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  1. Im in the UK, is this a good option please... http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/muc-off-dry-lube-120ml/rp-prod122762?gs=1&gclid=Cj0KEQiAhs3DBRDmu-rVkuif0N8BEiQAWuUJr7bKzTTas-AdzeNsVrR0z7pm8fuHhyaSthllK8fGN7UaAqpK8P8HAQ&gclsrc=aw.ds and if so, are you guys saying that this type of lube would be good for the gear diffs please? so everything that goes inside the chassis including the cogs on the gearbox joints? i currently have the stock Tamiya grease on all of these but so far have not got much further in the build. so i might not use any more of the tamiya grease on stuff like the uprights and arms. i did add a little actually to the screw that turns to allow the upper arm to move. is that cool or should i rub that off please?
  2. Thanks Nobbi! That's great to hear as its basically what I have done so far. yeah I swapped all plastic bearings for metal ones and as mentioned I also swapped to a steel pinion. I'll keep going as is though. So you think don't bother with grease in places like the arms and suspension?
  3. Hey guys just starting my first build, a Toyota Land Cruiser 40 pickup, 4x4 the 3g grease that comes with the kit, really doesn't seem like sit enough to grease everything it says needs greasing in the manual. So I didn't apply much grease to the inside of the spur diff and all the counter gears and shafts inside the chassis. To try and make sure I don't run out for the stuff that needs greasing later in the build. I basically used a brush to thinly spread it on. So it just shone rather that having a visible thick grease layer. my question is, have I made a mistake? Should I go back and add more inside the spur diff and on the outside off all the cogs? and what about on the front arms, the cogs that go inside the chassis? i bought a steel pinion so thought I didn't need loads on that. does everyone find Tamiya don't supply enough for a full build? if I need more, any advise on what to buy for the gears please? Thanks Matt
  4. Thanks thats really helpful! I'll crack straight on with the gears and motor as soon as my bearings arrive. I went for a mix of metal bearings for most of the kit but 8 rubber surrounded ones for the wheels. Although i was tempted to use the plastic bearings for the wheels as they wouldn't rust. These are the parts i was thinking of also upgrading but i didn't think the aluminium would be weaker is certain ways compared to the plastic, so maybe i'll just avoid the upgrades for now. Heres the things i was thinking of adding, that i though would help with performance and also strength, any advise on each of them would be much appreciated please... I thought to try and help make the suspension stronger... http://www.rcmart.com/aluminum-longspan-suspension-arms-knuckles-performance-upgrade-tami-p-62088.html?cPath=1102_1106 and http://www.gpmracing-parts.com/tamiya-gf01-aluminium-front-camber-1pr-set-for-tl01-gpm-gf054-p-90069555.html and http://www.rcmart.com/active-hobby-str254r-aluminum-adjustable-upper-front-pill-p-62292.html?cPath=595_744_1656 To help protect the motor... http://www.rcmart.com/active-hobby-str265r-aluminum-motor-guard-black-tamiya-wr02-p-62295.html?cPath=1102_1912 to have a stronger (cooler looking) while bar... http://www.rcmart.com/aluminum-shock-absorb-wheelie-gear-damper-tamiya-wr02-p-62832.html?cPath=595_744_1656 and then i cannot decide on which would be best out of these... (although i can only find 60mm, is that ok please?) http://www.rcmart.com/series-60mm-dsg0060-p-37665.html?cPath=389_390 (read these might leak a bit though) http://www.rcmart.com/adp060orsbebk-aluminium-drontrear-damper-with-plastic-ball-p-62753.html?cPath=1102_1106 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281009186047 and is it worth getting stuff like these?or am i just over doing it? http://www.rcmart.com/active-hobby-str359b-wide-wheel-axle-blue-p-67756.html?cPath=595_744_1656 http://www.rcmart.com/yeah-racing-38mm-universal-steel-swing-shaft-tamiya-tl01-wr02-gf01-ff02-ta01-ta02w-tl015bk-p-27978.html?cPath=595_744_707 Would love you to show me links to the hub carriers , Aluminium servo mounts and aluminium steering arm too please. Not sure i have seen them. i was also thinking of adding these as a spare pair as i saw another build where they looked really cool and apparently they handle well... https://www.modelsport.co.uk/index.php?product_id=376130 is this the servo mount, i did look at this but wasn't 100% sure what it did. http://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-54644-gf01-aluminum-servo-lower-guard-p-62218.html?cPath=595_744_1656 thanks! Matt
  5. Hi guys, I have just bought a TAMIYA R/C LAND CRUISER 40 PICK UP GF-01 for Xmas and i'm getting a few things sorted before starting the build. I have ordered some metal bearings and a steel pinion. What i cannot seem to find is, a metal set of gears cogs / differentials. Do you know if anyone makes a set or if not, are the black plastic ones that come with the set, the reinforced kind? I'm also looking at the Yeah Racing suspension kits. has anyone tried these or got any thoughts on quality of Yeah racing aluminium spares? Thanks Matt
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