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  1. Little TT02 3s pass through the traps and with GPS.
  2. Kv is rpm per volt unloaded. So just the motor. Put even a pinion on and it will change the results. The MM2 retro and XLX have no limits or safety cutoff so you can get the most out of them. But you can also damage them. That’s the risk you take. Hobbywing are great, but when you start pushing them there inbuilt safety features will make it cut out. Where castle will keep allowing you to make speed not maker what.
  3. TP power 3630 4700kv mod 1 gears 22/28 I did have a caslte XLX but blew it up when the old 5700kv motor shorted it. So went back the the MM2. 4s graphene. Conservative speed calculation...... (note during the run the voltage drops. So to get a better calculation I set the cell count to 3 and the voltage. That gives a more realistic figure.) no speed was captured. The car crashed before the speed traps. Where all the people were standing.
  4. Ok i'll chime in here. OCD is right, there are a lot of "what if's" what if a car, what if a child, what if someone see's the video. To give you an idea, the street is not residential, one side is bush the other is a transport hub. The cars are the people who participate in the events (the trucks are parked illegally as there is no over night parking allowed). There has been 1759 speed passes on this road with 0 injuries and 0 damage to property (other than our own). 41 RC speed records have been broken or set on this road. we wait until the road is clear to make a pass, there is a spotter at the start of the run and one at the end of the run. through out the cause of a day (8am to 5pm we might see less than 3 people using the foot path but all efforts are made to not make a pass until its clear. Ideally it would be great to use a closed strip but that's very cost prohibitive over here. The local law enforcement has stopped by on several occasions, they have watched runs and even used their radars to capture speed. Unfortunately we all can't be everything to everyone. upmost care is taken and the chances of a "what if" happening is low. But if OCD lived on lived on this street (which you can't as there are no houses) and did ask as to move on we would. now this may not resolve the safety concerns of all members, but personally I'm Ok with that. that's the beauty of free speech and forums. you can voice your opinion if you choose and i can also choose how to react to peoples comments. Normally I just let them go as I can't stop every "what if" scenario in the world. but i thought i would add a little contexts to this as there were a few comments being made. Either way i hope you all enjoy your hobby the way you wish to enjoy it.
  5. My attempt at 125mph.
  6. Yeah I’m using 300m to get to speed. If you drive the car down you heat up the motor and waste the battery. So it’s better to drive and leave everything for the actual run.
  7. Ah it can be. But it’s modified and I’m the only one in that class anyway. i went out to another road.... I shouldn’t have run there but still had a go. .
  8. Took the type S out last night for its first shake down. not a bad pass for its second run. new Castle XLX esc, new blue hard chassis, droop screws and did a bit of work on the setup station.
  9. Not all runs go to plan. Still good MPH though.
  10. Went out for a few more runs today. Tried a new road.
  11. Yeah the cover is modified for both cars. You can only get a 37t 48p (maybe a 39) gear in there with out making a hole. All good to remove my runs from the class. At least it looks like it’s inspired some others..
  12. Added some more gearing... TTO2RR 4wd 5200kv motor 120 trackstar esc 47 pinion 49 spur 3s
  13. All good! Thanks for the update. I’ll look to see what I can fit in there without mods
  14. The cover had to be modified slightly to allow for the huge pinion. But yeah the cover goes over the motor mount and most importantly it’s the prop shaft bearing retainer.