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  1. That’s what I do with mine. I have the 3deg rear mount and then use 2deg uprights the wrong way. Tamiya have just released a new mount with adjustable rear toe. It’s included in the new TT02SR kit but no seperate part number at this time.
  2. Thanks, i'm running a FDR of 3.1. my motor gets seriously hot in just the short space of time. I have found a new motor i want, just need the $350aud to buy it. Then i will look for the 130 - 140mph
  3. So it's been a bit quite on the speed front. I sold the motor from the TRF to help found a new one. i have also put together a TA07 to sell. again to found the new motor. and lastly i installed a signal booster so i can get some more distance for the speed runs
  4. I'll just add this here incase this thread gets going again. Tamiya TRF416x 4wd class 128MPH 205KPH 3s battery, Castle Creations mamba monster 2, Tp power 6850kv motor and 65/39 gearing.
  5. took a Tamiya past 200kph / 125mph. https://youtu.be/3knh-Z7cmPU
  6. Well I finally did it. 128mph with a Tamiya! Now all i need to do is get a better battery, better cap pack and a better motor and go for 130mph.
  7. took the TRF out for a few runs today. Not the best results as the new mamba monster X kept hitting a cutoff and stopping the run. first run was 117mph but as you can see it hit the "Rapid Temperature Increase" cut off and killing the run. the next run i use some more distance and was a little easier on the throttle and it managed 121mph but again it hit the cutoff. im going to switch back to the mamba monster 2 with a bigger cap pack to try and reduce the ripple.
  8. Some parts have arrived to rebuild and improve the TRF speed run cars. new mamba monster X to replace the mamba monster 2. the main improvement is data logging so i can now get some idea's on what the motor and esc are doing. Plus some alloy center pulleys so hopefully they sone disintegrate this time. Then finally some new belts just incase. Now the car is ready to go. I just need a couple of hours to try and make a pass.
  9. While the TRF is going faster, the car that started it all is still getting upgrades.
  10. This might be my first entry into the normal class? Tamiya TRF416x 4wd class 122MPH 196KPH 3s battery, Castle Creations mamba monster 2, Tp power 6850kv motor and 65/39 gearing. The car is pretty much all TRF416. The only thing that isn't is the rear spool which is from a TRF419 (can't find the 416 spool that easy these days) the rest of the work is just glued on carbon fiber, no modification to fit the pinion or spur, they are 48p gears that all touring cars use.
  11. Here is the video of the 122mph pass https://youtu.be/Ql5EsBCnvSI
  12. New PB for my Tamiya. 122mph on 3s. The second run I broke the center pulleys. 😔 That will be it for a while.
  13. It’s been a productive day. Last bit of CF done.
  14. Finished off the carbon work. just need to get it on the setup station so I can square it up.
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