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  1. Thanks very much, mate. Don't put yourself out or take any risks on my behalf... I'm not in any major hurry for them, too many other things to do at the moment: Mrs. P has got me decorating (when I'm not traipsing round shops looking at empty shelves!) Thanks again for your offer of help, and keep safe. Martin.
  2. @WillyChang yes I know they say they ship to Europe, but they won’t respond to my emails... in the last month they only replied once to ask what I wanted, since then nothing, even though I sent same request from multiple email addresses. 🤷‍♂️ What I’m after is the Rally Legends Fiat 131 Clear Bodyshells... Hearns website stock list says they have ‘high stock’. I would like to know how many they actually have in stock, and order at least three (possibly more). If you can be of any assistance I would be grateful. Martin. 🤝
  3. I've no problem with that... we now just need a sympathetic Australian to help.
  4. Hi, the title says it all: I'm looking for someone in Melbourne, Australia to check the stock availability, then purchase and post to me (in the UK) some body shells from Hearns Hobbies. Thanks in advance, Martin.
  5. I use this stuff for everything around the house: ceiling lights in the conservatory, pictures on painted walls, doorbell and door number on upvc front door... oh, and rc car electrics.
  6. @svenb I've got a new TEU-104BK I can put in the post to you on Monday as you're in the UK. Pulled from an unmade kit. PM me if you're interested. 👍
  7. @Seanster43 You could always drill out the thread on the C-Hub to 3mm and put a (54395) 3x22mm suspension shaft through... you'll need a 1.5mm shim/spacer either end under the e-ring circlip. Or, I've got a couple of spare step screws, from same part, I could put in the post to you...?
  8. Okay mate, sorry to hear that, surprise bills can be a real pain. I think I'll hold onto it for a couple of months... I'm in no desperate rush for the money, and if I sell it immediately I'll probably regret it down the line.
  9. @Wooders28 I've just stripped this from the car and wondered if you wanted first refusal before I offer it on our DF-03 Facebook Group... looking for about £70 plus postage. PM me if you're interested.
  10. @svenb How about this? I swapped them out for some 53mm? CVA's from a TT-02... ...looks a bit better.
  11. @svenb changed the shocks and turnbuckle positions on one of my chassis: the TrackStar big bore shocks are my only short ones... too short at 48.5mm centre-to-centre, I normally use 61mm. Rally ride height: Minimum ride height: Back-to-back: Minimum rear view: ...chassis bottoms out before full shock travel. I'd probably go for 55mm shocks and have about 15mm ride height with horizontal lower arms.
  12. Will probably put it on eBay soon.
  13. Definitely stronger though... much stronger!
  14. Weighs in at 80g more than the plastic parts... all that alloy, I guess.
  15. Depends on how the carbon fibre parts are implemented... on a DF-03 the plastic chassis, battery plate & clip weigh 114g whilst the aftermarket (3Racing) carbon fibre & alloy chassis weighs in at 194g. That extra 80g has got to impact on performance!
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