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  1. My man your gonna need a cross upper gear cover to get on the next level and a alloy Spur. But those are pretty would pay you a pretty penny for those cf GPM towers lol
  2. More rage thanks to Chris seems I now own 3 of the 5 in that first photo! I took the parts from all 3 and here it is Ta03 pure fire that’s it world not Drift mission not the homie with the carbon fiber plates... not a soul on IG has A nicer one... TA03 flex on this ... thought so. Willing to trade only for a 4wd m chassis build fyi
  3. One just sold on YJ for $1300 and I saw another earlier this year about the same price
  4. Ahhhh glory my baby continues to dance too still modding out !!
  5. Looking to pay $100 for a Lrp esc if someone has it for that sweet if not I get it.
  6. Sounds right I have them on eBay for $35 🤣
  7. Asking a premier but I sold one for $40 usd plus postage so I hear ya
  8. Same I need them too all the time lol. Well they have new packs $35 on eBay I’ve spent over $1000 on my all alloy and carbon ta03 cars
  9. Those Are expensive my man I paid a lot off the auctions $35 a pack for 3
  10. I will get photos but it’s a nib black Porsche with some handling ware but it’s still new. To avoid haggling I thought long and hard about what I feel is a great deal for the other person. I want a mint/new trf414x a 404x if you have it I’ll do a direct trade but I’m not sure anyone owns that. I want $2000 rock Bottom and your 414x if the black Porsche is what your heart desires.
  11. Hope you got atleast $1200 because I woulda paid that !
  12. Ahhhh yeah Ta03 Jazz well Chris I own 2 of those 5 we’ll only have one of 2 I got off you what do you think Chris ?
  13. yeah shapewaze has a badass one bed by a guy on the Instagram handle of s2gtoo stuart a tamiya enthusiast makes them
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