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  1. You are SO right!!! 😂😅 My Wife buys expensive toys for the last 2 Cats - and they preferred the BOX they came in!! It's an old, learned strategy, derived from when all Cats were wild. It's (A) A good place to sleep in safety... and (B) a great spot to wait and ambush. They're fun to just watch sometimes, just exhibiting "wild" behaviour... At least our BIG lump is a true to Breed Maine Coon. 🐱 NO Rodent is safe around here! And in the Southwest, we have one called a "Kangaroo Rat". SO fierce, that they confront and WIN against anything up to a Western Diamond Rattlesnake!!!🐍 No match for our Fatso!! 😁 Hope you have a fruitful Week.
  2. Always a pleasure Mate!! 👍👍 I share knowledge - others share knowledge with me - we ALL get smarter and better. 😉 Yes, insane Price! The Ladder is Hydraulically Operated, there is High Pressure Water Hoses (2), and so many sounds, that they have 5 Channels JUST for Sound! Still can't remember who makes it.... I got all my info from an old Friend, Aaron Bidochka (known to most of the World as "RCSparks"). He has nearly one of EVERYTHING, including a Series of Rigs costing about $5000 USD EACH! I often tell him..... "Must be nice!" 😜 Always in jest, with no I'll feelings.
  3. @Tamiya Fan 1 My best guess is that as cool as both the Knight Hauler and Cascadia are - they might not be great sellers... Or it could be Licensing. But they could just add generic details - like on the other American Trucks. There is, of all things, a Chinese Company (I FORGET which) that made an American spec, 1/14th Scale LaFrance Fire Truck.... But it was $4400.00 USD!!! 😲😳😖
  4. Lower Turn Motors DO have slower top speed. Nobody can debate that. 😉 I'm going with a Hand Wound, custom 30T Crawler Motor - with a 3:1 Gear Reduction Unit. I really feel like this will work. Something that many of us have, but often forget about is - Exponential. 😊 nearly all 2.4GHz Radios have this adjustment. You can take all the sharpness out of your first half of the Throttle - and Steering, making the first half VERY smooth, and quick movements have very little effect. All the rapid movement is moved to the second half! It's been a winning strategy for years in Competition Crawling. I can't see how it wouldn't work here - with that lower first gear. The 35T Motor used in the new Tamiya 4 Axle Trucks is a Crawler spec Motor. WHY Tamiya doesn't offer lower Gear Options.... It's actually a better way to go about it. But you're right. In the end - it's about personal choice. 😉
  5. Thank you so much!! HOPEFULLY, this goes well. I know I'm going against normal conventions with this, but the tried theory of "Volt Up and Gear DOWN" has worked so well in Crawling, with such finite slow speed control... Why not with these?? Especially with Gear Options at my disposal. Every once in a while, we NEED to try something different... 😉 Maine Coon are lovely Cats - with the appetite of a small DOG! He's loveable, but hates being picked up.
  6. My Friend, you've TAGGED me! I am hooked. Fully. 😁 But as I've now said, ad nauseam, I've DREAMED of this for a long time. During that dark period when buying TYRES or a pot of Paint - was something I had to save up for. 💔😞 Even though NOW I can finally afford to go shopping like a Teenage Girl in a Shoe Store during a Sale! 😜 I do understand... I hope you can find one. Maybe even a used one (even though somebody else's headache isn't always a bargain). As I've noticed with the Wild One (TOP of my Dream List) - a few People in Japan are HOARDING a few for resale now - but at exorbitant prices!!! 😞😠😖 .... But maybe some Cascadias can be found there - for not a Queen's Ransom. I believe you're right... There are a couple of small Companies selling Air Bag Suspension Kits, but that might be a bit of a leap for Tamiya. They STILL won't include even cheap, basic BALL Bearings in 95% of their Kits! 😖 Oh, and be CAREFUL with some of the Aftermarket Bagged Systems... SOME merely have SOLID Rubber "Bags". Right... NO Suspension whatsoever!! 😠😠 Some have molded Rubber Bags - with Coil Springs hidden inside. Good compromise, but hard to find. {Right - I AM new to 1/14th Scale Rigs..... But I've been RESEARCHING them for over a Decade!! 😉}
  7. Kurt, I can also vouch for SemiJoes. Also, Cooper813 on Evilbay. Quality items, mostly Machined Alumininium parts. Always good prices and free shipping! 😉
  8. I may have to get one while I can... When I'm done with my 2 Classic Rig Builds, I'm going to want more modern. MAYBE one Euro Truck (Scania), but I want my Fleet, no matter how big it might get, to be generally American Trucks.... Maybe even a custom Bodied MACK!! 😁 But I'd like a Cascadia too. 😞
  9. Freaking GORGEOUS!! Such rich colour. In the past 19 years, I've done so many inside painted Lexan Bodies.... Maybe I should also be worried about the Paint on the Grand Hauler as well as the Driver... First ILL attempt on the Driver. Hopefully I can get him more presentable. (Not that I can take it anywhere... There's NO Truck Layouts OR even Meets in the Southwestern U.S.) 😞😭 This is just for my own pleasure and satisfaction. I've waited so long, I just want her to be RIGHT.
  10. That was my train of thought with my crazy build.... But taking two Driven Front Axles to make an 8X8. I realise it can't be easy - but others have done it, so it's not impossible. I hope you end up doing something cool with it. Seems a shame for any Kit to just languish in a box.
  11. But this is precisely why Gear Reduction is the way to go!! I've got a Friend with the same setup I'm getting - 30T High Torque Crawler Motor, with a 4:1 Reduction... Gives him a top speed of 8mph (13kph) in 3rd Gear, and can easily pull TRIPLE Box Vans with ease and always a cool to the touch Motor and ESC. Makes Reversing at a Crawl easy as well - even uphill !! Yes, of course you get the Speed Reduction with a High Turn Motor... But with MUCH thinner Field Wires, you get shorter service life, and in fact, LESS Torque in the critical 0-2mph range, where it's actually more important in Rigs like this. But the Gear Reduction is the key. It makes the whole setup much more controllable at Crawling Speed. This is why, in the U.S. anyway, hardly anyone runs more than a 45T Motor in Crawler Competition anymore. We used to go straight for the 70-80T Motors back in the day. We also Burned out Armatures more often than we do now. But of course I'm not trying to sell anything to you. This is a Hobby! You do what makes you comfortable. I'm just explaining another way...
  12. It might take a little while, but I promise you Kurt, there WILL be Video!! Trust me, if ANYONE can understand piloting through this Hobby, on little to no Budget - I DO! 😖😞 My dire situation has only very recently turned around - VERY MUCH SO!! Because of that, my Grand Hauler Thread in this Section is going to try to include as many low cost (or free) tricks as I can think of. I hope I can encourage you to follow my Build Thread. 😊 I haven't heard anything bad about the LESU Sound System. No, I don't think it's the best - but you shouldn't have Buyer's remorse for it. 😉 It's decent, and good value for money. ..... I might have sounded like a Salesperson - but I get NOTHING from it. I'm not affiliated in any way. I'm just a firm believer in the 21st Century Technology - BAFFLED that so many People simply plunk down over $400.00 USD for a Tamiya MFC Unit - that has ONE speed, ONE Horn, ONE way of utilising the Truck Lights..... And has been mostly UNCHANGED since 2000!!!! 😲😖👎 I'll be interested in finding out what you think of the LESU Unit.
  13. @berman, Thank you so much!! No, I have no expectations of anything resembling a tight Turning Circle!! 😜😖 That's part of the fun of Driving a Big Rig, right? The 35kg Servo was a JOKE. 😂 I do intend to use a 20kg Servo for Steering - not because I think it will make ANY difference in how sharp she turns... But for the piece of mind of just a bit of OVERKILL (which I'm notorious for!) As I mentioned above, I'm waiting for a Steel Front Axle and tight Wheel Hubs. And just to reiterate to everyone.... I KNOW this is a 8-10mph Vehicle, not a Racecar. I just find it a satisfying part of my Hobby, to try to eliminate that "charming Tamiya SLOP"!! 😜 I really find it FUN. Also talked in great detail about the Motor and Drive. I stopped buying into the OLD High Turn Motor theory, started by who knows WHO about 20 years ago. Although it does reduce Top Speed (with STOCK gearing).... They do NOT have more Torque! Only slower top speed. It's just been passed along for so long now, that MANY People accept it as fact. It really isn't... And no old fashioned, overpriced MFC-01 either!! I've seen better, and for $200 LESS than a MFC... I'll have MORE functions and Custom Sounds!! 😊💯 You'll all see as soon as I get it. You should be at least as impressed as I was. It's NONE of the common Sound and Light Units that have been used over the past 20-odd years. I am so excited about this Project!! I've waited a very long time for it. It's going to end up quite modified, highly detailed and hopefully... pretty cool too. 😉 Here's another BIG Hint as to what I'm doing here!! 😁 I'm sure this one will be the dead giveaway. And once again, I wish to Thank all of you - who have inspired me, and whose Threads in this Section has given me some great ideas!! 👊👍👍
  14. If you decide to go for it - I'll be all over it!! I once had a Dream too... But I only get to make it come true 27 years later, after I had it. Life had to give me a great gift first! 💲💰 I've also been watching European TruckTrials over the past 5 years, in awe. 6X6 and 8X8 Rigs, going through some crazy courses, and mud that looked like it could swallow a BATTLESHIP!! They're frequently MAN, Mercs, Scania or some odd Russian monsters. I want to build one on a Grand Hauler Chassis, with a Tamiya or Hercules Euro-Truck Cab and a LOT of custom Styrene fabrication. If you build this... I'll definitely be looking for ideas for the complex mechanism.
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