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  1. Absolutely awesome second photo 👍
  2. Awesome build @Juhunio, really impressive. Amazing colour scheme and livery, works really well on the Boomerang. Love the wheels also. Question: What is the wheel diameter you used on this? Is this 1.9inch or 2.2inch? Cheers
  3. Hi @GeeWings not sure if you’re directing that question to me or not, but on my hotshot the shock product references are: GM22307 75mm GM22107 93mm There’s a pic on page 1 if that helps! I think the rears were great, the fronts could’ve been a smidge longer travel.
  4. Hello mate, unfortunately not, looked too difficult to find a product that would be appropriate and last. So didn’t do it in the end! Still need to build that kit also!! It’s, um…. In the ‘queue’…!
  5. My 2p: You won’t like the cost but the tamiya DF03 aluminium shock set is very, very decent. GMade do a nice range of aluminium diaphragm shocks, but again cost is significant if I recall, though I think you can get the lengths you require. Tamiya do good plastic CVA sets and I think you can generate increased length over the stock kit shock with using the taller mounts and by using the inner mounting hole on the lower arms. Although best check the max length the CVA sets will provide you. have you maxed out the stock shock lengths anyway? Yes there are lots of cheapy shocks on eBay but as you say they’re sometimes questionable in terms of quality and smoothness Big bore shocks might be overkill for TT02B but I’d defer to others on this. There are many folks on the forum with more in depth advice than I’ve provided, particularly in addressing the oils and weights, but this is my experience.
  6. I learned a lot from you and this build, I got into it a little later than you and this was inspirational and educational!
  7. Hello mate, details on my thread but here is the specific answer: Wheel: Tamiya 58589 Toyota Land Cruiser 40 P/Up/GF01, 9333120/19333120 Wheel Bag (sourced from Tony's Tamiya Parts) Tyre: Tamiya V-Tread Block Tires (75/47) 2Pcs For NDF01 GF01 #53854 (sourced from RC Mart) think I used the standard axles from memory. Hope this helps!
  8. Hi, @LoweR131 now that you mention it I’d seen it ages ago but could never figure out how it worked. @Nicadraus yes I am building this hornet with front shocks and various other bits and pieces. Should all go into a build thread whenever I can get time to spend on the hobby....!
  9. Hi all, have been super quiet on the RC front for the last year or so but have been tinkering away on a Hornet third shock modification. This is to stop the ‘kick up’ under acceleration where the front end of the rear gearbox kicks up. I created a couple of carbon plates to allow for the fixings of the third shock (1/12 scale if I recall) to sit in between the rear dampers, between the front of the gearbox and back wall of the chassis tub. Mechanically this feels like it works quite well. But I haven’t tried it in action yet. This version of the design is my second attempt, the first not restraining the shock properly in all directions whilst allow free movement of the gearbox left/right and front/back. The plates were cut at Fibrelyte in 3mm carbon. one vertical that you can see in the pics to hold the top of the shock, and one flat on the front of the gearbox base to take the bottom of the shock. Ghetto use of a Hornet front suspension aluminium bracket here Anyway, this is a quick post as I don’t know when I’ll get to complete this car, but will document this in more detail in the Builds section as and when. Thought you might like to see some pics of the ‘experiment’....
  10. @BeetlaJuice I tried something similar-ish a while back: I found the tamiya monster beetle shell a bit too tight to fit. I used a kamtec Baja bug shell. Was v good fun having a go at this
  11. When running stock shock lengths on the WT-01 platform (Wild Dagger, Twin Detonator, etc), what’s a good upgrade if using the stock shock lengths? Or is it a given just to go to lengthened shocks with the bigger shock plate? How does stock handle vs lengthened? Have never run a stock shock length WT01 Thanks all, and Happy New Year to all
  12. To the best forum on the internet: happy Christmas to you all, and have a great break. It’s been a tough year, but from reading all your posts and words on this forum you have shown strength and hope and inspiration, and that we’ll get through this. So have a great time and my thoughts are with you all, even if I’ve never met you! Happy Christmas
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