't have it as I know enough people who have it so will ask them to program it for me, basically turn the punch down for my 2wd. I expect it will do everything well but nothing amazing. I'm not amazing so it will be plenty good enough for me
  13. Jonathon Gillham

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Went to the track today. There was a practice day today and a 10th meet tomorrow. My son had a mixed day but was able to sort of get around a pretty difficult track. My 4wd was amazing, 2wd was typical painful 2wd which can either be awesome or awful it just depends. Also ordered a SkyRC Toro120 amp ESC, RCMart are doing free shipping so USD68 shipped. The speedo in my Ultima is playing up, I could get it work by looking at it funny or dropping it from a big height...
  14. Jonathon Gillham

    Where do I put a shock comparison thread.

    What about thay build sub-forum? A comparison on shock types would be a sticky thread right? No pressure, but you know, do a good job...
  15. I would say no-one will have a chance as Jason will buy them all. I wouldn't buy either as I have a list of cars I want already and these won't knock a Super Astute ot Top Force off top spot, butbthey are kind of cool and quirky