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  1. Sanwa PGS-CLE - Blue, low-profile, waterproof, higher cost. SPT 4412LV - Blue, low-profile, el cheapo.
  2. "Superluminal cannot receive messages" -- Not sure if this is a setting somewhere?
  3. I think the Tamiya red/blue twin stars that is cut out by itself would be perfect. If you have PayPal I can zap you postage and message you my address. Thank you so much for taking the time.
  4. This was my approach to repair it, I just rushed it and made it worse. ☹️
  5. In finishing off my lovingly detailed Lunchbox I screwed the sunroof in with BB2 instead of BB1 and it started to come out the roof. Argh. Then my attempt to fix it made it worse. Anyway, does anyone in the UK have a 3cm Tamiya sticker or left over Lunchbox sticker about that size I could have to hide it. Happy to pay for a postage. I would be very grateful.
  6. Tamiyaclub really is an excellent community. Thanks for checking and the photos. As @skom25 said, photos of both sides were previously very hard to find.
  7. A picture of Tamiya 54234 installed can be seen on @Nicadraus's XV-01 here.
  8. Without JJ8 I would have thought the spur (and JJ11) could slide along the shaft towards the motor. I might be wrong though, I'd need to check.
  9. Tamiya 54234 doesn't require using part JJ8. It looks to me as though the TT-02 high speed gear set part, if it fits, would still require using JJ8 due to the pin slot rather than pin hole. I wonder if the XV-02 Yeah Racing spur gear holder might work?
  10. For completeness, the part above was bang on.
  11. How does a spool compare to a diff locker (e.g. Tamiya TT-02 Diff Lock Block 54649)? They appear to fulfil the same function but, seeing as both exist, it seems likely there is a subtle difference. My guess is that the spool is simpler, with fewer moving parts, so is more reliable, has less slop, and less rotating mass to accelerate.
  12. My entry into the build-off with parts from spares added in: Tamiya TT-02R (47326) - £88 at today's exchange rate (£106 with VAT) Full bearing set Front/rear CVA oil dampers Aluminium motor mount Aluminium propeller joint (54502) Aluminium propeller shaft (54501) Aluminium uprights (3-degree toe-in) High-speed gear set (54500) Tamiya Subaru Impreza WRX STi Team Arai body (see XV-01 58528) - £35 (spares) Silver can - £5 (spares) TBLE-02S ESC - £10 (spares) Wheels, foams and rally block tires - £15 (spares) SPT 4412LV servo - £13 Kimbrough servo saver - £5 (spares) Tamiya TT-02 chassis plate - £5 Tamiya PS-1 White - £5 Receiver and battery swapped in/out from other models. Total: £199 (£129 after spares) and with any luck actually only £111 spent. Seems pretty good value for a lot of brand new kit and a resulting new car (and I am very pleased to be putting spare kit to a good use).
  13. This video contained some useful comparisons and information.
  14. So have taken a punt on this part from ebay and will report back if it arrives. With any luck it will be suitable.
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