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  1. Really looks GREAT Tim!! Hearing the Sound Systems will be fun!
  2. Better...... getting ready to reboot my life! I've got a STACK of Kits from last year, just waiting. 😁 Looking forward to YOU getting back also!
  3. Been there.... sad. Sorta there now. Like you said, it's the best therapy!!
  4. On that note..... I'm soon going to let you know how Beier works with TEN Channels!! 😲😎😁 I've been studying a LOT over the past 8 months. It IS all about experimentation and trial and error. But nothing's ever fatal!! There's a Base Default that you can always go back to. 😉
  5. Ermagherd Mr. IXLR8!! Fantastic! There's plenty of help now, from those of us who've BATTLED with these. 😲😲 Now over the hurdle, I believe all of us can say, it's easier than it seems!! Still not easy, not going to lie, but it requires actually more common sense than actual computer skills, like I originally assumed. 🙄🤣 And I knew nothing about your Blackfoot! I'll have to check it out. Then, WELCOME to the MONEY PIT!!
  6. Really looks fantastic!! 👍👍😎 The Pup came out great too. I might try a couple!
  7. Absolutely YES. 💯 As soon as you can figure out how to utilize Beier's mapping, nearly anything can control ANYTHING. And they have a wireless link for the Trailer that controls everything that the Truck does, plus independent control of Trailer Legs, Running Lights, plus 2 other Servo Outputs - that can either run Servos or a separate ESC.... (Cement Mixer? Dump Trailer?) 😊
  8. Oh don't worry! I didn't mean that. I've been going through so much, plus the Beier learning curve, which the Beier Forum has been awesome with helping me. It's a German site, but the top dogs can respond in English!! I'm really hoping to get back to WORK soon!
  9. ....... eventually this Thread WILL get back to the actual Build soon, I promise!!
  10. Couldn't have explained it better!! Yeah, complicated. And Bob does leave out a bunch of steps, and exciting features- like Cruise Control, wig-wag, strobe and many other great lighting features. And not to forget, unbelievable slow speed control, even with 35-45 turn Motors!! And there's STILL more. 😊
  11. X3 on the King Hauler Bumper... maybe an Alumininium version though. 🤔
  12. Absolutely something to be proud of!!! 👌👏👏👏👏👏
  13. When labor of love produces results like THAT, yes it is!! Beautiful. 👌
  14. 5:1 Gear Reduction.... slow speed done RIGHT!! 👌👍👍 Looks great!
  15. Looks GREAT!! 👌 Minor things can be fixed. The chip in the Window Frame is a good excuse to paint the Window Trim a Matte Black, to simulate Rubber trim. 😉
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