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  1. Hmmm, thanks. Food for thought there... next questions will be: (1) where can I get a ducktail to replace the whaletail on the Tamiya 934 bodyshell? (2) what front/rear arm and plastic (not carbon or frp) TA01/02 chassis combination will I need to get the correct (230mm?) wheelbase?
  2. Does any company make a 1/10 scale Porsche 930 Turbo bodyshell, or has anyone ever tried to fit the Tamiya 934's whaletail to the 911 Carrera RSR body? It's for a rally car model, so I don't just want to use a 934 with the flared arches and front spoiler.
  3. @Tizer Thanks, I wouldn't mind seeing that... I'm looking for something for a rally chassis: an angled skid plate with a protruding foam bumper. Also, nice collection... what wheels are on the pink and blue TA02's?
  4. @wtcc5 wonder if it would be possible to modify your CAD drawing and design a bumper mount to fit readily available TT-02 foam bumpers?
  5. @wtcc5 Sweet looking chassis, but you're not putting the blue alloy heatsink on the ESC?
  6. @Juggular well done with the fault finding... now, what new RC car are you going to buy with the money you saved?
  7. The AYK 566B was one of the cars I so desperately wanted in 1982-3. The closest I got was a pair of the wheels and sand paddle tyres to use on my Rough Rider! (They didn't fit properly but I bodged it: and I've still got them in a box of parts from back then... split rubber, superglue and Humbrol gloss enamel).
  8. No, it's because I started RC in 1980 I can recognize certain things... the give away was the longitudinal motor/gearbox and the sand paddle tyres! The top car looks like an early Kyosho EP-4WD Fantom with the big triangle cut out in the top deck and switch position. Similar to the re-re's top deck.
  9. The second car is an "AYK 566B Super Trail" buggy.
  10. Wouldn't think so... though I only buy XB for the factory finished body: the chassis gets upgraded with bearings and CVA shocks and is sold on.
  11. Just discovered Radio Caroline Flashback on internet radio: classic oldies and dj's from the pirate radio days gone legit.
  12. Hope your son is okay! 👍
  13. Hope you gave her a good earful!
  14. I always use hex head machine screws... but you should never 'tap' the holes in plastic. Tapping removes material, leaving the screw more prone to pull out or strip when tightening. Use a thread former rather than a fluted tap: Tamiya do an overly expensive one, but you can pick up both right and left (good for ball cups for the other end of turnbuckles) handed "Thread Forming Taps for Aluminum" from China on eBay. RH Thread: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/402439674258?hash=item5db3461992:g:wu0AAOSwIftfYjMI LH Thread: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/402403518030?hash=item5db11e664e:g:VcwAAOSwHfdfTys2 The size you require is 'M3 x 0.5' Martin.
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