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  1. Welcome from another newbie!
  2. Fascinating stuff. I've learned a lot, thanks to the replies from the Sherlocks in this thread. Crazy that Tamiya could mix and match what ought to be similar vintage left and right parts! A bit like running 2 different tyres on the same axle! On the basis thereof and at risk of introducing a new sub-category it appears I have a (relatively early) mid production vintage RR! Dan
  3. Wow, thanks for the detailed and interesting analysis. Very much appreciated. I myself have no clue if this is a 1979 or 1980 model. Just reiterating what I was told. Black "BUGY" bumper, 58015/RA5015 kit, but doing a little more research I see the very early models (I think these were only released late in 1979, November?) also had black grub screws in the UJ's? Ill also try to find photos of the different box art. Thanks for the replies ! Dan
  4. Thanks folks. I should maybe have posted here to start, but my "story" leading to this RR and photos of my Sand Scorcher at age 13 is here;
  5. Very proud to have recently acquired this beauty.
  6. Just googled Lauterbacher as I'd never heard of them. 1/5 is huge but they look insane. Still prefer 1/10 though! Can fit more of them in the garage!
  7. Yup, I'm in the UK. And yes, I also had a Nova, the X4 as I recall? Also chain drive though rather than belt. I just remember the rear tyres were enormously wide! I'm not sure Yankee was that common in the U.K. either. I'm sure they were (despite the name) a French company.
  8. Thanks for the welcome guys. WillyChang, , yes, I'd forgotten about the wing on the PB being a PITA! I raced it quite a lot mind and it was a monstrously good car. Other than my first SS (of course), my other enduring memory was that 1/8 Yankee though. An absolute beast of a car and seemingly unbreakable.
  9. Hi folks. New to the forum. My story starts in 1982, aged 13, with my first RC car, a Tamiya Sand Scorcher. This one. Not perhaps the best paint job of my youth, but this sparked the start of rather more talent in building, modifying and racing. Over the years to circa 1987 I owned (too) many cars, trading with others at school and making a buck here and there to allow me to expand my entourage. Sadly mostly lost in the mist of time, although a few old photos survive... Did some racing late 80's and very early 90's both 1/10 and 1/8 IC, and then sold everything. One advantage however of now having children aged 11 & 14 is that I had a good excuse to get another car. So I got them a Tamiya Hotshot 2007 which we built together. I also then saw Tamiya had re-released the SS, and that had the nostalgia of my youth flooding back. The Hotshot is great for the kids, but of course far better to have 2 cars so we could race. Not one to be beaten by my children, I felt it wise to get something a tad faster. Spares not being the cheapest I then found another to pillage when needed. Rude not to. By this time I was on a roll and had wasted far more money than was sensible or necessary. However, the thought of my Tamiya from 34 years earlier persisted and amplified. And as a result I now seem to have acquired this. Honesty, the smell of the kit immediately transported me back through the decades and I was 13 again. It will be a challenge to resist building this, and I might have to get a SS re-release to satisfy that yearning. Let's hope my painting skills have improved. Dan
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