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  1. Wait, did you say flat earth? That’s been getting a lot of traction lately from what I’ve seen. Did you mention specific people? You didn’t upset Dubay did you?! I hear he’s the worst.
  2. Looks good! All of yours do! Having the chassis open to everything coming off the tires is what has kept me from getting a sct. My OCD would force me to come up with some guards inside the body. Or a cover as you said. The shortcut for my internet dumps me right at this truck when I go to HK's website! Still tempted to buy it.
  3. This describes me exactly also... Too many projects at the moment. I keep telling myself that was the last kit I am buying until they are all built... then I buy another. Planning the builds and then executing them is a very gratifying aspect for me. Then I see a build someone else does (usually you @ALEXKYRIAK
  4. I also thought of getting another body and wheels so I can match the white shocks. Keep the special green stuff nice because they won’t be making them forever.
  5. After seeing this pic on FB, I pretty well decided I didn’t want white shocks. Is this somebody’s on this site? I’ve put together a couple users on here with their FB identities.
  6. Are your shocks CVA’s? Is there even a deference between the material used in the different shocks? I had pretty much written off dyeing Tamiya parts, due to most of their parts not taking too it.
  7. Well... this gives me an idea for the white shocks to my DT03. I have the green metallic version, but the white shocks included don’t fit in with the vibe for me. I was thinking of buying or trading for some black ones, but I might just try dyeing my white ones. I have some green Rit dye hanging out. Hmmm....
  8. Your 201’s are killin me every time I come to the for sale section. I really would like them, but I also want the build experience of it. I would like to sell my TT02B MS and either get a new 201 kit, or grab both of yours. I saw your thread about bashers, any interest in a TT?
  9. Brand new kit. The way things are going right now I don’t know if I will get to it anytime soon. Thought I would see if anyone is interested here. In addition to the kit I also have the aluminum motor mount, heat sink, and front and rear tires. *I thought I had pics here at work, but apparently not. I will post them when I get home tonight.* I am asking $200 shipped in the US. PayPal payment accepted.
  10. Fits it nice! I have the MS kit, but this is maybe changing my mind to do something like this but with rally tires or a sct setup, if they will fit. Hmmm... How big are the wheel openings?
  11. Yeah, they will not mix together without a specific binder, which is obviously is not present. May I ask why you are mixing them?
  12. It is interesting how others define that term. I should have specified that my “unattended” involved me putting the battery on the charger and leaving the house to go ride my quad for four hours! I came back and realized the knob had stuck so the timer didn’t go! When I charge my lipos I don’t hang out within eye sight. I am usually in the house and I do check in at least once during the charge cycle. Some call that unattended.
  13. I have charged lipo batteries as many times as nimh by now. I have had exactly zero lipos become possessed and try to end my existence. I have had one nimh melt into carpet, because... surprise surprise, I had left it unattended. I don’t even charge lipos in a bag. Either out in the garage on the cement, or in my basement in a stainless steel sink surrounded by a non-flammable counter.
  14. When I was growing up there were three main RC’s I wanted... the Clodbuster, a Kyosho USA-1, or an RC10. Never got any of them, but I honestly never really heard of the Hornet. Probably because I was a monster truck fanatic!
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