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  1. There’s a guy that sells these stronger 3d printed off shapewaze they were great I put them on all my m38 if you need the shaft and spring someone has it on ebay in the UK cheers
  2. Forgive the Double post hopefully a mod can delete one. Total accident.
  3. Wanted 414X willing to trade a NIB 30th 49400 or pay 650-1000 depending on condition/new etc.
  4. Wanted 414X willing to trade a NIB 30th 49400 or pay 650-1000 depending on condition/new etc.
  5. I hope it is or you have it and you will sell it !
  6. That’s the price for this stuff brother sorry the supply is us the people willing to sell these items the demand is you and others with deep pockets willing to pay sorry... not for the broke mind...
  7. If anyone has a 414x they would part with message me please
  8. God bless. Brother wish I saw this earlier if anyone else has a 414x I would love one please message me
  9. Please anyone with aluminum or CF shock towers willing to pay a premium
  10. I have every mod desired and possible but the aluminum shock tower I ever have now clear parts A and B
  11. ***SOLD*** feel free to delete thread TC ... some owners are private about their collections. Thanks family
  12. I know baby that’s why this kit I’m willing to go as low as $4500 at first I know someone who says they will sell them for $500 it just becomes a how much can I tie up into this if I wanna make money this was over $800 for the importation and customs, the proxy And (2) Japanese domestic shipments and all their taxes and fees... it’s like holy badword the $2600 yahoo price quickly had an extra $1200 and 3 layers of shipping taxes customs and fees... it’s like I’m at **** near $3800. So I mean... I’m open to offers of $4500 and I would probably take that at this time which we can all agree is fair.
  13. No sir ! I am in the city till Thursday I’ll be back and make a video promptly for the 4th
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