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  1. Kinda patting myself on the back as I bought two kits while they were available. I figured I might be able to sit on one of them until this scenario happened. Didnt expect it nearly this soon though!
  2. @Juhunio That looks really good! It is slightly brighter than I expected, but it making me reconsider the color for the '63 Vette body I have for my TT02. I like the contrast with the bright accents.
  3. I felt like the black edition wasn't out very long. Or did I just find it really late in it's run? I noticed it was missing from Tower's site, so I went to Tamiya USA site, and sure enough... discontinued.
  4. Here in the US, this kit is very much still in their lineup. It is not discontinued. In fact, recently Traxxas changed this kit to include all the electronics. Previously it was sans electronics. Availability in the UK may be different, but it is not discontinued here.
  5. I have one of these servos coming for my TT02.... https://hobbyking.com/en_us/trackstar-ts-d99x-digital-1-10-scale-touring-drift-buggy-steering-servo-10kg-0-08sec-45g.html Much faster, titanium gears, and digital.
  6. I bought an Aqroshot to build with my daughter. I have my kids for 5 hours a week. Enjoy that blessed time you spend with your kid! Especially if it takes longer than expected!
  7. By all means guys, post up all the pics you want! All the information will both me, and people in the future.
  8. I had ran across Protoform in my search. Only the 71 Camaro body appealed to me, and even that seems to be washed out as far as details go. If something happens to the Vette body I will try the Camaro. I did not see the wheels they have, however. Thank you for pointing those out. I also found that HPI has some good options, some that I like better than PF. I will not be racing this, I just always wanted an on-road car, and decided to do it up good for my first one!
  9. I have driven every variant of the 2wd models. I still have a couple of 2wd Stampedes. I don't care to get any more. I have never driven a Maxx. They look like a ton of fun! But where I drive, mainly in my backyard, my 1/10 size models are about perfect. Traxxas can do alright on scale looks, if they desire. I bought one of their Bigfoot No.1 bodies because of that reason. And it fits my Stampedes, and more importantly... my Clodbusters! The only other Traxxas I am eyeing is the 4x4 Stampede kit. It's a kit for one, the right scale, and I can use the bodies I already have on it!
  10. What you are describing is a function of gearing. If you play with spur and pinion gears, you can make your brushed setup much faster on the top speed. But you will probably sacrifice some acceleration. I still say throw that brushless system in there and have fun!
  11. @Saito2... I agree with everything you said. Let em throw this out there in a non-condescending way, if possible... You being an almost 90 year mechanic, and carbs and points are your thing, why the **** are you asking us what we think? Just do the conversion. It's what you want to do anyway. If it gives you better piece of mind and a more reliable vehicle, do it. I don't do points, but half my vehicles have HEI and Quadrajets, and I have rebuilt each one. I am with you man, I like the carbs.
  12. I think with the Pede being 4wd and heavier contributes the most to the difference. Your build is most likely spot on. Your Madbull has much less rotational mass to deal with. Gearing could have some to do with it also. Short answer... yes that brushless system will be a noticeable difference! I think every ESC I have is Hobbywing, I really like both brushed and BL ESC's of theirs. Do the BL upgrade but stay on 2s. If it is still not enough, go 3s. Hope you have a wheelie bar! And yes, I personally think your expectations were off between lipo and nimh batteries. In the case of batteries, they only supply the power when requested. They do not push power into the system. So, if both variants of batteries provide more voltage, amperage, wattage, whateverage your system is calling for, you will not see a difference.
  13. So you know ALL the aftermarket stuff is junk because you have tried it ALL and ALL have failed on you? Or are you believing everything you read on the internet? You have tried all the high performance stuff too? Is the computer you are using made 100% in the USA? Are all the clothes you have on right made in the USA? I agree China puts out a lot of shaddy shtuff, but you seem to have gone to the absolute extreme, IMO. A NOS pickup could fail at anytime also, you said it yourself... 30 years old. Granted, I am not a Ford guy, but this sounds so familiar to the 3rd gen F-body guys that rip their TPI units off and go carb. It never seems to work how they expect.
  14. Very nice! This is on my super short list of Traxxas vehicles I would kinda like. I just have a hard time justifying the price for a new one, and all the used ones I find are beat to $#!t and expensive. I would be cutting the Traxxas connector off completely for a XT60. Looking forward to what you do with it in the future!
  15. Wow... you guys really sent me in the right direction! 31mm wide wheels/tires sound like the ticket. Looks like Tamiya has wide two piece wheels, from the Porsche, and I saw some five spoke ones also. Cool!
  16. Thanks guys. I was hoping, and had a feeling there was wheels that would get me where I want to be. +6 wheels sounds perfect. The body I want to go with is the '63 Corvette from Team Blue Groove... https://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-1963-CORVETTE-BODY-TOURING-1-10-TRANS-AM-SERIES-xray-corally-losi/152258080423
  17. @B.RAD, I just found the kit without the electronics for $50 less than the kit with electronics. Turns out these kits are very scarce right now...
  18. So I have a TT-02R kit coming my way at some point. This will be my first on-road vehicle. The R kit does not come with a body, which is great for me as honestly none of the official Tamiya bodies get me excited. I have found a body I really like, but it is 200mm wide, not the 190mm that the Tamiya bodies are. I am assuming this extra width is going to tuck the wheels/tires 5mm further in from the edge of the body. Because I don't have experience in this arena... Is this something that is easily overcome with different offset wheels? Hex extensions? Just curious as to what you guys say before I continue my search again.
  19. Apart from the obvious brushless system, the BL RTR does come with turnbuckles instead of the plastic upper links. I am pretty sure the driveshafts are the same on both models. The telemetry stuff is not standard on the BL model either. And I never heard of the Stampede 4x4 having the self righting feature... maybe they added it recently, but I have never known it to have that feature. Another mention... I have a feeling the Stampede 4x4 might disappear from their lineup, as the new Hoss model is basically an updated/upgraded Stampede 4x4. My feeling is they faze out the Stampede in favor of the more $$$ Hoss. Which is a bummer. I think I may have just talked myself into a kit now. Mostly just for the "new"... "kit"... "budget" aspects of it.
  20. I have eyed this kit recently also. I have two 2wd Stampedes, one is a brushless "upgraded" one, and the other I did a "low and narrow" job with Slash and Bandit arms and such. I have always wanted a 4wd Stampede, but the prices always seemed high for what it is. I would be ditching the ESC/motor combo in favor of brushless in this, and the fact I don't have any Traxxas connector bs things. Now you have me thinking again...
  21. Lately EVERY rc I have bought has been "for the kids"... One of these Volvos for my 5 y.o. son... The Aqroshot is for my 10 y.o. daughter... The Arrma Granite Voltages so all 5 of the kids can bash together in the back yard. I think I have a problem...
  22. If you can wait about 10 hours, I have one I can take a pic of, if no other pics show up.
  23. Dang! I am in West Michigan. I grew up following monster trucks, and have never heard of the MI Ice Monster.
  24. @schlabinski, based on the truck's scheme, are you located in Michigan?
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