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  1. I have a new build coming along so I should be able to make a better run for the non modified list. TRF416x on 3s.
  2. I had two TT02’s a type S and type RR. But in the end with crashes and all they both merged into one Type S. The type RR did a best of 109mph on 3s (I think) where the type S has alway been the main car and was used with the silver can, 4s and 3s. As they all use the modified cover I’m happy to just have one car in the modified class to keep it clean and simple.
  3. Could I have some of my speeds updated. Modified Tamiya (only need one entry can remove the slower speed) Tamiya TT02 3s mamba monster 2 6680kv TP power 43/60 spur/pinion 48p (modified cover to allow bigger pinion) 116mph 186kph
  4. Note the new gear box cover.... hopefully I’m all regulated now and can get a good speed for the list.
  5. After some clarification. With the TT02 I can fit 48p gears to the high speed gear set with no mods to the gear or the gear set. So can I run 48p gears with no mods to the cover to fit a bigger pinion? or must I stay with the mod .6 (I think) Tamiya gears? Also can I use an aftermarket motor mount that allows different gearing options or do I need to stay with the fix motor position mount Tamiya supply?
  6. Official entry. Tamiya DT03 2wd 63.7mph 109kph trackstar 120amp esc Castle creations 5700kv motor Turnigy 3300mah 3s battery 19 pinion 55 spur. proline inversion tires.
  7. Yeah the battery has made some great numbers. But time to get a 5000mah. I use a mamba monster 2 which doesn’t have any data logging, if it did I would be happy to share.
  8. I got a new motor for the TT02. First run 116mph the second 112mph. I need to grab a new battery as the little 3300mah has had a rough life. https://youtu.be/PF_sVQXjLRI
  9. i should get a run in with my Typhon to add to the non Tamiya class
  10. A few more runs this weekend. I’m going to get a good 3s motor for this thing. It’s going nice and straight now but I think it’s limited do to the 3.2mm motor shafts bending. (During crashes). So going to get a nice little motor with a 5mm shaft.
  11. In recon there’s heaps left with the silver can. I was using a 1060 esc with the 3s run. I recon with a castle MM2 in 3s and in a RM01 or F103GT it would be quicker. Less drag on the drive line, lighter.
  12. I ran the silver can on 3s, 4s and 6s 3s I got 50mph 4s was 51mph 6s was 48mph. I lowered the gearing for 6s the best run was in 3s. The motor made a few passes and was still ok. 4s it burnt out 6s the brush welded to the communicator.
  13. Little TT02 3s pass through the traps and with GPS. https://youtu.be/fYKni-u4wo4
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