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  1. Took some Traxxas’ out for the first time this year. The Defender is insanely capable! With his Big Brother
  2. Finished the TT01E for the Audi A4. Nothing special Im thinking of running my Top Force Evo as 4WD is just better than 2WD IMO. Just going to use these electrics I have on hand
  3. Its Friday. Had a tough week at work so cracked open the A4 TT01E and a beer. Bizarrely, Im enjoying the TT-01E build a lot more than the usual TT02? I just wish Id picked up a bearing kit and some oil shocks before I started but to be fair its only a shelfer.
  4. Ive been very quiet on the RC front. A genuine bit of RC fatigue, Ive not even been interested in catching up on forums or RC Youtubers, Traxxas have released a new Maxx Slash which is right up my street yet I havent pulled the trigger and I am unlikely too. Truth is, Id picked up most of the RCs I wanted (the Tamiya R34s, NSX, Supra and various Porsches) and I kinda felt Ive achieved everything with my RCs…. However, I had an Audi A4 on order at my local modelshop, and last week I did my usual eBay searches and made a purchase. Must be a sign as today as I was leaving for work, I got a parcelforce notification a parcel was out for delivery, and on my lunch break, I got a text saying my A4 was in at my local modelshop. So a double RC Day. Also picked up some paint etc Audi A4 TT-01E. Such an iconic shell IMO. Obviously a rere but itll be built as a shelfer so no problems. Now this is also a rere. I missed out on the original ReRe run, so had to pay over RRP, but I still got this for sub £200 all in which I think is acceptable. Its also on a TA03RS, quite a rare chassis that Ive never actually built. Of Course its the Porsche 911 GT1 Street. I do wonder if I could obtain some “race version” decals? Also, shout out to @svenb he sent me some bodyclips absolute free of charge. What a credit to TC. Thanks again!
  5. I think I was paying circa £16. I have one in an Egress Black, one in an Astute 2022, one in a TT02R, one in a Top Force Evo and whatever the Blue one is on my bench to put in a touring car. I am a tech nerd, but I genuinely find I prefer a 1060/SuperStock on 2S Lipo to my expensive sensored brushless set ups, especially in Tamiya’s
  6. I just run an SRT, which is probably a copy/the same as your one, just from AliExpress
  7. I got all mine from Plaza. I think I have 5 of them
  8. How old are you out of curiosity?
  9. Thats what esc/motor is in mine
  10. What an amazing thread, it appears, built just for me haha. What a shame some of the images dont work anymore, and it appears @a.w.k. doesnt post here anymore
  11. I'd like to find them generically and buy a 100 lol
  12. Just a reminder for people like me who own lipo’s but rarely use their RCs lately. Just check your lipo’s. Condition and voltages. I have 20 or so Lipo’s, stored in BatSafes. Just checked the voltages and all seems ok, but two appeared to drop out of balance. Nothing major but one cell was 0.2v out. Just trying to rectify with a charge/discharge to balance out. Hopefully be ok as theyre quite expensive 4S Lipo’s
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