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  1. Yesterday the postman bought me this: The very last part of my 414 collection!
  2. I am on the lookout for a NIB Tamiya TRF 414 Custom Pack M. The part number is 49173. Good price paid for the right one.
  3. A brand new in box TRF414MII to complete my TRF414 collection!
  4. Yes the red box one, it was out just before the WC one.
  5. Finally got my hands on a TRF414MII NIB! The final one I would like to consider my collection complete is a NIB TRF414 Custom pack PN 49173. If anyone has one I would be very interested in it.
  6. Nope. Been keeping a lookout on yahoo auctions but I've only ever seen a TRF414 for sale on it. Any links to the X?
  7. I have got the following in my collection now, first up NIB: TRF414X, TRF414, TRF414M x 2, TRF414MII memorial edition with tools, TRF414WC edition signed by team drivers and designers. I also have a few built ones: TRF414, TRF414M, TRF414MII, TRF414WC, TRF414 lightweight SSG. I'm looking for just one model, I need a new in box TRF414MII (49219) to complete my collection. I also have a TB Evo 3 surikarn edition.
  8. Not the post man but a very kind man delivered these to me in New York the other day!:
  9. I picked these 3 up the other day to almost complete my TRF 414 collection:
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