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  1. If you git gud running cars with 1 hand you can race yourself too. Sorry i had to.
  2. I thought i saw a thread on here not too long ago where someone was trying to get rid of some tble02s escs. While not the best esc around theyre what im used to and work for what im trying to do. Unfortunately they're like $30 each on ebay. Does anyone in the US have a couple of these in good shape they want to be rid of for a few bucks?
  3. Hey guys, been awhile since i've posted here as time has been on short supply and high demand since I became a father last September (yay me!) I've been brainstorming ideas to get my 80's Blackfoot up to snuff again to start running it. I bought it as a roller a couple years ago and replaced the front suspension, added rere oil shocks, rebuild rear end, custom side plates. Currently its running a Stampede body which actually fits pretty well and a 12t brushed motor. Heres my ideas so far.. Repaint Stampede body flat black and add some basic red and white decals shooting for Blackfoot style. Change the motor out for a 3600kv brushless setup sensored on a tble02s. High torque metal geared steering servo and replace the small ball studs with larger modern pieces to clean up the steering. Cw01 tires (lunchbox) on Blackfoot wheels. Im wondering about making brackets for upright rear shocks. Does this even make sense to do? I'd love to replace the whole rear with a super/king rear but I havent seen any reasonably priced donors around.. Any big Blackfoot runner mods im missing here? Anyone have a spare tble02s for sale?
  4. I don't have a problem with that Terry but be warned, these are a rough bit of work. They don't look beautiful but they seem to function just fine.
  5. Is anyone interested in a vintage Blackfoot, torn down and rebuilt with a full bearing set, steel plates made for the gear box, original tires, many parts swapped out with new rere stuff including cvas and oil shocks? Will include a Stampede body that fits it fine and the original parts that have been replaced. Also a dt03 racing fighter that the front of the chassis snapped in half. I'm willing to split the front and rear end up, body, etc. Or sell the whole car. It's boxart body, wheels, tires included. Also a set (4) of hex wheels that fit the dt03 well enough. 2 sets (8) of blockish tires for them. And a set (4) of hpi mud thrasher tires. Barely used. Good tires just too big for anything I use. If anyone's interested in any of this stuff pm me and we can work out the details. Us only please, buyer to pay shipping.
  6. It looks great. A couple questions. What kind of paint is that and how long was it on there before you removed it? It seems that Tamiya PS paints for lexan bodies are pretty easy to remove before they're cured but after they are cured its worth your life to get it off. Evidently the only thing that works after it's cured is Tamiya paint remover and a lot of elbow grease.
  7. My 2 brothers.. one of them uses spray on bedliner for truck beds to reinforce his shells. He paints it on after his paint job is done and it seems to work pretty well. The other one uses a combination of fiberglass mesh tape and Shoe Goo to rebuild entire sections of lexan shell that have been ripped out. The latter isnt the most lovely looking thing ever but it is extremely durable. He doesn't worry about ripping body pins through the shell once he's done it he rebuilds it with Shoe Goo and it's good to go. I have a feeling that with some patience he could probably build an entire shell out of that stuff. 😂
  8. I don't think there's much demand for Tamiya stuff around here. Most of the (few enough at that) guys I've seen around run modern stuff. LHS is full of ECX, Traxxas, Losi and I once asked if they had any hopups for a Lunchbox and he had never heard of that before. I've considered getting rid of my vintage Blackfoot but by the time I get $50 for it I might as well keep it. It's a decent runner but doesn't have the original shell and is missing some other parts. I recently broke my dt03 chassis in half and was going to list the full front and rear ends for sale on here as well but I'm not even sure anyone would want them.. I guess it's silly to think I find more value in a car I don't run and or don't even like simply because I can't get hardly a peanut for it if I sold it. 😐
  9. I really only run on loose dirt and sand so once you reach a certain level of power (not very much I might add) traction becomes a huge issue. So 4wd is a must for me. I love my Lunchbox but controlling it in those conditions is like trying to pick a lock with a wet spaghetti noodle. Same goes for my dt03 before I snapped the entire front end off (not hard to do, by the way!) The tt02b chassis can be made into a fun 4wd SCT/Stadium/monster truck, of you're willing to rework both gearboxes, build custom shock mounts, modify suspension arms.. Tamiya has some fun and interesting designs but the warts come out immediately when you set them next to a modern car.
  10. With a 2400kv brushless motor and the tble02s esc you'll be neck and neck with a sport tuned motor except your esc will run cooler and your batteries will last much longer. I was getting over an hour runtime on a 3000mah nimh. Then when that gets old and you want to really go fast you can swap out the stock pinion for a Hornet pinion. This will put your top speed around 28mph and you'll still have pretty good runtimes. (45mins on a 3000mah)
  11. I'd love to see a real Tamiya 4wd short course truck. Also a proper 4wd monster truck in production again.
  12. For a Lunchbox with a sport tuned motor you don't need any of that stuff. Get a couple of rubber bands that are as wide as the bead and smaller than the diameter of the wheel and put them in the tire beads then mount the tires. I have run my Lunchbox on 2400kv brushless, 18 tooth pinion and 2s lipo with this setup (~30mph setup) and there is no slippage. I also use this on my basher HPI Wheely King 4x4 with a 4300kv brushless and again no slippage.
  13. Yes I've seen it as well. My problem is finding a set of SCT wheels that will accept a bearing for the front. I guess a set from a 2wd Slash would fit.. Then I also already have a brand new set of 12mm hex SCT wheels and tires that I picked up off eBay for $12 shipped. Can't beat that.
  14. Actually the Stadium Blitzer lid doesn't look bad on there. It might be pretty cool with SCT tires instead of monster tires too. Have you guys had any trouble with running hex adapters up front and breaking uprights? I broke one my first time out with the hex adapters and haven't been excited about trying them again. This was with slightly larger than stock street tires, much smaller than SCT or the monster tires I see you guys running.
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