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  1. This might be my first entry into the normal class? Tamiya TRF416x 4wd class 122MPH 196KPH 3s battery, Castle Creations mamba monster 2, Tp power 6850kv motor and 65/39 gearing. The car is pretty much all TRF416. The only thing that isn't is the rear spool which is from a TRF419 (can't find the 416 spool that easy these days) the rest of the work is just glued on carbon fiber, no modification to fit the pinion or spur, they are 48p gears that all touring cars use.
  2. Here is the video of the 122mph pass https://youtu.be/Ql5EsBCnvSI
  3. New PB for my Tamiya. 122mph on 3s. The second run I broke the center pulleys. 😔 That will be it for a while.
  4. It’s been a productive day. Last bit of CF done.
  5. Finished off the carbon work. just need to get it on the setup station so I can square it up.
  6. First test of the electronics
  7. Getting all the cars ready for Sunday. The little Tamiya should get its first outing.
  8. I received the last little parts today. 7mm hex for the rear. The drive line is complete. The body is complete.just need to complete the under trays, battery mount and possibly look at a carbon fibre splitter.
  9. I use a mask and glasses. It’s messy stuff that’s for sure.
  10. The front end is sorted. 44mm steel drive shafts, correct spacers in the C’hub, 5mm hex, steel drive cups. Nothing but performance here.
  11. made myself a cap pack to help with voltage ripple.
  12. Did a little work to the under tray. I'm waiting on some 5mm hex for the front and 7mm hex for the rear, then i can trim off excess. Then on to the battery holder.
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