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  1. Wouldn't think so... though I only buy XB for the factory finished body: the chassis gets upgraded with bearings and CVA shocks and is sold on.
  2. Just discovered Radio Caroline Flashback on internet radio: classic oldies and dj's from the pirate radio days gone legit.
  3. Hope your son is okay! 👍
  4. Hope you gave her a good earful!
  5. I always use hex head machine screws... but you should never 'tap' the holes in plastic. Tapping removes material, leaving the screw more prone to pull out or strip when tightening. Use a thread former rather than a fluted tap: Tamiya do an overly expensive one, but you can pick up both right and left (good for ball cups for the other end of turnbuckles) handed "Thread Forming Taps for Aluminum" from China on eBay. RH Thread: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/402439674258?hash=item5db3461992:g:wu0AAOSwIftfYjMI LH Thread: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/402403518030?hash=item5db11e664e:g:VcwAAOSwHfdfTys2 The size you require is 'M3 x 0.5' Martin.
  6. I just want the TT02-T chassis dust cover for my rally cars!
  7. You need one of these: https://www.banggood.com/Multifunctional-Ratchet-Crimping-Tool-Pin-Plug-Spring-Terminals-Clamp-p-1070064.html?gmcCountry=GB&currency=GBP&cur_warehouse=CN&createTmp=1 It must be the -08 version to have the correct die for non-insulated open-barrel connectors.
  8. No import charges... I haven't been caught for anything since Brexit (YET) despite getting at least one £75+ parcel from the Far East pretty much every week this year!
  9. I ordered a few TT-02 hop-ups from RCJaz last week and they were posted on the same day, and arrived just TWO days later by FedEx! Even my Plaza Japan orders are coming in seven days now!
  10. Just bought some TT-02 Hop-Up parts from RCJaz and they were shipped FedEx: Hong Kong to UK in two days!
  11. A new build on eBay now... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-CR-01-Rock-Socker-New-Build-Never-Run-Immaculate-Extra-Parts/254945702939
  12. @Willy iine Where did you get the battery jig from? And do you solder or spot weld the -ve tab?
  13. Oliver, Glad it all worked out okay. Welcome to the best and friendliest Tamiya RC forum on the net. Any problems you may encounter, you can guarantee someone on here has a workable solution: a fair few of it's members, myself included, have experience of RC cars going back to the late Seventies/early Eighties. We're always willing to help a comrade in need. Don't forget to show us your Bus when it's finished. 👍 Martin
  14. @oliverd If you screw (only 3-4 turns) the Steering Linkage BB10 into one of the holes on the motor before fitting the Motor Plate and Pinion, you can use this as a guide pole through the fixing hole in the gearbox and pivot the motor to line up the opposite hole with the 25mm screw. When first screw is tightened remove the Steering Linkage and fit the second screw. Good luck, Martin.
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