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  1. martinjpayne

    For Sale - Tamiya TRF 3 Car Carry Case (New)

    What interior dimensions to a storage box?
  2. martinjpayne

    List your extra shells?

    Unpainted extra bodyshells awaiting inspiration: Ford Escort Mk.II without decals - Retroracing x 2, Rally Legends x 1 Hyundai i20 WRC with decals - Tamiya x 1 Fiat 131 Abarth without decals - Rally Legends x 3 BMW E21 320i Turbo Gr.5 with Sachs decals - Carson x 1 Toyota Celica LB Turbo Gr.5 with decals - Tamiya x 1 DN-01 Zahhak without decals - Tamiya x 2 DF-03 Avante Mk.II with decals - Tamiya x 1 DF-03 MS with decals - Tamiya x 1
  3. martinjpayne

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    I'm with you on that! My first and only to date iPhone is a 7. I couldn't see any benefit in an iPhone 8: maybe a faster processor, but I only use it to phone (surprise!) so don't need a bigger + screen. I've got two iPad Pro's (a 10.5" and a 12.9") for running Apps on!
  4. martinjpayne

    universal shafts for the tt02?

    Did you upgrade your Type-S from a standard TT02? Type-S manual specifies 42mm dogbones (51048) or 42mm universals (54515) as the suspension arms are longer, from a TA05.
  5. martinjpayne

    AlexKyriak’s Formula Neo Scorcher [ TT02B ]

    I just love that body... it just screams Formula 1 about 25 years into the future! Like you say, as rare as rocking horse s**t. The closest I can find is this FS Bolt body: but it's pre-painted and looks terrible.
  6. martinjpayne

    AlexKyriak’s Formula Neo Scorcher [ TT02B ]

    @ThunderDragonCy Thanks, though I think the formula car would probably look better if I could find a Keen Hawk body for it! I may also swap back to a plastic chassis, as the carbon one weighs twice as much!! @ALEXKYRIAK Would it be too much to ask how much Fibre-Lyte charged for the damper stays you had custom made? And turn-around time? Quality of finished product? Thanks in advance.
  7. martinjpayne

    AlexKyriak’s Formula Neo Scorcher [ TT02B ]

    @ALEXKYRIAK, good idea on the c-hubs: I'll look into that. The front bumper is standard upper and lower parts straight from the DF-03Ra (the DF-03 is my go-to chassis: I've this car, three -03Ra's and two -03MS's in various states of rebuild, and almost enough bits to build a seventh!) I've been thinking about a different front shock mount for some time, as I want to rebuild one of the -03MS's into an Avante Mk.2 but using cues from the original Avante like shallow angle front shocks and 8mm alloy ball-ends on 4mm turnbuckles. That's actually how this one started, but then I got sidetracked by your project. Never did a build thread as it was just an experiment, but here's a picture without bodyshell showing how low it rides, 9mm at front, 11mm at rear: And one with a couple of it's siblings:
  8. martinjpayne

    How do clamping hex's work?

    Or even better like these:
  9. martinjpayne

    How do clamping hex's work?

    They'd be infinitely better if instead of slot and screw clamp, they were drilled and grooved with an o-ring in the groove to hold the pin in place! Like this, but in 12mm:
  10. martinjpayne

    How do clamping hex's work?

    Exactly, though cheap ones don't pull the two halves together: they just strip the thread!! The problem is that they are machined from 7075 aluminium which does not have much give, the better ones have a relief slot opposite the clamping side to give a bit of flex.
  11. martinjpayne

    How do clamping hex's work?

    Not a grub screw, but an M1.5 socket head cap screw.
  12. martinjpayne

    AlexKyriak’s Formula Neo Scorcher [ TT02B ]

    @ALEXKYRIAK you are an inspiration to us all with your build. I'm just getting around to finishing my Formula Dark Impact... car is based on one of my DF-03MS with a 3Racing carbon chassis, front c-hubs and knuckles, Yeah Racing rear hubs, steering saver and prop shaft, Tamiya DF-03Ra front and rear carbon shock towers, TrackStar big bore shocks: 68mm at front, 61mm at rear, assorted blue alloy chinesium screws, spacers, washers, ball-ends etc., and the wheels & tyres are just cheap junk until I get some good ones like yours. Just need to put in an ESC and Rx and we're good to go. Oh, and need some better weather!😀😀
  13. martinjpayne

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Love the strategically place Band-Aids: you WILL need them as Tamiya/Olfa blades are F*****G SHARP!!
  14. martinjpayne

    Any guess on re-re 2019?

    Perhaps Tamiya can re-jig the Ascona 400 body to fit a 257mm chassis. It was always way too short between the B and C pillars. Just looked SO wrong!
  15. martinjpayne

    Tamiya 58667 Audi Quattro Rally

    C'mon Tamiya, put it on a DF-03Ra chassis