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  1. Unfortunately PayPal is not (yet) a common and broadly accepted payment method in The Netherlands. I hope you will find one soon in the UK. ...btw the other Sonic Fighter you found on Marktplaats.nl (with the NIB body shell) is now @ 115 euro ;-) and i have to admit, the more I look at these Jet type models the more i like the LOL
  2. I do not have real clue on actual speed with current setup. Would also expect 30-ish in mph. My Traxxas 2wd VXL is still faster but the Tamiya is more challenging to control ;-) which is fun... Planning to fit a Carson 4wd wheel set that I recently purchased tab tamico (white dish). But I am currently awaiting front hex adapters to be able fit the hex front rims. These are 2.2 inch, bigger than standard setup, and will reach higher top speeds. What app to use on an iPhone to measure top speed? Have seen some video footage in the top speed topic with iPhone measurement but would like to know which app to install.
  3. I really like the Racing Fighter. Greet value for money especially at Tamico. If you break part one could just buy a new one for 60 euros and sell some parts (esc for example)... Just put an Ezrun 9T 4300KV with 60A ESC combo in my Racing Fighter, with a 19T pinion. Runs fantastic even with the Punch Setting on value 2 (of 9 in total). Motor eats tires though. ;-)
  4. Seller is willing to ship to the U.K. but needs your help in finding a cost efficient way for shipping (Dutch Post, DHL, GLS etc) I will PM you his email address and step out from here. But pls keep us updated on the developments ;-)
  5. SF is still available. Message from seller: "Hij heeft geen beschadigingen, alleen aan de onderzijde wat lichte gebruikssporen verder in een nette gebruikte staat. Sommige stickers laten op de hoekjes wat los" Quick translation: no damage, only some minor marks on bottom. Overall in a good/nice used condition. Some decals are starting to get a bit loose at corners. I have asked seller if he is willing to ship to U.K. if you pay him upfront. Will let you know. Probably you have to do a LHD to RHD conversion... ;-)
  6. Update: Just heard back from one seller; 2nd car is stil available and seller tells that with the NIB body and decals the car can be rebuild "as new". Seller will try to add more pictures in the ad. On my iPhone, I see a picture. Windows of not.
  7. It was the first one, 60 euros. The seller wrote following remarks: Nette staat, geen scheuren of gebroken delen. Weinig meegespeeld = Nice condition, no cracks or broken parts. Did not play a lot with the car. Wrt the 2nd link you posted, I doubt the car is still availabe, it was posted almost 2 months ago and no pictures. Remark of the seller: "Wie geeft deze mooie oude Tamiya Sonic Fighter een nieuw leven? Met NIB bodyset" = Who will give this nice old T SF a new life? With NIB body (set) I will check availability and what NIB Bodyset means. The fact the seller is mentioning NIB tells me he is probably more into Vintage RC than the seller of the first SF. Same goes for pricing prob.
  8. Hi Jason, I am living in the Netherlands and recently spotted a SF on our Dutch version of EBay called Marktplaats ("Marketplace"). I did not buy this buggy since I am not such a SF fanboy myself. Although it does not fit your criteria since it is a car with electronics and outside UK, I can share an url. Is it allowed to post a direct link in this topic? Can help you with translations if needed. note: I am not affiliated to the seller.
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