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  1. Some good suggestions, thanks for that. I looked before to a cc-01, but there are to many upgrades necessary to make this a good and reliable car. That's why I bought the rc4wd. What about a lunch box or a WR-02 Wild Willy 2 chassis?
  2. Hi, I am looking for a 'do it all' rc car. In the weekends, me and my wife do a lot of hiking with our dog in the forest, in the countryside... Its usual between 10 to 20km (=6 to 12mile). My wife take the dog and I my rc car to follow. I have tried this with several different cars but none of them did it hassle free. I tried it with my : * Holiday Buggy (Dt-02) => 2wd and far too little Ground clearance. Unable to drive through grass. My favorite buggy of all time! * Blitzer Beetle & fav => same problems as my holiday Buggy * Rc4WD Defender D90 => To slow and to fragile bodywork. Difficult to change batteries in the field * Losi Dbxl-e => Batteries are to expensive to buy a lot of. I am thinking that a CR-01 will be my ideal companion for this? I don't have any favor for a particular brand, but I like Tamiya... Max speed I prefer is 20 to 30km/h (12 tot 20mph) and a very long runtime (lipo compatible chassis). With the cars mentioned above, I have driven a lot of kilometers without any mechanical failure. The gears are still in great condition and runs very smooth. Thanks for your suggestions, Niels
  3. I received today the Carson wheels. But they are much bigger compared to the original. I think I've ordered the wrong ones from Tamico.
  4. You were lucky you found one. They seems to be everywhere out of stock. They aren't listed anymore on the website from seidel.
  5. Problem fixed!!! Thanks to all. I agree z-bends are bad. But I am not so handy to make something myself. Wil have to look to find a ready made solution to replace the z-bends.
  6. Then is it to short and I can't unscrew it on the other side. It is only 5mm screwed in on the other side. Then is the turning radius way to big.
  7. Hi, I have a problem with my new build FAV. The steering link is touching the servo when my shock is pressed in. Anyone with the same problem? I think that the Savox 0231MG is a little to big. Niels
  8. Just ordered one. I don't use the included esc because I plan to drive thru water etc and the Tamiya esc is not waterproof. I ordered some led lights to. As soon as my kit is done, I will post a photo. But I need first to finish my fav.
  9. New member alert!! I have just read through this whole topic and I haven't found any posts about broken parts (except for the body). Is this car really so durable? I am going to order one for myself, but the blue one is out of stock atm (Tamico). My order list will be : * bearing set * sand viper body (for keeping dirt out) * Savox SW-0231MG (15kg) or SW-0250MG (5kg) * Carson tyre set * Hobbywing QuicRun esc 1060 WP Will keep the 380 and maybe later switch out to a 540 size motor, but I prefer longer runtimes instead of higher speeds. Would like to fit lights to, someone who has done this?
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