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  1. I will look out for the factory finished shell also
  2. I am in Sheffield. The cars are going on the shelf so I need them not perfect but something like i have managed to get a frog re re shell and wing so would happly swap or pay you to paint it, the falcon shell is a aftermarket and needs cutting out and painting I can do the decals The sand scorcher had taken for ever to get to bits drilling out grub screws and re tapping, polishing seems never ending, going to have to get some re re plastic parts and shell it was completely shot a very bad eBay purchase but it's been fun just need to re build it This RC thing starting to be come a real obsession the wife's not impressed and spotted the RC10 arrive the other day. My boys getting *******ed off I keep telling him we can run the next one but after a lot of work and expense it never happens.
  3. As per the post 'preferably from the UK'
  4. Is there anyone in the forum who for financial reward be interested in painting some body shells in box art colours preferably from the uk frog falcon sand scorcher I have wrecked 2 shells already it's just not my thing. Michael
  5. Thanks for the tip but I want to make it as original as possible I remember throwing the old mechanical speed controller because at the time I had this electronic wonder it looks like a radio shack project
  6. Firstly high to the forum. Well Xmas brought my 9 year old a Grasshopper and sent me running for the ladders to get out my old rc cars, a Hornet, Bigwig that i converted to a Boomerang including a Beaties Bag and a trophy from Rotherham/Brinsworth buggy club, the xmas holidays has seen a complete strip down and rebuild of both but sadly i am missing a couple of parts to put the Bigwig back to its original state so if anyone has the following it would be great :- B9 undercarriage A12 speed controller mount BT5 Boot Stopper x 2 Sub Chassis A small list to say its been up there for years Ill post some pics when I have them finished Michael PS How am i going to explain to the wife about the Wildwilly Racing buggy (Ouch expensive) Wild One and i really should order a hotshot i spent hours on a saturday looking at them. That just appeared in the man cave, come to think about it I’ve had the bigwig longer than the wife.
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