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  1. I agree in principle, only it'll be more fun without having to flip it over at such frequent intervals. And a quick tyre swap is hardly bothersome, the problem is the little thing is too capable.
  2. It's the rally version I'm interested in.
  3. Does anyone know the part number of the XV-01 Pro TRF dampers? Are either of these correct, it doesn't seem to say anywhere. TRF Special Damper (42102) TRF Touring Car Aeration Damper (42254)
  4. I have an expendable little 4WD bashing buggy my children are using before moving on to some Tamiya models but it traction rolls all the time when turning at pace. Something I'd like to fix. My guess is that we have too much grip for hooning around on the street at full throttle. This is somewhat confirmed after running in the ice recently, it was a lot more fun. Given a lack of adjustability on the model I think my best option might be to change tyres to something less grippy; the current ones are very soft and grippy. What are my options for 2.2" tyres, for use on rough unprepared asphalt, for less grip and more power sliding. I was thinking of something like this on all four corners: Schumacher Mini Spikes (Blue) Would switching to thinner front wheels also help? Any other easy to implement ideas?
  5. For anyone coming late and looking for the answers to these questions: the ESC fits, but the motor does not (without modifications to the top deck).
  6. Thank you @Prospek, that is exactly what I've been looking for.
  7. I asked a similar question a while back but didn't find a definitive answer. My plan is to use the new TBLE-04SR (41.5mm x 33.4mm x 27mm with fan) rather than the TBLE-02S (42mmx34mmx25mm without fan) as the former should run the Tamiya Brushless Motor 10.5T (54611) without overheating whilst only consuming the same amount of space. There is plenty of evidence of the TBLE-02S fitting without modifying the driver figure so I expect the TBLE-04SR to do so too. That said, I don't have one yet and still don't know if the Tamiya 10.5T fits without modifying the top-deck. If anyone knows, or can check, I'd be really interested to find out.
  8. Does anyone know where I can get a high resolution copy of this image, or better yet a link to where I can buy a physical copy, so I can put it on my wall. Thanks.
  9. Can anyone help me with the identifcation of these tyres? I really like the look of them on this Avante. My hunch is that they are Tamiya square spike rear tyres (53084).
  10. I would like to use the following kit in a Tamiya Avante (2011): Tamiya Brushed/Brushless ESC TBLE-02 - Sensored (45057) Tamiya Cooling Fan Unit For TBLE-02S (45063) Tamiya Brushless Motor 10.5T (54611) I have concerns whether the ESC will fit behind the driver's head with the fan attached and don't think that the ESC will run the motor without one. I'm hoping someone has direct experience to help guide me or could do a measurement for me. I would prefer to run with as much Tamiya gear as possible.
  11. But only if the transmitter was modded to reverse left/right. Unfortunately, it no longer works so I can't test. It still seems unlikely though, in my case, that the transmitter was internally modded (and the left/right gymbal faceplate hasn't been rotated 180° as the trim adjust still sits below the stick) so I'm still scratching my head.
  12. The Blackfoot was built for me all that time ago so it is certainly possible. But doesn't that imply that the steering servo in a stock Blackfoot is backwards? I.e. The Blackfoot would be incompatible with a transmitter without servo reversing (as a software option, hardware switch or hardware modification). I can't find that mentioned anywhere in the Tamiya manual and it would seem an odd design decision for Tamiya (given a lot of the beginner transmitters of the era didn't easily support it). Do all servos rotate the same way on a "right" signal? Anti-clockwise when mounted spline side up as seemly required by the Blackfoot?
  13. In the process of returning my vintage Blackfoot to running order I have encountered a mystery. Back in the day my Blackfoot steering was set up as follows: Acoms AP227 Mk3 Techniplus transmitter. Acoms receiver (I don't have the model number to hand). Acoms IC AS-7 servo. The steering worked correctly. Fast forward to now. The Acoms transmitter is no longer in working order so has been replaced with a Core RC Code 2.4G FHSS 2 Stick 3Ch transmitter (CR151) and a Core RC Code 2.4GHz FHSS receiver (CR152). The Acoms servo remains. The Blackfoot was completely disassembled and reassembled according to the manual and the servo is in the same position/orientation. However, the steering is backwards (left is right and right is left). I have reserved the steering in the new transmitter but how did it ever work before? Was there a way it could have been reversed in the old set up? Or do old receivers simply work backwards? The Acoms AP227 does not have servo reversing (from what I can see). The one extra wrinkle was that the old Acoms servo leads did not fit into my new receiver so I made adapters like so. My understanding is that if I had got the cables mixed up then the servo would either fail to work or simply fail, not reverse itself. The throttle servo, via MSC, is working as intended. Any insight is much appreciated.
  14. I still haven't got round to replacing my motor yet as I need to restore the old hardbody shell first - something I have been putting off. I need to crack on with it this year.
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