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  1. Thanks @Percymon. Both motor seems to spin up the same out of the car. I did notice one of the wheel hex hubs has worn, so is not powering the front right wheel. I will also look at page 32, so thank you @frameskip. I'll check the pinion when I take it apart for a clean out. I noticed a rogue screw in the from wishbone so I want to get that changed. Other than that it is pretty good.
  2. Hi all, I picked up a nice condition Avante 2001 runner. I took it out for a small test run last night and boy is it slow! I thought it might be the original Sports Tuned motor so I popped a new one in. Could the futaba electrics be the problem or is it the pinion. It is islower than my stock Hopper, thats how slow it is...... Could it also be the grease in the gearboxes? It looks quite thick. Cheers
  3. Shapeways Europe are based in the Netherlands. It takes about a week for orders to reach you. Sometimes longer.
  4. They were super fast on this order. I even chose the slowest/cheapest method! My closest shapeways is Amsterdam
  5. I bought the MIP diff for my frog but I am still rebuilding it. It is a well made piece of kit though. I own a HS2 and a SHS and will get a HS one day. This diff will be in big demand. Count me in
  6. I bet it was!! Thank you for making it. I'm looking forward to no more dragging batteries
  7. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS wahooo - thank you. I think every Hopper owner will also thank you for this
  8. Awesome thanks mate. I can get another xpart from ebay. Do you know what length shafts i need to look for? Thanks as always 😃
  9. Hi mate, no I need the lot to make 2 shocks please. I do have a pack of oil seals left over. So x & y parts (i think) and then shafts/c clips etc. Probably easier to go with a complete set. Do you have all this in aladins cave ? I've found a set for the Wildwilly 2 on ebay but I'm not sure of the size of those.
  10. Hi there, I am after a pair of rear Beetle CVA shocks to put on my Frog (hopefully they are a direct fit?) 80mm long please. Happy with an all white pair so I can dye them. Cheers
  11. Looks much better than mine which is a rere and looks 30 years old. Yours is pretty good for the age.
  12. Me 3 I do have ampro/shapeways parts as well
  13. Hi Garyrc01, I thought so - thank you. My HS2 looks like it has never been outside. It is spotless. I did have a few parts missing though, like the battery door, shell/wing & wing mount along with the other parts I have mentioned above. The battery door is particularly rare (I managed to find 2!), but most people who run these use the triangle shaped door from a HS and you can also get the SS/SHS under guard to fit. Nothing that bad restore wise-drive shafts were quite thin (one of mine was bent - causing wheel wobble) so can bend easily and some wheel hubs may split because plastic is brittle (I had 1 that was gone - replaced with vintage) so all quite easy really. I also had to source a repro shell and decals (insane prices for originals if you can find them). It's a cracking car, better driver than the HS but just not as good looking or nostalgic for some collectors. I also have a Super Hot Shot I am building (parts car like you) and they are pretty easy to build. Just take a good look at the gearboxes if yours was a runner. You can still get these parts on ebay or from sellers here at TC.
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