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  1. I've seen some people use nail varnish. But maybe just google/ebay conformal coating. Saw this a while ago, looks very useful... https://www.adafruit.com/product/5140
  2. New. Purchased in error, never fitted to car. £30 + postage. Thanks.
  3. No sorry mate. Came across these years ago and never bothered saving info on them. Maybe just buy the Team C items, as they are cheap. If I get time I'll post pics of the McLaren P1, so you can see the quality/detail.
  4. @Ryz82 I am 99.9% sure that Body Worx brand is not Team C items.
  5. There's a lot of interesting comments here. Here's my take on it... If Team C is a China manufacturer, then copyright laws are non-existence. Team China? Whether or not they are a direct copy is open to debate. What we have to remember is that most shells produced are scaled to 257mm wheelbase and 190mm width. Also there is only one shape of an M3 otherwise it would not be an M3. Hope that makes sense. If they are knock offs, I would like to know of who, as I have not come across another manufacturer selling the McLaren P1. Maybe I have not looked hard enough. L&L Models are selling Team C products. This is evident by the TC part number. I don't believe L&L Models are trying to pass them off as their products. They are just a vendor selling a product line. I don't think L&L Models have Frewer moulds, just acquired old stock. I make this comment because they only have a couple of styles. I could be wrong here. If I see a product that suites my requirements and is of a good price, in the realms of RC cars, then I will buy it - irrespective of who made it and/or whether it is a copy/counterfeit. In conclusion, I am very happy with my 2 McLaren P1 purchases.
  6. Would have brought more, but they are not cheap and have other interests such as motorcycles. So have to choose were to spend the shekels. Total of 14 boats but don't count 3 of them as they are plastic.
  7. @Mad Zero There's already 11 in there. HPI, cool. Got 3 R40s to rebuild.
  8. I really need to have a tidy up.
  9. Hydrogen fuel cell for rc cars have been available for around 10 years now.
  10. Hi Toad, yeah saw that. I actually sent him a message asking colour of print on belt and he confirmed yellow. I have now purchased it. I have to say the first ebay vendor was very nice and all sorted.
  11. I have the two Mclaren variants, not painted yet. These bodies are very detailed and seem a good thickness, not thin or flimsy. I think they are excellent quality and thinking of purchasing more.
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