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  1. I use Pagid RSL29 with AP Racing calipers. Great feel/stopping power and no fade. Makes a mess of your wheels though.
  2. Good! Any car I acquire used, I do a full re-build. With regards to your steering issue, you may see it during re-build or it could be your servo.
  3. No rear ARB? You going to use quick release battery thingy?
  4. I would do a full re-build before trying the engine. Put the after run oil through the carb. If non turbo head, use OS8 plug, which is a good quality medium heat plug. To assess bore wear, rotate the flywheel so that piston is bottom dead center. Remove head then rotate flywheel. If liner raises, as piston height increases, then piston/liner is still good. Nitro fuel may be hygroscopic, but you don't have to be that quick replacing the cap.
  5. That little Ripper may be too small. Maybe try here... http://www.surpass-hobby.com/
  6. WD40 will clean it up. Where it is burnt on, manifold and pipe, use a cutting compound like Autosol.
  7. @alvinlwh You're so lucky you managed to find one.
  8. Yes it has de-laminated, just calling it film for now. On my build I had the same issue. I removed the layer and gave it a rub down with some fine wet and dry. Came out sweet and not a lot of effort needed.
  9. On the battery plate. Looks like it's lifting on the edges.
  10. Are you going to remove the film from the plate?
  11. If engine has not been run, observe the break in procedure in manual. Just check head bolts, exhaust and carb bolts are nipped up and give it a go. Try not to over extend pull start cord. You may experience hydro lock. Just remove plug and pull the pull start a few times, to remove excess fuel. If engine seems to have too high compression when pulling the pull start, back the plug out a little. This can be re tightened when engine is running. Also, it's worth getting some after run oil, as nitro fuel can cause corrosion if left for a long time. Good luck!
  12. Yeah, I knew it would. The only reason it got retired was because my starter died.
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