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  1. Kyosho X groove ring perform way better comparing to ordinary o ring, fine dirt are now sure hard to get into silicon fluid.
  2. Siang20

    Kyosho Sold?

    I hv personally talk to distributor in taiwan, seem their will continue launching legendaries series later this year.......no clue on specific model..........hopefully turbo optima.
  3. Yes, it’s from scorpion rear wheel.
  4. Wanna get some info from all Kyosho Fan out there, if any one have the part LA231-02 and UM510-01 in hand may tryout the fitting for me? and will their fit together nicely? as i discover the LA231-02 will fit on Optima nicely with some shim adding. problem the swing shaft of 65.5mm from part LA231-01 are too long, and after confirming the measurement, the part UM510-01 62.5mm swing shaft will fit hence leave me question mark whether this 2 part compatible with each other or not?
  5. U might try out re position the spring retainer at 20mm mark (measure from the chamfer) change the internal damper to “B” increase the density of oil to 450, I presently running this configuration.
  6. Will recommend between 17.5 - 19.5 will made the model more realistic when running it. And Kyosho Leman 240 motor will be nice, but not the Leman esc, as the esc don’t come with fan, seem too hot with the present battery capacity.
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