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  1. Simply wow. Best build photos on the planet. Amazing kit also. 🤩
  2. Simply beautiful. Best build photos, love the merging and ‘immersive interactivity’ of scale, so creative. Chapeau, Sir. 👍
  3. @OldSchoolRC1 tbh I don’t remember, but it looks like you might well be! I remember I didn’t see it via Tamiya Club. Nice work there 👍
  4. @Busdriver wow! Very nice, love the elf, Honda and camel logos, and that nose piece. Very f1. @Apexape I have PMed you on the shock tower pieces. Let me know if you got it? Cleared my inbox a bit so messages can come through.
  5. Lol thanks @Apexape yes please send me a message, no problems, you too @Mh1986. Would love to see other takes on this build, it was definitely great fun putting it all together. 👍
  6. Great number of replies, views and experiences there, certainly provides wide range of perspective. Lots to consider! Thanks guys When my son was about 3-4, we would look at one of my buggies, and he’d get very focused on the different parts of the car and how they worked. , The ‘story’ was important: the battery puts power into the motor, which goes into the gearbox, which goes into the axle, which makes the wheels turn, sort of thing. He likely didn’t properly understand it, I think, but the concept , or the relationships of parts, he liked. He also liked things like suspension/shocks, and the way the wheels steer and turn; things that moved or are tangible. I suspect if we tried a project together he’d get a bit frustrated, but because he amazes me frequently with the way he can get so obsessed with certain slightly ‘random’ or unexpected things with a big level of detail and sustained interest (current obsession: the sinking of the Titanic, three months in and no abate, he writes ‘books’ on it…!), I am curious and/or hopeful it could blossom in the sphere of RC. Not so much all for the fun of driving, but primarily because I think the design of an rc car can can teach so much about how things work, therefore I think the educational aspect is of great value. I might give it a go and see what happens. Perhaps not build it up on a ‘birthday present to him’ route, but a ‘help daddy make one of his racing cars’ team-approach type affairs.
  7. Hi all, my son just turned five. I have been looking forward to building some kits with him since he was born basically! To any of you TCers that are mums or dads: how old have you started your kids on kits? I don’t want to be pushy or try something overly complex, but he’s very good at building things and interested in machine, planes, ships, etc. I was thinking something simple and classic like a Hornet or Grasshopper. I suspect he may not have the patience, and I don’t want to put him off for when he’s older. (I know, I’m possibly overthinking this somewhat…!) Any advice and / or anecdotes would be welcome! Cheers ps: partially relevant subtext: it’ll give me time to finally get involved with RCing again…!
  8. Absolutely awesome second photo 👍
  9. Awesome build @Juhunio, really impressive. Amazing colour scheme and livery, works really well on the Boomerang. Love the wheels also. Question: What is the wheel diameter you used on this? Is this 1.9inch or 2.2inch? Cheers
  10. Hi @GeeWings not sure if you’re directing that question to me or not, but on my hotshot the shock product references are: GM22307 75mm GM22107 93mm There’s a pic on page 1 if that helps! I think the rears were great, the fronts could’ve been a smidge longer travel.
  11. Hello mate, unfortunately not, looked too difficult to find a product that would be appropriate and last. So didn’t do it in the end! Still need to build that kit also!! It’s, um…. In the ‘queue’…!
  12. My 2p: You won’t like the cost but the tamiya DF03 aluminium shock set is very, very decent. GMade do a nice range of aluminium diaphragm shocks, but again cost is significant if I recall, though I think you can get the lengths you require. Tamiya do good plastic CVA sets and I think you can generate increased length over the stock kit shock with using the taller mounts and by using the inner mounting hole on the lower arms. Although best check the max length the CVA sets will provide you. have you maxed out the stock shock lengths anyway? Yes there are lots of cheapy shocks on eBay but as you say they’re sometimes questionable in terms of quality and smoothness Big bore shocks might be overkill for TT02B but I’d defer to others on this. There are many folks on the forum with more in depth advice than I’ve provided, particularly in addressing the oils and weights, but this is my experience.
  13. I learned a lot from you and this build, I got into it a little later than you and this was inspirational and educational!
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