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  1. More importantly, why an M class chassis (with a wheelbase of 239mm) when it should be an 180mm wide body on a 257mm touring car chassis? "The GR Yaris is 3995mm long and 1805mm wide, with a wheelbase of 2558mm. The front track is 1530mm and the rear track is 1560mm." https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/toyota-gr-yaris-hot-hatch-2020
  2. So what happens if you fit the centre one way with the bearing reversed? Rear two wheel drive with four wheel braking?
  3. No, again that is colour coded for insulated red, blue and yellow connectors. It is just a cheap pressed steel equivalent of your ratchet crimps. You need to look for a "JX 1601-08" crimp tool or die head. The "-08" part signifies the style of head. Alternately, go old school and buy this... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Tamiya-Snap-Connector-Set-50245-SP-245-Crimping-tool-RARE-NIB-never-used/264721167792?hash=item3da29c75b0:g:5DgAAOSwHP5ediUH Just squeeze the tool in a pair of pliers. Make sure you buy the vintage one as modern sets don't include the tool!
  4. Yes, that is the wrong tool, it's for insulated red, blue or yellow connectors (hence the colours on the die). You need a tool to crimp non-insulated open barrel connectors.
  5. Now, what about changing the pinion/spur combo to Mod 0.6? A TB05 63T spur on a Hi-Speed Gear Centre from a TT02 and a 28T pinion may fit under the gear cover and would give an FDR of 6.88, better than the current best FDR of 7.16. It's got to be worth a try to get a handful more kph. 🤷‍♂️ Just trying to think outside the box...
  6. And a 75 tooth spur for the DF03Ra...
  7. Alternately, pick up a DF03Ra (member @paul_m has a new build in the sales section for a very good price). Better adjustability, handling and ground clearance than a TT02, being based on a buggy chassis, but simpler to maintain than an XV01 being shaft not belt driven. Also it has the benefit of being able to shorten wheelbase for Porsche 911 or Datsun 240Z bodies, which the XV01 or TT02 Type-S can't.
  8. 85T spur gear is for the Dark Impact / DF03MS using the optional 23T / 25T pinions (53922). You may also require a replacement gear cover from the Dark Impact 'M Parts' (0115365) to allow for the greater diameter of the 85T spur gear, although this can foul the movement of the suspension turnbuckle.
  9. Yes, Loctite 222 (purple) for metal-to-metal fasteners... Loctite 242 is really too strong for what we do, being for 6mm or larger threads.
  10. My list of built from new kits: 1980. Tamiya Rough Rider 1981. Tamiya Martini Porsche 936 Turbo 1981. Tamiya Holiday Buggy 1982. Tamiya Ford Ranger XLT 1982. Bolink Digger 10 1982. Mardave Marauder (1/8 scale) 1982. Wild Willy 1983. Kyosho Beetle 1983. Tamiya Subaru Brat 1984. Tamiya Hornet 1984. Mardave Apache 1984. Marui Hunter 1984. SG Leopard (1/8 scale) 1985. Tamiya Fox 1989. Tamiya King Cab 1990. Kyosho Sierra RS500 Cosworth 2016. Tamiya TT-02R chassis 2017. Tamiya DT-02 Sand Viper 2017. Tamiya DF-03Ra Castrol Celica 2018. Tamiya DF-03MS 2019. Tamiya TT-02 Porsche Carrera 911RS 2019. Tamiya CR-01 Rock Socker 2020. Academy STR-4 Rally F
  11. Decant some into a dropper bottle with a needle tip. You’ll only need a single drop onto the bare wire before you tin it, and another drop when you make the joint to help the solder flow.
  12. Oh, and better to get 60/40 tin/lead solder than lead free... it's easier to work with. Buy a recognised brand from a reputable seller like Farnell, not some cheap rubbish from China.
  13. For flux, just get a bottle of this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/MG-Chemicals-Corrosive-Conductive-residue/dp/B005DNR01Q/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=MG+Chemicals+Liquid+Rosin+Flux%2C+Non+Corrosive+and+Non+Conductive+residue%2C+125+ml+Bottle&qid=1588424029&sr=8-1
  14. Would be interested to know what the 'CHASSIS PROTECTION COVER!' is...
  15. Thanks very much, mate. Don't put yourself out or take any risks on my behalf... I'm not in any major hurry for them, too many other things to do at the moment: Mrs. P has got me decorating (when I'm not traipsing round shops looking at empty shelves!) Thanks again for your offer of help, and keep safe. Martin.
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