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  1. My FRD is 3.310 My little motor is spinning at 64,000 rpm but my battery is sag is 3.3v per cell. I'm getting some new batteries this week that hopefully give me a few extra volts and amps. the little setup pulled 300amps at 4hp! its a little beast.
  2. Yeah I’m into speed runs. I’m currently running a TRF416X on 3s.
  3. who knows.... maybe the youtube vid might show it, and then show the car and the damage. One will never know, unless they click on the link.
  4. I went out the other weekend with a bigger pinion and a little more timing to try and get a 140mph pass.... unfortunately I was not so successful.
  5. Personally I have not tried it. I just kept and eye on the guys that are faster. the last thing I want to be do is experimenting at these speeds hahahaha. 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
  6. Thanks mate. keeping the wheels covered is debatable. The wheels themselves will create turbulence so having the body open might help remove the bad air. But RC speed is not quite the same as 1:1 speed. This body type has gone 179mph on a Traxxas 4-tec with the wheel arches cut out.
  7. It’s crazy right! From a 540 size motor with 11v
  8. That guy Nic Case is the fastest in the world at 202mph in a straight line. So if he can only go 90mph in a circle I won’t be able to faster.
  9. Yeah there is. Rc Velodrome. We don't have an event like this where in Queensland but some guys run an event in Melbourne. I is very much a different disipan to straight line speed so my car would definitely not perform well turning a corner. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8i350geW8o
  10. The total distance is 1.2k so a run is just over 600m
  11. 135mph x 10..... but scale speed does not really relate. Scaling from a 1/10 to a 1/1 is not liner it’s exponential. The force’s and power would not simply be 10x as much with a real car. that pass produced 4hp there is no way a 1/1 car with 400hp would do even 200mph.
  12. Little update I moved interstate and it took 11 months to find a good road to use. But we have a new road and the results were pretty good.
  13. The TA or TRF models are the best. Belt cars are so efficient and setup so well from the design so super easy to go fast and handle. The TT02 is a great little platform with so many options and access to cheap spares and a huge amount of hop up. I got a type RR to 110mph with just a yeah racing motor mount and changing to 48p gears. my TRF just did 135mph with a 3s battery. I always recommend the TT02. It’s a good chassis and so many options to have fun with.
  14. I think its little each to there own on this. I have car's i built that are designed to be controllable power. But my main passion in speed. So over powering a car and then working out the technique to get that power down is whats interesting. I drag race and speed run and thats what i like about this hobby. Some build cars to sit on the shelf, some build cars that are all genuine parts, some build cars to drift, some build cars to turn corners fast, some build cars to be as realistic as possible and some build cars to slowly go over rough terrain. None of this is wrong. its just different. I can use my overpowered cars as I have worked on aerodynamics, suspension and steering setups. Then other i have just dumped a big motor in to chuck a wheelie.....
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