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  1. RestoModGod

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    any recommendations on pulley configuration? I have 15tx2 16tx2 17tx2 so I can do any combo. and for top speed would I want larger or smaller pulleys ?
  2. RestoModGod

    30th Anniversary Porsche 934 Build 49400

    Oooof struggling here to not build mine and I’m about to go ahead with that build
  3. RestoModGod

    Show us your TA03!

    Yeah I have an upper aluminum blue new GPM... beginning to wonder if I should convert to Ta03: F. So I must ask what pulley combination do you recommend and why? i have double 15, 16, and 17 in aluminum... I want pure top speed. then I agin I feel my 15 and 17 combination as instructed in my F was fun.
  4. RestoModGod

    My TA03RS Special Chassis TRF styled build

    Yeah I have another one, they cost me 51$ from RCdamper or RCjaz. I also have the blue one as well. They are on eBay I planned to do a F and FS but I’m just not in love with them anymore. I’m about to list this on eBay. This TA03RS for a raw 0$ start auction: any pulley configuration recommendations. I am told for drifting and performance of this gear box (2) 17 would be best. My question really is would I want larger 17T for top speed or 15T my assumption is the smaller pulley will have higher top speed. And for best top speed I’ll need matching pulleys...??? Correct me if I’m wrong. So my question is... to mix and match 17 and 15t pulleys ? Or matching 15,16,17t? IS 17t larger pulley better for top speed?
  5. RestoModGod

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    So family, decisions decisions... I’ve done this a multitude of ways ... I put the light weight counter shaft in the rear... due to the package instructing to put the one way in the rear I’ll move the light weight to the front... unless it’s recommended to run a one way in the front and the rear... idk. As of now I am putting the (2) 15T which I assume would be best for top speed. So my 2 questions are any recommendations on pulley configuration? and for top speed would I want larger or smaller pulleys ? if this post is not appropriate here lmk I’m new ?
  6. RestoModGod

    Show us your TA03!

    So I am inclined to assume the david June has carbon fiber rather then the frp material chassis plates ?
  7. RestoModGod

    Show us your TA03!

    I must chime in as I ended up with 2 of these, and the ta03F is now in florida Ta03R I kept
  8. RestoModGod

    For Sale: Porsche 911 GT3 TA03-R

    Some how I ended up with this car I put the Tamiya official heatsink Tamiya Gold/blue Ta03 super low friction dampers Tamiya 17T largest pulleys x2 Tamiya Urethane front bumper Tamiya blue rear wide axle spacer Tamiya body mount brace MST gold mesh rims Blue anodized can peak motor
  9. So here it is. And it’s kind of a mix up with 2 gray plastics pieces that bother me from the FRP kit but it makes it a chase to find the bits to make it an all black mostly tamiya car. This car I didn’t care to make it purely tamiya I just wanted a quality hopup fulfilling all trf specs or better. I’ll list what she has already... I ended up with this cause a buddy owed me 100$ and I ended up spending tons of money ... Tamiya TA03RS chassis kit w/out body 100$ GPM purple light weight kingpin 5$ GPM heat sink 20$ right here on eBay only place to get it Trinity Rear purple alloy camber arm (12$ even being honest about my accepted offer paid price there) Chrome drift God Rims 13$ Drift God disc brake realism hubs 6$ Yokomo Firm super touring compound foam 12$ Futaba 3003 OEM tamiya servo 22$ HPI electronic speed controller 34$ Tamiya Steel shielded Ball bearing kit 40$ Tamiya CF and alloy post battery plate 38$ Tamiya Aluminum servo mount 12$ FRP conversion kit 110$ Tamiya CF special chassis plates 70$ Tamiya Red super rare 51$ from (RCmart not resale) aramid reinforced belt Tamiya Flouresent stabilizer bars (got raped for 35$ on eBay but what are you gonna do I needed them for the build only one NIP still none yet again so there you have it) Tamiya Super low friction tamiya Red/pink dampers 40$ Tamiya florescent spring set 10$ Tamiya hardcoated pinion gear 15t I believe might be a 16t 6$ Tamiya light weight counter shaft 20$ Tamiya Wide rear axle kit 20$ Tamiya urethane front bumper 25$ Eagle racing alloy turn buckles 30$ Eagle racing stainless steel suspension pins 20$ So over 700$ I’m willing to take half of that. update breaking 800$ 3/24/19 Eagle racing aluminum rear upright 25$ Tamiya light weight blue weight drive x2 40$ Tamiya adjustable front upper turnbuckle TL-01 10$ (Tried the TL-01 seems I’ll need to cut a good 1-2 mm off each side to make the them a little shorter for Ta03)
  10. Hello my good man I am interested !