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  1. @WillyChang Thanks for the info. What would be the benefits an rs540 armature in a mod can vs my current motor. Would it be faster and or maintain lower temperatures? Again, thanks for all the good info.
  2. I really appreciate all the help guys. I failed to mention that I did replace the the old / original brushes fairly recently and they have minimal wear. Although, this motor is technically non-rebuildable I was able to remove the end bell and clean the commutator with some deoxit and a rag. The comm came out very clean. However, there is some arcing at the commutator but I don't know how much is too much. My guess is either this motor was only designed to run in the 5-10 min range or the brushes and commutator need attention.
  3. @max69vk The attached picture is from a 1987 Trinity catalog. Furthermore, I purchased the motor with that sticker brand new and until recently, the sticker was properly affixed and in good condition. I've also come across other Trinity / Kyosho motors on the internet, that while similar to mine, not exactly the same. Thank you for your reply.
  4. TLDR; Identify this motor, pics included. Getting hot after 5-10 of hard driving, normal? I've been having trouble identifying this vintage Trinity motor. According to the limited amount of information I've found so far, it's from the mid 1980's, it has a one piece silver can with four mounting holes, a non-removable plastic end bell with the words Kyosho and Japan stamped into it. The sticker on the can is hardly legible but it's a clear sticker with black text that originally said trinity powered. The motor is is non-rebuildable but has replaceable brushes. If possible, I'd like find out the motor specs. I don't remember exactly when I purchased this motor but I'm sure it was in the mid to late 80's to replace the original silver can in my hotshot, which it is currently still in. The fact that it has a fixed end bell leads me to suspect that its a stock 27t motor Idk though. For the age of the motor and the car, it seems to have plenty of punch. I'm actually quite surprised it runs so well. The top end doesn't seem to match the torque but seems plenty fast for a mid 80's hotshot. Of course, I don't have a lot to compare it to. Additionally, after about 5-10 of hard driving on grass and concrete it gets really hot. Hot enough that I can't keep my finger on it for more than 3-5 seconds. I'm running a 13t pinion, a 5000mah nimh battery with a castle sct esc and nothing in the drive train seems to be binding. Are these temperatures normal for this motor? I understand some motors were designed to only run for 5 or so minutes, the average length of a race? Are today's nimh battery just too much for these vintage motors, both in run time and power? Thanks for reading and any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Will the newer axles / outdrives fit without any other modifications?
  6. I haven't seen any documentation stating that the thundershot shafts will fit. They're under $10 on ebay so I might just order a pair and cross my fingers. I'll continue to look for the originals but it'd be nice if the thundershot one's do fit. Thanks for the info
  7. As much as I'd like the original rear drive shafts, I'd definitely settle for the compatible boomerang ones. However, those don't seem to be available either. The "short" drive shafts are the only ones I've been able to find. I'm not necessarily in a rush to complete it and I would like to do right. So, I'll try to remain patient. Thanks for the replies, they are much appreciated.
  8. I'll get some pics up ASAP but she's not much to look at. I'm in Folsom CA. Just outside of Sacramento.
  9. Thanks again for the response. I'm not opposed to changing the drive cups, providing its not too difficult. I would only need them for the rear but... I can't find the re re cups either. I found the original cups online but I can't seem to find the re re ones. The hunt continues.
  10. Thanks but the re-release drive shafts won't fit the original. I believe the circular parts at the ends at too big. I think some people have grinded the re-release drive shafts to fit the original but I'd like to avoid that if possible.
  11. I was visiting my parents during the holidays and decided to dig up my old Hotshot from their attic. To say it's in rough condition would be an understatement. Nonetheless, I have decided to restore it. So far, I've found and ordered all the broken and missing parts, except for the rear drive shafts. I've scoured ebay and found plenty of the front (short) drive shafts but I don't need those ones, of course. Hopefully, someone in this forum can point me in the right direction. I'm also looking for a battery cover for the Airtronics VT 2P gun style radio. However, this is a lot less of a priority to me. Thanks for any and all help.
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