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  1. Interesting comment, we're seeing the same thing here. People who can barely feed their family while a $100k car rolls by. Such strange times. I have nothing to add for the sale though, just checked as it had a lot of posts! Have a NIB Avante BE which to me is like an Egress sitting in my office so don't need more...although, when has need ever come into it!
  2. My tool set looks very similar to @Wooders28, based around the Arrowmax purple tools and then whatever else is needed. The main difference is that rather than buy a (non-matching!) MIP 1.5mm I have replaced the 1.5mm, 2mm and 2.5mm with Hudy tips. They seem to be lasting better than the arrowmax ones. Also have the MIP speed tips for the cordless screwdriver, the arrowmax didn't last that long (but came in a nice case) @Frog Jumper since you have a 3mm hex driver you need a nitro buggy now. The only 3mm bolts I know of are engine mounts. 4mm, I guess you have to buy some furniture to assemble? Or 5th scale?
  3. Wasn't the DN01 the plastic version of the TRF201? No idea if the DB02 was related to a TRF model. Its a shame as it works so well in onroad having both levels of car which are very similar.
  4. I'm in Auckland and would happily pick you up from the airport and host for a few days. Once you know the dates it may be that I could take you to one of the club days too
  5. I think everyone has made that mistake. I bought some MG995 servos, similar price for 4. One went and took an ESC (luckily the rx which was an expensive futaba one was fine) with it which is when they all got replaced.
  6. I agree with you here. I generally like 4wd better, but for some reason prefer the TD2 I almost bought NIB one off markerplace with a heap of hopups but something held me back. Possibly the 5 unbuilt kits I have which include an Avante BS and Super Astute....
  7. You could switch to a brushless motor, gear it conservatively and the car will run all day. Seems easier and cheaper than getting a second car?
  8. https://leadfingerrc.com/shop-1/ols/products/pre-order-retro-mod-body-clear-for-the-team-associated-b7 Maybe you can have the best of both worlds? New buggy with the old look?
  9. The Pit Shimuzi F103 tyres actually say to use the wheels designed for foam tyres which may help, as I've seen foam wheels for F103 available on rcmart recently. However, the tyres are near impossible to find. I think Schumacher bought PS when they went out of business and make the tyres now so you could try contacting schumacher, pretty sure you can buy direct from them. The only thing is its more than a few cups of coffee...but on the bright side I had a set last me about 4 seasons of racing so they were good value for money, but a lot of money upfront
  10. That is the stick version of the 4PLS isnt it? Which has been superceded twice already by the 4PV then 4PM. So does this mean a new model is coming out? Not that it matters, receivers will be around for a long time yet and by all accounts its a great radio.
  11. Looking forward to this, I have just rebuilt a B6D, be interesting to see whats changed in 10 years Or, keep the TRF511 for the shelf and buy something else. Its funny, when I've retired race kits like the Kyosho ZX6 or RB6.6 I sold them as I had no attachment to them. When I got new onroad racers when my garage flooded I kept the TA07 which was replaced with a Yokomo BD11 because the TA07 is just so cool, and looks great on the shelf.
  12. @TurnipJF is onto something here. I've seen people turn up with their newly painted and detailed truck body and leaving with the cab ripped off. TC bodies tend to last ok but the trucks take a hammering! I would buy the one you like the look of and do the kind of paint that @Re-Bugged does. And leave that body for the shelf. Then buy another truck body and a can of paint and go for gold
  13. I've had no issues at all. Batteries leaking has only happened when they've been sitting for years (like 10yrs plus) For a tx that is used regularly I can't see you having an issue
  14. It is a good radio for a good price. Performance is good, its been reliable etc. I bought ours for my son when he was young and it was great as its small so he found it easy to use. However, I wouldn't buy it as my main radio. It is small and plasticky, not as nice in the hand as others and the UI is a pain to use. I dont have other futaba radios to compare to but the 4PV and 4/7/10PX are a big step up. I assume the 4PM will be too but havent actually seen one in person. Its subjective though. It is more comfortable in the hand, the UI is better etc. To me its worth the extra money for the nicer radio
  15. I found a 13.5T with the 17T pinion went really well. Just a cheap older model motor works too like a Trackstar, SpeedPassion, Rocket v3 etc, you don't need to spend much money on the motor. Mines back to silvercan just because of the smaller space we run in. FWIW the Super Hotshot comes with a GT Tuned and 13T or 15T pinions. Since I've been running the 15T pinion in the Boomerang I went with 15T in that too, but that Super Hotshot has been sitting almost complete for 9 months now so I can't say how it goes.
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