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  1. Hi All, I'm in need of a vintage MK2 SRB chassis, ideally mostly complete, i don't need wheels, body, mech tray or radio gear etc ( unless you really want to part with these too!). It would be Ok if its covered in dust as a shed/loft find, and has a few broken bits or is rough, but i do need most of the important (especially mk2) bits there please!!! Let me know if you have anything to sell, UK based would be great and Paypal transfer, or i have plenty of vintage stuff to trade with paypal adjustment if needed. Let me know what you want in return! Look forward to hearing from you, Thanks Barry
  2. Will do Junkmunki, I'll try and have a look later & catalogue what ive got, thanks B
  3. Hi Hairy Jon, I have a few of the early Tamiya F1 (typically the Ligier Matra and Ferrari 312T3 cars I'm currently in the process of going to/ getting rid of to cut down the size of my collection!, I have various things, from incomplete but mostly there projects, to boxed up parts etc. Or if you want a completed kit I'm sure I can find a boxed Good Condition example of each. Let me know if you are interested, Thanks Barry
  4. Defo with you on the last point there Superchamp!!! And just to prove my dedication to the cause (this could almost be a separate how far would you go to.... thread!!) I discovered that I had the bones of a countach/936 chassis kicking around in my spares pile, so i thought ok I'll test my engineering skills and make a chassis plate out of some 2mm Aly I had lying around, ok not too bad, about 2 hrs in the garage, Then I had that 'mental' moment but it needs a mechanism/radio tray. Of course these are rare as the proverbial rocking horse......to find being sold separately, sans car as it were. I kicked myself for missing out from the chassis set that was on ebay a few weeks ago (Superchamp was that you and do you have any more left ?!!!). So I thought, ok how hard will it be to make one?!! Approximately 5/6 hrs later I emerged from the garage, it still needs a polish - but I did manage it, the one on the chassis is the scratch built one, the one on the cloth is the original. Can somebody please confirm I am not as mental as I think I am!!!! thanks and happy new year all, B
  5. Really interesting thread guys and a subject very close to my heart! For 'investment's' sake I would say far too volatile really. I think the ceiling value of some original cars are totally over -inflated and all it takes is for Tamiya to bring out a re-release (which in the next 20 years they could re-re all of the first 100 with ease!) and suddenly whatever you thought was a sure-bet investment of £5/£600 is now worth less than half that overnight! I recently spoke to a client about it and he reckoned to be careful about your investments and minimise the risk by spreading where the investment goes, and he advised that vintage Tamiya cars were 'The icing on the cake' not to be used as the 'meat and veg' if you see what i mean. As an aside I am lucky enough to own a 1978 Ford Capri with a 3.5L V8 in it (pulls like a train & doesn't stop cause the brakes are crap!!! LoL!, - more like scream out loud!!!). But I keep having the same discussion with people in the classic car world about relative values once the 1970s/80s generation get old. etc. But added to this is the compounded problem of the environmental impact of such a car/engine in a growing environmentally aware world. Either way, both the Capri and spannering a Tamiya put a smile on my face and that is worth more to me than any amount of money sat in a bank or hedge fund etc, I'll just be mindful that i should not 'overdose' on that addiction!!! As Baddon says, they were built for the fun, the minute it isn't fun, its time to get another hobby or invest elsewhere if that's what you're into, surely?!!!
  6. Hi Superchamp82, thanks for the heads up, of course I'm going to be a good boy and just look at it hence the sky hi prices of the 427 versus 435!! I think i've tracked the problem to the crystals so have ordered some replacements, but trying to work out if the polariity of the servos is correct is a nightmare!!! cheers B
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to do a vintage hilux/blazer project Ive been squirrelling away for ages and ive got some acoms ap435 transmitters/ ara 435 recievers that i have been hoarding/collecting for this very job! I cant seem to get any of the little blighters working so i have a few questions, firstly is it possible to use as7 servos with the ara 435 receiver (the plug socket fits - so it must work right????!!!) or is there a funny polarity going on here like the earlier acoms? Secondly which crystals should I be running here, single or dual conversion, I'd really appreciate the help as i'm pretty lost here being out of my 27mhz comfort zone!!!! and this stuff does not google well!!! I know its old tech i'm trying to get working here but i really wanted to do a classic retro job on this one!!! cheers B
  8. Thanks Aerobert, i do apologise if its in the manual, i must have missed that!!! BW Barry
  9. Hi All, just getting round to doing one of the xr311's ive had in the loft for years and need to touch over some glue spots - Doh! (my eyes aren't as good as they used to be!!) does anyone know the acrylic paint code for the body colour, thanks B
  10. I've Just found out that the spare wild Willy M38 Chassis tub that I squirrel'd away many years ago Is not the correct one for an Audi Quattro/ Opel Ascona - I'm gutted! So If anyone has a spare chassis for the Quattro/Ascona they want to sell/swap please let me know, I have all the other bits for this model except for the bathtub!!!! Argh!!! Thanks in advance Barry
  11. 1589143741_SimonsWW.jpg.c50b7bca5d43d88b0fdde0c42719749c.jpg 

    Hi SImon, I love your resto's they look really great!!! Got a couple of questions If I may ask? the first is what is the colour code on this green WW? I'm assuming its not Olive Drab 2? The WW in my old catalogue is this sort of colour and I'm desperate to find out what it is!!!  Secondly do you spray the plastic Chassis members, suspension arms etc? if so do you just use ordinary matt black/ acrylic type aerosol.  I tried it on an old F2 type chassis and it came up really well but was a bit worried if the paint would attack the plastic at all??!! Just wondered if you had any issues with this? many thanks and best wishes Barry

    1. simensays


      Hi Barry - I usually make a detailed description of the model in my showroom, including color used etc. The WW in the picture was prayed with TS5 Olive Drab. The TS28 Olive Drab 2 is a bit darker, and I have used it for several WW builds also, check out my showroom.
      Regarding spraying the chassis parts, I do not do that for the WWs, but I have done this for various other models, like Sand Scorcjer, Sand Sover etc... The WW chassis parts are all cast in black, so not really needed if you ask me, but I do spray the roll bar in matt black, also I spray the underside of bodies matt black.

      I use Tamiya spray for pretty much all my models. 


    2. bjmulford


      Hi Simon, that's great, thank you so much for taking the time to reply, much appreciated! I'm afraid I'm no good with navigating this website, I just find it really confusing and can never seem to get where I want to be on it unless I do a google search first!!! Cheers very much and keep up the resto's!, B

    3. simensays


      Yeah, it has gotten less intuitive to navigate lately, so I understand where you're coming from. I spend less time here lately, but drop by from time to time. It's always great to exchange info with other enthusiasts, so only happy to share. Here is a link to my showroom with some of my models with more detailed info as mentioned earlier. 




  12. Great, thanks 87lc2 will give it a go! cheers B
  13. Hi All, I'm just about to start assembling my box of Porsche 935 body pieces, I've never really paid much attention to glue on the younger models (mostly using CA glue), i suppose because generally you don't need to glue that many bits together!, but on this one I did wonder if I could use something reversible (just in case i want to take it to bits and do a better job of it when i'm retired!!!) I know some of the glues do dissolve in brake fluid, I did wonder about a Tolulene based glue? would be great to hear any recommendations, thanks B
  14. Hi All, ive just won an acoms ap 435 on our favourite online auction site! I was hoping to use it on my vintage hilux which i still haven't finished after owning it for about 20 years - (mostly due to lack of radio gear!!!) I have the receiver but i need to get crystals for it all. According to the manual they are the 35mhz but when i looked on ebay there seems to be different ones - single conversion or dual conversion. I'd be really grateful of a quick description of how it all works and just to know which crystals to order without damaging the handset as in the manual ! (have been stuck in a Luddite Cave with 2 channel 27 mhz stick handsets since i was 13!!!) thanks Baz
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