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  1. Yes. When installed on the TA03F Pro, I soldered directly to motor power terminals.
  2. Outer dia. 6.99mm Inner dia. 3.07mm Thickness 3.02mm
  3. Hi Guys, As per title looking for the above part - Rear diffuser for F103 chassis. TIA, Ajj
  4. I thought I would start gathering parts for the above chassis, type RS. Looking at rear pods, 53257 is an option. Is 51243 applicable, what's the difference? Thanks in advance.
  5. A little progress report. I rearranged the layout and it looks like I'll be able to fit the ESC without modifications. The original plan was to use saddle pack arrangement, but found a manufacturer that would make me packs to my spec for a fair price. The ESC has to be mounted with silent blocks, which take up valuable space, so it is still touch and go whether it will all fit in. What else, blank PCB for x8 caps ordered, just need to order the caps from RS - found some low Ripple value components. I'm that lazy I purchased x2 roll bar sets, one to be placed at the front and one at the back of the ESC. Another area I've been looking at was the steering assembly. This original comprised of laydown servo, single post servo saver/steering column. My version, modified top plate to mount inverted servo with servo saver horn. There is one other area I'm thinking about, the rear pod. As the car has no suspension, I was thinking of having it mounted on pivot plate, as the front is - giving far more chassis articulation. Not sure at the moment. I'll have to get the car built up more before a decision is made. Initial testing has shown that the Buri does require a lot of dialling in for speed runs.
  6. @Phil_HWith car designs so similar between manufacturers, try looking at Yokomo (or other) for the relevant pulley part.
  7. @Wooders28 Thanks for your feedback on the LRP. It's a shame the quick guys weren't there, to give you better indication. Maybe next time. Programming sounded like a bit of a ball ache, luckily I'm used to LRP methods. Shame there is no programming card for this item. May I suggest going back to your fastest 2s entrance, on here, and just swap out batteries first. Then do another run with original batteries and ESC swapped out. Then finally ESC and lipos swapped. It would be interesting to see speeds of different set-up over the same given distance. Did the ESC come with USB Bridge, for Firmware update? Some things you may be interested in: http://www.lrp.cc/en/product/usb-bridge-spec2-speedo-firmware-update-pc-link/ http://www.lrp.cc/en/product/bec-stabilising-capacitor/ http://www.lrp.cc/en/product/lrp-worksteam-power-capacitor-37-74v-1/ http://www.lrp.cc/en/product/blackbox-410r-heavy-duty-capacitor-unit-1/
  8. @El Dougo Here you go... http://www.xceedrc.com/product/Tyres/all/49 I would suggest using the hardest compounds.
  9. Today just been doing some research into fans and came across this site. Very comprehensive list with CFM values, instead of some bloke holding a fan over scales at different heights. https://www.digikey.com/ So much useful stuff here.
  10. I really want the automated truer, but like everyone else, spent too much money recently. Give me a day or two to find the site with 40mm foams. It is somewhere on my PC.
  11. @El Dougo Sorry, could not comment on logs. It's good that you were able to interpret them, knowing how you were driving and on what surface. It would be interesting to know what value is acceptable for ripple, per cell count, but I'm sure this will be different due to variations in set-up. With regards to tyre tools, just google (images), "RC tyre truer" and "RC tyre balancer" and you'll see a wide variety. Foam tyre quickly go out of shape. These tools will ensure you get the most out of your wheel/tyres, greatly reduce vibration and aid with Vmax. I also came across a web site that had 40mm foam rears, normal hex fit, if you are interested. @Wooders28 You and me both. I too have many projects on the table. I need to keep funds available for my 1:1 engine build. I went with ProEFI stand alone.
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