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  1. Where are you located Wade? I have a spare rear end for the big bear. I’m in Missouri USA.
  2. I found the .06 mod pinion worked perfect. The 48dp worked but as I said it squealed. Once I found and put in a steel spur gear, it chewed up the 48dp pinion on the first run. The .06 is going strong. The kc lights are cheap on shapeways. I don’t remember the price but it was much cheaper than auction. Half the price or better. You sign up for shapeways, send them the files you want printed and what material you want used. Tough and flexible I think is the name of the basic material and it works fine. They will send you a quote to have them printed. Add them to cart and it takes about a week. MCI racing from Canada has excellent quality decal reproductions.
  3. https://www.amainhobbies.com/robinson-racing-mod-0.6-metric-pinion-gear-16t-rrp1116/p454462?v=77976 That pinion will fit perfect. Shapeways will make the bumper and sand it for much cheaper. You just download the file and send it to them. They will quote it and send you an invoice if you want to order. Once I received mine, I did have to sand the pegs a bit to get them to fit into the springs. I made it worth the shipping and had them print the KC Lights and body mount as well.
  4. Check out thingverse for the file to 3D print a bumper. If you do not have access to a 3D printer, shapeways does a good job for reasonable price. Cheaper than auction sites anyway.
  5. A 48dp pinion will work but it squeals. Get a 16 tooth .06 mod for best fit.
  6. Raked leaves and decided to make a tree trunk micro crawler course. 1/18 RC4WD Gelande
  7. Aside from being crazy busy at work, the city decided to take a 10 chunk of asphalt out of my speed run street and put in gravel. Just checking in to see if I am even still on the board
  8. I had to take a break from RC but I picked up a new one this month. This isn’t Tamiya but I bought a RC4WD 1/18 scale Gelande Land Rover. I wish Tamiya had some small scale trucks. I have it painted up with headlights. Did a few chassis mods. I took a short video of it back yard crawling.
  9. Venom makes lipo batteries with universal plugs. I have had good success with them.
  10. I wanted a crawler bad but wasn't sure I wanted a full 1/10 scale. More something to couch crawl with. Ended up getting this little guy and so far it's a lot of fun.
  11. I broke down and ordered another GPS. The TT02B clocked 98 KPH on a test run at lunch today. Once I get 100 KPH on video I'll be posting! I don't know how much more I can squeeze out of the buggy version. Its on the brink of out of control at this speed even with quite a bit of weight on the front.
  12. It was slow and popped instant wheelies.
  13. You are going to have to show a pic of a 37t pinion fitting in a stock tt02 lower deck
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