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  1. Made another pass today. unfortunately a motor wire unsoldered so I couldn’t return the car so the speed doesn’t count.
  2. There is a bit of a build thread here. but really most of my content is on Facebook Stew Mac RC then Insta and YouTube. I don’t often get on the forums that much.
  3. I’m not 100% sure this motor will get that extra couple of mph. The last gear change dropped the rpm from 65,000 to 58,000. So it’s really impacting the motors power now. also the esc stops recording amps over 376 so I’m not sure how much more I’m demanding from the motor. the road in plenty long enough. Just not sure the motor has the legs for it. I have looked into a custom motor, and will also need a custom spur gear or 2.
  4. Coving the wheels is not needed. The wheels themselves will create a lot of air turbulence so covering them could create lift. the body I use has been 179mph with other cars so it’s already proven fast.
  5. It handles great at speed. The whole shape is the body is creating downforce and the whole under side is flat and covers all the way to the body. The car does weigh a bit with the big batteries but it’s more the body and suspension keeping it planted.
  6. Little update. I went to 3s parallel and gained a few mph even with a not so great run. 144mph on 3s. vid will be posted soon.
  7. New PB. 144mph with 3s in parallel.
  8. It’s just a technique. I didn’t always run such a distance I worked up to it. But realistically you are following a spec on the horizon. If it’s warm enough the car will get lost in the haze on the road.
  9. I have been running the Tamiya low friction belt and I have made maybe 7 passes now and it’s still looking good. I will probably change it soon though
  10. Hahaha sweaty palms is an understatement. The camera doesn’t show how many times I have to wipe my hands on my shorts to dry them.
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