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  1. I know I said I would do a build log, many moons ago, it's just that I have been very busy and other hobbies taking priority over RC. Hopefully later this year I'll get this done.
  2. @Pylon80 Yeah, built just need paint - like most of my cars.
  3. Last year my BMW S1000RR Sport was written off, courtesy of another rider riding beyond their capability. So, in readiness for this summer, a week ago I picked up a 2023 S1000RR Sport.
  4. You're not going to get anything new but Toy grade for £150. Search ebay for used boats. Just remember to wash/rinse boat after salt water use.
  5. As per tit;e Kyosho one way diff. Thanks.
  6. @tim.senecal Yep, there is some good info there and some good products. @mtbkym01 My only comments would be, buy a kevlar reinforced hull and if you go the cat route, buy a twin motor hull with batteries mounted in hulls and not mounted on the tunnel. Have a look at these links for inspiration... https://www.mhz-powerboats.com/shop/en/ https://www.hydromarine.de/index.php?language=en
  7. @mtbkym01 Not wanting to hijack your thread but would it be ok just to post the build here? It will be slow as it's summer, nearly, here in the UK and I've got other demanding hobbies. So what about you, have you decided in what direction you want to go in? Electric, nitro, petrol, small, medium, large, scale, non-scale, hydro's, v-hull/mono, submerged props, surface piercing, jet? If you are looking for a quality hull on your side of the world, look for sonic racing. He use to have a web site, you'll probably find him on FB. IIRC his name is Danny.
  8. @Jonathon Gillham I know nothing of yachts but remember liking Graupners Rubin when I was younger. IIRC it had a folding prop.
  9. @Gebbly They are good for about 70mph. IC. Large does not equate to fast, just looks good out on the water. Build process is fairly straight forwards, although some builders like to complicate things. But this is also what I like about boats, essentially you have a blank canvas to make it your own. The Engel stuff is expensive, but are a quality manufacturer. Looks like they don't do the Typhoon kit anymore, which is a shame. Typhoon class is Russian.
  10. @Gebbly Large scale Yamato is really cool as for subs Engel do a Typhoon class which is just epic.
  11. If the moderators approve, I will start one in the build section. In the meantime, here are a couple of vids of Victory 44 sister in action. 233cm hull length, 30kg, 60cc and 16hp. And some big cat racing...
  12. Got a few Kyosho F1 GTR's LT NIB. I was fortunate enough to have a tour of where they built the F1. The P1 is a stunner too.
  13. I've got a few boats, mainly hydro's. I am doing a rebuild on this, so if anyone is interested I can document it in the Builds section.
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