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  1. Are these alloy steering arms? Do I need them for my Top Force?!
  2. The TT02B, first back in years and they are awful buggies BUT without them I wouldn't have all the rest, so I don't regret them because of that. Haven't used them in ages now. The TA07 took ages to get right, but was worth it in the end. Its now far from a TA07Pro and doesn't have a Tamiya chassis but if I knew then what i know now I would've bought a TRF419. I love my Super Astute. Sure our Ae B6D are better but not as cool. I recall the issues on this forum where a few members were saying how bad the SA is but really, thats their issue not ours. It is an expensive kit (but I found a killer deal, stoked!) and the car is fantastic, even in stock form. Mine has Top Force hi caps and a Dyna Storm front shock tower but is otherwise stock and its great. I use Nigellas bangers and mash recipe and its fantastic!
  3. It can be converted to a normal F103 or F104 front end easily enough right @TurnipJF That should just be new arms and uprights - I have both front ends for my TRF102 and its a very quick and easy swap. What about buy the Tyrrell and also another F103 bodyset and front end, and have both?
  4. We run our F1 cars at the school on their courts. This is a primary school with courts that aren't in great shape, not nice tennis or netball courts, and they run well. They are challenging to drive so it holds some interest, but really they are at home on the racetrack. Racing onroad for us isnt that often (although we plan on that more often) but F1 is a fun class We don't use them as much as our buggies because we can run those in the backyard which is heaps easier, even though the school is a 5min walk away.
  5. I agree with this. I've seen the TB05 and TT02 SR for about the same price (about $10 difference) and the TB05 is infinitely better (don't have one, but have a TA07 and TT02 and assuming the TB05 is similar to the TA07 then it will run rings around any TT02). A TT02 ends up costing a fortune by the time you've done everything you want to eliminate slop. I have upgarded heaps on my TA07 but it really isn't necessary, especially not for carpark bashing, the kit supplied plastic steering, servo mount etc are all good enough. The plastics are so much better and tolerances much tighter. A cheaper option could be a TB03 or TA05, older but very capable chassis and better than a TT02.
  6. So i hope that you help the kids these days rather than tell them they have it easy. Imagine being a teenager now with social media etc and how different life would be if we had that BiTD and the dumb stuff we did that would now be immortalized on the internet... I just find that people these days are quick to blame young people for anything (often that happened before they were born) and really, they have it harder than we ever had it!
  7. Yes titanium is lighter but weight isn't a big issue these days, unless you're chasing that 10th of a second. You will probably round out the ti screws which is less likely with steel. Yeah Racing is generally pretty good so worth a crack
  8. Umm, is it just me or do Tamiya just sell a rere kit expecting it to be built and run twice then put back in its box? Most people I know who get into this stuff do it for a very short time. We see it on the forums too, people who come and go in a short period of time. So why sell sell spares for a a model that will sit in the attic, or maybe on the shelf?
  9. The TS50 works well if not stressed. My son runs one in his Ae B6D with 17.5T and its great. It thermalled in his D413 4wd. @Re-Bugged and @berman strange that it failed. The TA07 comes with TRF419 diffs which are all nylon and they're bulletproof, seems strange that the same stuff would fail in the M08
  10. Looked into this, decided steel is best. Quality of titanium screws varies and the good ones are stupidly expensive. If you're doing a dream build with every hopup, go Tamiya. If you're building a hopped up runner, swap to hex steel screws from bangood, aliexpress etc
  11. I think the rere's will become classics like the originals are now. If they hadn't done reruns of the Hotshot since 2007 then the NIB would be commanding high prices. I don't think RC is going anywhere (if anything its growing as drones and RTR and prices have made it more accessible) and like with 1:1 cars, people will still be interested in classics, even if they didn't grow up with them. I was born at the end of the C3 Corvette model cycle but would buy one in a heartbeat (bit hard to hide that one with my chips). The demographic here is older, but there are some young members like @Bash who wasn't born when these first came out and he found Tamiya (I'm guessing the internet? Parents?) then the @mud4fun mudlets and my son who all grew up with Tamiya rere's and they will keep them going. I think people will buy the latest Armma 8S 100mph whatever and then get interested in the history of RC and discover Tamiya. Also, while $1,000 for a NIB whatever is a lot for a toy car, its also not that much in absolute terms for a classic, especially when a XY GTHO Falcon is $250k. No matter how expensive Tamiya's get they are still pocket change compared to other collectibles/classics. There will always be the purists who would only buy originals, and not use rere parts to restore an original etc, but I think most people won't be like that. I'm just happy I could buy a Boomerang but this time NIB and build it from new. The original may command a 10% - 20% premium over the rere, but the rere will still have a lot/most of the value. That $150 BigWig is probably as cheap as they'll ever be. For me I wouldn't collect these things for the money though. Even a 100% gain on a $300 thing isn't a huge gain given the storage space, risk etc. I have them because I like them and my son and I use them together. The only cars I have sold are racers, I don't intend to sell the 6 rere's I have even if they are covered in a thick layer of dust. In saying that I am attached to my onroad racers (all Tamiya) but not my offroad racers (HB and Ae) and I think that goes back to Tamiya being what I knew as a kid. I'm not so sure whether the modern entry level stuff like TT01/2, TT02B will be as collectible as the older cars though because they are identical except for body (and shock colour) and there must be loads out there. Its not like the old cars where there were differences between each model.
  12. @Nicadraus do you use the MTS or MT44? Should be similar right? I have never used those extra switches on mine...
  13. For me it has to be the Boomerang with the Fox a close second. It could be because they also look great together on the shelf. The Top Force and Super Astute get an honourable mention too, although my Super Astute has Top Force hi caps and a Dynastorm shock tower, so I probably mean the Dynastorm
  14. My Mondeo body from L and L arrived today, pretty happy as thats about a week from ordering to arriving. And my wife wasn't home when it arrived, but I have a bit of a problem now. I have 3 new bodies in a pile and unfortunately I told her how much they cost, and she also knows that I keep chips (crisps for you northeners) in with my battery chargers (I need to hide chips and chocolate as otherwise they disappear so fast, and some members of my family complain they are getting fat so we shouldn't have chips and chocolate in the house, so I keep a tube of chips in my charger box for race days). The bodies are on top of the battery chargers. So next time she is looking for chips she might find the bodies. But she may not mention anything as then I'll know she took my chips. The body looks pretty good though, mind for the price (about double what I'd normally pay for a body because of shipping) it should be.
  15. That is whats holding me back, even an Avante is too expensive for me for what would amount to a shelf queen and these trucks are next level. Great looking build though
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