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  1. The cost of mine is so high because 10 of 14 are race kits, and 2 of those are 8th scale buggies, but still. The off the shelf race kits make things like my Durga, Top Force and Super Astute (all received hop ups) seem cheap! Once my claim is approved I may be able to juggle some of it around with the shop, eg get a BBX instead of 2 TT02B's or something, I don't really know...
  2. Haha, not sure that would work this time! This insurance claim has really highlighted how much money is tied up in these toy cars...
  3. I like the look of this. I think they're 10 years too late though - how many people 10 years ago would've picked this up for them as a modern take on a classic to run with their kids? The SRB isn't really an option when their kids have a DT03 but this would be brilliant. I probably won't get one for a while though as I can't really justify more cars (how often have you heard that one)
  4. That looks like the one I have in my Top Force and I've found it great. I have mucked around with the high speed gearset and different pinion sizes and all have worked. I used the hard coated aluminium pinions though (also by Yeah Racing) which may make a difference. In that picture of you holding them back to back, if you rotate one 180deg does it make a difference? I have found that you need to get it the right way up but if its not right it barely meshes at all and I doubt it would run
  5. I got some framed which was a direct copy of @Re-Bugged. It means they're no longer boxes but the glass protects them. I cpuld dig out photos but I tagged Re-Bugged as he has pictures too...
  6. I sang that post too I'm into onroad at the moment with some 8th scale buggies coming in second, but thats just right now and i always go back to 10th scale buggies, new or old, 2wd or 4wd, they're just my favourite
  7. This is a fantastic project. I can't add anything but will be following this one with interest Also, I think I've been reading @BuggyDad and @BuggyGuy posts as the same person and it wasn't until they posted here about not buying a TD2 but also racing a TD2 that I've clicked...
  8. Pretty much like for like as they are all set up for class rules and specific tracks. I just hope that I get replacement value rather than some cash settlement based on secondhand prices as it will take a long time to replace them that way. If they pay the invoice direct to the shop then I should have everything up and running before the next race meet. Some will be difficult though, for example the Ae B6D is an old model but works better than the newer models since our track is low grip, so new isn't actually better. For others like the TA07 a TA07MS would be the closest match but you can't get them and I doubt they'll do another run of those, so a TRF420X would be the closest replacement that you can actually get and I'm not sure what they do in those cases. Also, at full retail i'm guessing its about $20k and I can see the insurer questioning that!
  9. Unfortunately the cheap cars were the ones stashed away safely! Last night called for something stronger, opened a cragganmore 12. Which made the clean up even worse!
  10. Thanks, its actually not that bad. No water in the house, just the section and garage. We were worried we had lost a cat but she turned up this afternoon so can't complain really. Plenty of people are far worse off than we are!
  11. We had a pretty big storm last night which flooded our garage, where all the race cars are kept. Oh and my wifes car. The water got so high it went inside her car and all our race cars (2 8th buggies, 4 10th buggies, 5 10th onroad) were under water. Luckily everything is insured as all electronics will need replacing and it looks like the chassis will be gone too. I might salvage my TA07 (new bearings, shafts etc etc) but the rest will probably need replacing. Funny when the insurance claim for the toy cars will be far higher than for the real car
  12. I don't have GF01 so can't comment on that The Flysky GT3C is a decent entry level radio. It has all the functions you'll need and also includes a battery for a good price. Its far better than the GT2 models as it has multiple model memory, and better than the GT3B because of the battery. I can't fault it. Except, if you try a Sanwa or Futaba radio then they are better, but just because of abstract things thing how it feels in the hand
  13. Just try it and see before you do anything. I have a few Tamiya TBLE esc running 10kg plus servos happily, but some will fail. The ESC is fine except some of the newer ones have a QC issue and fail. Generally its better to change the esc, although I have had some very cheap servos fail and take the esc with them. I have never tried those servos you linked before but if others have used them then they're probably fine
  14. This is a very good point. I have a Lunchbox but got it when I was too far along in the hobby to enjoy it - its just so bad! You need a Lunchbox before a Monster Beetle to really appreciate it, and the same will go for a Hornet and DT buggy. I think people who are new to the hobby will be very disappointed if they buy s Hornet snd expect it to be like a RTR Arma or Traxxas etc. @Saito2 is spot on here, modern kits are all very similar because the designers are just trying to make incremental improvements to what is basically perfect. The evolution of race kits just follows the evolution of surfaces that we run on, generally newer is designed for higher grip.
  15. I think it depends on what new kits you're looking at. A few years ago I built 2x TT02B then a month later a Novafox and Boomerang (you can all recognised the slippery slope...) and at the time thought that the TT02B was much more basic etc. Look at the front hubs, the TT02B has the c-hub amd knuckle with no bushing etc, it just works. The Boomerang has the pivot ball setup with lots of little extra parts which made it feel like a more complicated build (which it is, i'm hoping my son asks for one for his birthday). However, having built a whole range of kits now such as the Durga, TA07, HB418, Ae B6D, HB817, TRF102, Sand Scorcher, Fire Dragon etc I have a different view. The TT02 is a fantastic entry level build as it goes together nicely and a new person to the hobby will be able to build it with no experience but take a huge amount of satisfaction from it. The TT02B is comparable to the Boomerang as they are both entry level 4wd buggies (although the Boomerang is amazing but the TT02B isn't) but it has 30 years of development to make it so simple and just work. If you build modern car which aren't entry level like the TA07 (the build is very similar to TRF419) or Durga (build is comparable to race kits too) then they are a lot more complicated despite looking like they have a very similar layout to the TT02. They need shims to take up slop, have better materials which may need tapping rather than self tapping screws, shocks always have separate pistons, the list goes on. So back to the original question. A modern kit like the TT02 is much simpler which appeals to some, but others prefer the complexity of older designs. Some modern kits are far more complicated than that, which most on here would prefer but some may think are overly complex and fiddly. Modern kits handle better, however when looking at buggies the TT02B handles better on tarmac but a rere like the Fire Dragon or Boomerang will out perform a TT02B offroad as they have much better ride height. If you want performance and a more challenging build then try a TA07/8* for belt or TB05 if onroad is your thing. If you like offroad then the DB01 Durga is the best bet. *The TA08 is the latest however it uses completely different arms and hubs compared to all the other TA/TB/TRF cars. Prior to the TA08 the arms/hubs/knuckles were like lego from ages ago through to TRF420X - you could swap old for new and new for old. If you want a carpark racer/basher the TA07/TB05 may be a better option than the TA08 because of this, but the TA08 is apparently fastererer/bettererer
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