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  1. A long shot but I don't suppose you would entertain selling the aluminium spur gear mount (Tamiya 54234) separately?
  2. How does a spool compare to a diff locker (e.g. Tamiya TT-02 Diff Lock Block 54649)? They appear to fulfil the same function but, seeing as both exist, it seems likely there is a subtle difference. My guess is that the spool is simpler, with fewer moving parts, so is more reliable, has less slop, and less rotating mass to accelerate.
  3. My entry into the build-off with parts from spares added in: Tamiya TT-02R (47326) - £88 at today's exchange rate (£106 with VAT) Full bearing set Front/rear CVA oil dampers Aluminium motor mount Aluminium propeller joint (54502) Aluminium propeller shaft (54501) Aluminium uprights (3-degree toe-in) High-speed gear set (54500) Tamiya Subaru Impreza WRX STi Team Arai body (see XV-01 58528) - £35 (spares) Silver can - £5 (spares) TBLE-02S ESC - £10 (spares) Wheels, foams and rally block tires - £15 (spares) SPT 4412LV servo - £13 Kimbrough servo saver - £5 (spares) Tamiya TT-02 chassis plate - £5 Tamiya PS-1 White - £5 Receiver and battery swapped in/out from other models. Total: £199 (£129 after spares) and with any luck actually only £111 spent. Seems pretty good value for a lot of brand new kit and a resulting new car (and I am very pleased to be putting spare kit to a good use).
  4. This video contained some useful comparisons and information.
  5. So have taken a punt on this part from ebay and will report back if it arrives. With any luck it will be suitable.
  6. Received an email this morning, unfortunately they no longer ship to the UK via airmail so an extra $22.50 is required on top of the original postage. Which for a $2.24 part is just too much. Order has been cancelled. Argh! The hunt goes on.
  7. I hadn't considered the smaller wheels - thank you. My plan is to follow @alvinlwh 's advice and start conservatively and then gear up. I'm pleased to hear that the Tamiya (54227) FF03 04 Module 102T Spur Gear and Tamiya (53103) 0.4 Steel Pinion will fit in the XV-01 and they are both inexpensive so will probably start there even if I end up back with the stock spur and pinion. Hoping to avoid an ESC fan if possible.
  8. Postage still not ideal but ended up ordering the Eagle Racing part from here. Thanks @Juhunio
  9. These Square SGE-120 parts are also exactly right but shipping to the UK is many times the cost of the part. But might be useful for someone in the EU. As for me, still looking.
  10. Thank you @smirk-racing I just need to find somewhere that stocks the Eagle Racing part that will ship to the UK now.
  11. I have a spare Tamiya 10.5t motor (54611) that I would like to install in an XV-01. Tamiya's guideline for using this motor on a buggy is that the final gear ratio should lie somewhere between 8.9 and 11.7. I assume 8.9 would be suitable for a lightweight 2WD buggy and 11.7 suitable for heavier 4WD buggy. For the XV-01, somewhere in the middle would seem appropriate perhaps edging closer to 11 to keep the temperatures down. Regardless, I would like scope to adjust up and down to find a ratio that works for me. The XV-01 supports pinions from 21T (8.42) to 29T (6.10), ratios outside the recommended range for the Tamiya 10.5t motor with the standard 68T spur gear. So ideally I would like to replace the spur gear with a 102T variant such that the “middle” XV-01 pinion 25T gives a final ratio (10.6) close to the middle of the motor's recommended range. To this end, can I use this Tamiya (54227) FF03 04 Module 102T Spur Gear and this Tamiya (53103) 0.4 Steel Pinion in the XV-01? Perhaps using the Tamiya (54234) FF03 Aluminium Spur Gear Mount. And finally, is my reasoning sound?
  12. It seems to be recommended whilst building the XV-01 to replace the NN4 part in step 2 with an alloy version (to protect the BG1 gear). Does anyone have a suggestion where I might buy an alloy replacement? I have seen the SSD00151 part suggested but cannot find it or an equivalent in the UK. Are the dimensions of the stock NN4 part: OD 7.2mm, ID 4mm, thickness 1.5mm? If I fail to find one, how might continuing to use the stock NN4 part but with added M4 alloy shims on either side fare?
  13. https://www.tamiya.com/english/rc/manuals.htm edit: Ignore me, thought this was the XV-01 thread I was reading.
  14. I agree in principle, only it'll be more fun without having to flip it over at such frequent intervals. And a quick tyre swap is hardly bothersome, the problem is the little thing is too capable.
  15. It's the rally version I'm interested in.
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