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  1. Thanks for input gentlemen. I purposely didn't say that I do not plan on upgrades for it. I was seeing I could get either option for $100-$130 fairly readily. The XV01 is easily double that, hence why I am not really considering it. I have been leaning slightly in favor of the TT02, but wanted to see what other opinions were out there.
  2. So, which one would make for the better budget build? I have no experience with either chassis. Which one would you recommend for someone starting from about nothing? Thanks
  3. I don't know that just because an ESC has a higher amp ratings means it is going to put more amps into a motor. Similar to a battery not stuffing more power into motor simply because of a higher C rating or mah rating. The motor will demand a certain amount of amps and current. The ESC is simply there to provide the pathway. If your current motor has a max amp draw of 50A, the 60A ESC has a sufficient path for the max amount of electricity to make it to the motor. Swapping to a 120A ESC will not shove more than the motor's requested amount of 50A into it. Look into the specs of your components. If you change motors, then maybe you will need to up your ESC game.
  4. Well, that was easy! Spoken for...
  5. I use a body reamer also, as Wetman posted. Due to drilling holes in sheet metal on most days at work, I honestly don't know why anyone would choose to do drill holes in a rc body with a regular drill. The reamer is so much more precise in both location and hole size. And it is so much easier and potentially safer. At least that's my .02
  6. Despite the hate for the other T-named rc brand, I thought I might post this for those that are a little more open minded... This is the front of my 2wd Traxxas off-roader. All the front ends of the 2wd models (Rustler, Slash, Bandit, Stampede) use the same caster block (C-hub in Tamiya speak), steering block (knuckle), and axle arrangement. It looks like this could be easily adapted. The c-hubs on this are turned 90* compared to the Tamiya, not sure how that would affect things. The width of the bottom mounting flange is about 13mm on these c-hubs. I personally have a couple of 2wd models with this setup, so I would be inclined to at least try this setup when I get my DT03 together. The one big downside to this however... the stock c-hubs are notoriously weak. It is the one must-do upgrade, imo, when you get a 2wd model. The c-hubs flex, and in turn bend the kingpins that go through the knuckle. Aluminum c-hubs (caster blocks) are a must, at least if you have a Stampede, which is what I have. Barry Sheene did a conversion using Kyosho parts that is very intriguing also. I would be very apt to go that route. I am sure you could adapt about any brands parts, as long as the setup is the same. There is no right or wrong when it come to this.
  7. That 4409MD came stock in the Desert Fox from HK. I bashed my DF for a couple of years until I got sick of breaking front suspension pieces. That servo then went into a Stampede that my kids bashed for another couple of years. Now it is in my BL Stampede. I really like it, it's been great to me! I also picked up a couple of 1250TG's and a TS-920 to try out.
  8. TA06 gear diff, part #54471, and his cases, and you are good to go. At least that is what I am seeing! Pretty cool if you ask me. Admittedly, I haven't even built my kits, and I wasn't really looking forward to it because of the ball diffs, especially after hearing about the seemingly fragile dn01. I rebuilt the ball diff on a Madcap and wasn't a big fan. I couldn't get it to a point where I liked it, and sold it to someone who could handle it before I tore it up. Time to order parts...
  9. Do you have a thread going that gets into the details of this? I have both kits and am interested in this. Thanks!
  10. Actually, no, watching does not do the same thing, at least for me. I do not have notifications turned on. My phone was getting blown up by ebay notifications all day for stuff I am "watching", so I turned it off. I get emails for stuff I have bid on. That is how I get notified. Don't assume everybody has stuff set up the same.
  11. I do it for the simple fact that I will then get notified from eBay when the end of the auction is approaching. I have had some auctions pass by because I was wrapped up with life by the time the end of the auction. But... when I do it really early, I usually do the absolute minimum bid. I never put in my "final" number and let in auto bid for me.
  12. My 4 y.o. ran my brushless Stampede into a door in the house. Replaced the door, but no parts on the Stampede! I go into it with the understanding that it's a matter of when, not if, he is going to crash it! I just adjust the throttle endpoints before I hand it over to him. He did drive the BL Stampede full out once. Once! My 9 y.o. is currently helping me put together a DT03. Great parent/kid time, and she is VERY interested in science, with an emphasis on robotics. People laugh when they hear I am into RC's, but quickly shut up when I go into all the different genres of knowledge a young person can learn through this hobby. I love letting my 4 y.o. do what he does in front of people! Most are shocked!
  13. I like the rear lights! Very good stuff. By the way... your 5 y.o. is old enough to begin learning all about it! My 4 y.o. does everything from driving to changing the batteries. If they show interest... get them in there!
  14. Lol! Those are just a couple of my kids Hot Wheels.
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