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  1. A. 25% B. ? C. OS8, assuming non-turbo head. I use Model Technics fuel and after run in my cars and boats, in the UK. Don't know what brands are recommended State-side.
  2. http://www.force-engine.com/ https://www.shengines.com/webls-en-us/index.html
  3. M 800STD

    Yokomo GT1

    Nice little pan car. Hot motor may make it uncontrollable, also probably limited gearing making hot motors a little pointless.
  4. Looks nice. Good to see Tamiya still investing in nitro. Shame it was not a belt design.
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/362001837201?hash=item5448fdac91:g:F3EAAOSwVc9iK1eV&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoEx9KhdIIefNBLOIl6lqFO68JszUgA%2FokfC7ak5PFj96nhjnZQHEh3s60Hqn%2BZACoGSittkCKk8h28V1oJ3Ra1j6uwVRuCa%2FX%2BjAyNuPNeVz7MjVkZQDb5WdMEuEIL%2FFieaRurYALxORG7IM%2F%2FfnrXlQWS1u16o2V8J8vK3TP6j9WCAM4erlO1CPPXF%2FrTbAMd487maO0cnHX8JfZt%2FEykU%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR8Lpq9jpYA
  6. I've got one of those cheap blue ebay esc and it came without instructions. After a bit of research, 10BL120 set up procedure was mentioned numerous times. May I suggest just following 10BL120 set up procedure and see what happens. At the end of the day, you won't damage it and maybe you will have a functioning esc.
  7. That looks like the blue ones you get off ebay for circa £15. IIRC, 10BL120. https://www.hobbywing.com/products/enpdf/QuicRun10BL60Sensored.pdf
  8. @Raman36 As @Willy iine said, very cool. Looks like I'll have to see if I can get one of those modules. One thing I would like to point out with regards to chargers capabilities. Some chargers are really bad at balancing cells, so just be conscious of this when investing in a new charger.
  9. Do enjoy this thread, seeing the various TA03s
  10. @Raman36 Was thinking about the BT module, but always with charger when in use so never bothered. Is it only a monitoring device or can you execute functions?
  11. Hi, does anyone have 73477 plastic pulley parts? Thanks.
  12. @Raman36 lol, Rolls-Royce please. Must of own my set for about 6 years now and still regard it as a top tier charger. Just awesome in every way, but very costly. It would be a shame if Graupner folded, but a lot of their stuff are just re-branded. If you saw the SMPS in reality, it wouldn't lose cool points but gain. Purposeful.
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