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  1. not a noob question at all! It’s likely that the car chassis rolls into the turn, and lifts the inside wheel, depending on if you're still accelerating or not. If the chassis is rolled slightly, the inside wheels will go ‘light’, as it’s not loaded up with the weight of the car. If it’s still slightly in contact over the terrain it can then ‘bounce’ if it’s momentarily deflected as it travels over the ground. If there was weight over the wheel it’d be pushed into the ground more and the shock would hold the wheel down whilst absorbing the impacts of the terrain.
  2. A few years ago bought a hotshot because I realised Tamiya was still a thing, after 25 years of assuming it was just a ‘fad’ from my childhood in the 80s/early 90s. Thought it’d be a novelty to own one. Now I have 40 kits, 18 of which are built, and a mountain of parts and hop ups. I failed to keep the T-number below 1.
  3. Very nicely. Ran it on smoothish sandy gravel mostly. Nice balance need to play with the shocks a bit to see if stiffening it helps a little.
  4. Here’s my quite modified DT03 racing fighter. amongst other additions, this sports dt03 shocks, carbon damper mounts, egress wheels and tyres, and a flagrant disregard for the body cut lines. Feels much more old school than the racing fighter but still basically identical to the original kit
  5. The stripes on the Racing Fighter make it go slightly faster
  6. Dodgy soldering skills but this is how I do it for that esc / motor combo. You can tune the wire lengths if you so wish to minimise the amount of 'loose' cabling.
  7. Wonderful build and thread, Sir! thanks for sharing.
  8. Personally, I shim pretty much everything to get a nice, tight, pure mechanical action. I hate it when things are wobbling all over the shop. I’ll do it maybe less so on a Hornet type or that end of town, but I have shimmed some fairly old school cars for various reasons in certain places. (Sometimes this might be due to a mod that is being applied) But mainly, yes, I shim for mechanical tightness. Steering, shocks, arms, etc. As long as all the components move freely, all is good. Haven’t had any issues with this approach so far, but I don’t get to run that often either. It might also be that I have a veerry slight OCD syndrome going on!
  9. Wow.... a 7 yr old with a D413? Am I reading this correctly? That’s impressive. Jonathon I love the fact you have your son into this hobby. I have a 2.5 yr who can tell me all the main bits on an RC car. Some of it in his own language. Battery: check. ‘Power box’ (Esc). ‘Engine’ (motor). Gearbox: check. Axle: check. Wheel: check. Tyre: check. Front bumper: check. Back bumper: check. A bit undecided on ‘shock’, so far. He can do the same on a 1:1 car (‘daddy-car’) He tries to help me ‘fix’ the car with a ‘blue’ screwdriver (tamiya craft kit, obvs) and generally likes seeing all the bits. I’m sure in due time , hopefully not too far off, I’ll be able to build kits with him. (He’ll be able to help me clear my backlog of unbuilt kits...!) Something tells me he may really like cars and planes in the future. What I like about RC is that I firmly believe it helps develop the mind in many, many ways for ‘real world’ application and skills. (This point could probably have a book written on it). In Answer to your post: I was about 9 building a Hornet with my Dad. Was fairly simple if I recall from what my dad said. Loved it, but didn’t know any other cars. I felt like it was alive; it was so fast, given I only had normal toys up to this point. This was a rabid beast of a machine by comparison. One of my most vivid memories growing up.
  10. Looks great @rwordenjr , good job and glad it turned out well.
  11. In terms of the rears, it could be that the motor and pinion isn’t set in the correct position and is skipping teeth when it turns. When you install the motor there are instructions showing some short metal shims (part BA16) which position the motor based on the pinion size you have installed. Might be worth double checking that the pinion is in the correct position relative to the gear it’s connected to, to ensure its meshing properly. Just to be clear, did you try turning both front wheels together at the same time, in the same direction? This should turn the shaft assuming there is nothing jamming in the rear to prevent it turning. From memory I think the shaft is supposed to be at a slight angle
  12. So I just tried a test fit prior to cleaning the wheels and tyres. Lovely... much, much better. These wheels feel much more composed and correct, it’s amazing how such a small difference can have such an impact on the composition, character and stance of a car. I was waiting to be able to purchase a spray painting mask to be able to paint and finish the body, but with the good weather I might try to paint it outdoors (assuming I can find a window in childcare duties....!) I fitted the rears with a standard plastic hub, but the axle from the Brat donor car is too long. Currently I’ve used a small bearing as a spacer but this is not a proper solution, so I will have to do a bit more research here to fix this. You might just see the ‘spacer’ in the third photo of you zoom in. But wow! Lancia wheels on my recreation build. Feeling quite happy about this build
  13. Well this has turned out better than I could have ever hoped for. I now have an original set of Lancia front wheels to complete the wheel set, thanks to the truly magnificent @Britaff. Thanks mate, you are very kind and a truly appreciated gesture. I have some Revell paint remover on the way, in case the de-solvit spray I have doesn’t do the trick (I suspect I bought the wrong type of de-solvit) The plastic wheels have the same type of paint applied to them as the tears as far as I can tell. The wheels will generally need a little sanding to soften out the rims a bit. The rubber on the front wheels is in excellent condition. Will need to clean the rear wheels to match. Will try to get these fitted over the weekend and do some comparison pics of the Honda city wheels vs these. These are much more bulky looking even if the diameter is only slightly bigger. Ah, the things that make a grown man happy ...
  14. I also think black wheels would work well with that colour scheme. Will make the body pop out more I think.
  15. @Britaff sorry for late response and many thanks for offer, top man! Will PM you. Those Front wheels look like the long lost brothers of my rear wheels. Thank you Tamiya Brother! @jeninjohnk they turned out beautifully! @junkmunki my desolvit arrived this morning, many thanks for the tip. @KEV THE REV was gonna ask about 3D printing these things are that rare...
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