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  1. It would be a fun build if nothing else..... but 200% impractical. 😳
  2. Thanks Brother, I appreciate it a lot! I'm here somewhere myself, and definitely having fun. 😊💯 Ever since the Inheritance came in, we've been all over the Country. Went back to my old home in NY, and recorded some Music and Video with my Band, who I haven't seen since 1996!! Live is GREAT!!! You're right - the Grand Hauler, especially the way I'm building it, has been a LONG, but FUN challenging process! 42 extra LEDs, 16 more in the Trailer, BUNCH of Aluminum parts, 4:1 Gear Reduction Unit, Beier Sound and Lights System, and a Full, mostly Scratchbuilt Interior.... And when I EVER get her done, I've got 3 more Trucks and 2 Trailers waiting. 😳 Then Blitzer Beetle, M07, MF-01X, Clodbuster and a couple of others to keep me busy for a while later. 😊 Basically I went NUTZ!!! And I couldn't be happier. Only took 11 years of HELLL. Made me much stronger. I hope you're doing better these days. I truly do my Friend!
  3. Thanks for the MSDS Data!! That should help quite a few People understand better.
  4. I had to do some digging..................................... to see what you were referencing............................ And then, A-HA!! And I realized I need to do some catching up here. I'm STILL not done yet, but I'm quite a bit farther along. 😉
  5. I know what mean. Getting my Grand Hauler finished - eventually... But I ALSO bought a Globe Liner and a Merc 1850l!!! 😳😳😳 It's a disease, and finally having money again, I'm going NUTZ!
  6. is good truck...wish i could help you,,,but i am doing all of my LEDs custom... I truly hope that someone understands your problem, and can help! 😉
  7. Anything up the Scale ladder, I'm a fan of. 😉 Right... You'll never see me doing a Model of an Indonesian Truck - but I have to appreciate their creativity!
  8. Thanks! That's really the point, isn't it? WE know it's there... 😁
  9. Cheers Kurt! You're only the second one I've known who has fitted a Verkirk Kit on anything. Very nicely done!! 👍👍 You know, I used to think that us Yanks really overdid their Rigs (meaning full sized ones). BUT - have you seen INDONESIAN Trucks?!?!? You'll either be quite impressed - or PUKE your Breakfast!! 😋
  10. Thank you so much Kurt!! I'm glad someone noticed. I'd say I've got more to do - but are we ever really DONE with these?? Someone once said to me "If you believe that you're honestly done with your Truck... It's time to take up Golf - because you really are DONE." I'll look for your Scania, as I'm building one of those as well. 😊 It's funny... I CAN now afford to buy expensive Interior parts - even 3D Printed parts.... but years of having to Scratchbuild stuff because I was poor - I've come to enjoy it too much!!
  11. @Mad Ax I would assume that a Pharmacist COULD think unsavory thoughts! You could maybe print the picture I just posted, and show them that... It MAY make a difference. It COULD! 😋☺
  12. As always, your Storytelling is far superior to anything I can do! But your modification skills are really on point!!! 👍👍💯 I REALLY like your Bumpsteer Mod - although not more than flipping Steering Arms and some grinding... Was brilliant! Simple solutions often are. Good Tyre Glue is often a MESSY deal. 😖 If I could offer one of my UNCONVENTIONAL solutions to this sloppy problem... If you could get hold of some Syringes, I believe that you'll find no better option for applying Tyre Glue!! I've used Syringes on all types of Tyres lately, and not gotten a DROP anywhere, except where I wanted it! 😉👍
  13. I've always been a FIRM believer in that Cars and Trucks NEED Drivers!! "Autonomous Cars" bug me to no end! 😖😞 Fantastic job on that interior. I've been beating my brains out on a completely Custom made Interior on my Grand Hauler... In the "Tanks and Big Rig" Threads. It's a tremendous amount of work - and as most know, a lot of effort to post on a Host site to transfer to Here and then post on this Forum... Only to get practically no love whatsoever. I'm thinking it's just not worth the trouble to Post there. 😞 The Window Cranks and Armrests were from an Old Axial SCX10. .... Just a brief example of some of it. I DON'T want to Threadjack - but I do want to show you Guys what's possible with just some Sheet Styrene and imagination! 😉 Oftentimes, Interior elements aren't available off the Shelf. Or, maybe you just can't afford what you want at the time. With a little extra time and work, you can achieve something pleasing! 😊 @Oosto ANYBODY who can successfully get through a Lancia Integrale Decal Set - EARNS my Respect!!! 👍👍💯 Absolutely awesome work!
  14. I'm not even CLOSE to most of you, especially with Eyes!! WOW! Here's my best attempt at my Grand Hauler Driver...
  15. With some improvements - I'll be FIRST in line to get a King Cab rere!! 😁 AND a King Blackfoot! IMO the best of the Series.
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