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  1. Yes it does man I love it! I'd still like a red one also, though haha!
  2. Thanks man! They'll look nice sitting alongside my old Hot Shot 😊
  3. A few things arrived. Hand delivered by the seller yay! 😊 The Hornet is complete I think it has a broken shock or steering mount which is an easy fix. The Manta Ray in the box is a very clean, original example in box art Which will go nicely with my custom Ray. Super Astute is a new built re re and the others are vintage. No pics but also got an original ACTO-POWER Pinky motor (decal) and a DYNA-TECH 02H in very good condition. Was a nice little haul! 😊
  4. Here ya go mate https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F182721983882
  5. Haha yeah man they absolutely rip on grass!! Proline Trac-Ta-Gator 2.2"
  6. I ended up modifying a spare King Cab body and fitted it to my Blitzer Beetle chassis lol. Done custom mounted in the back and 3 holes in the body and done! This thing is brushless and absolutely flies. It bore looks cool whilst doing it 😊 I'll get to my King Cab chassis one day...
  7. Any luck with that Blitzer rear end lol...
  8. Has this issue been sorted? I have recently picked up a completely original Gallop if you'd like me to check something for you?
  9. Sorry for the thread dig but a friend has one of these RC's and he wants to replace the rear tyres. Any idea on where I can point him to get some?? Or what size tyre he needs? Thx in advance 😊
  10. Replaced all of the 22(!!!!) plastic bushings in the driveline and axles. Even spinning everything by hand it's far more "free". Not to mention the added strength and protection from dust, sand etc. I've given it a birthday with some period hop ups and the larger 8.4v battery mounts. I've gone for a 4350kV brushless motor so I'll stick the 16T and XL-5 ESC in the Grasshopper to wake it up. Just waiting on the postie....
  11. I've built up a custom Fighter Buggy RX with a Mad Bull body and big wheels so was looking for something slightly different... But yes, a Mad Bull is an excellent option. Ease of build, adequate hop ups and a virtually square footprint would be very easy to drive. The body livery is horrible to me, though. Something about the stickers or colour combo just doesn't do it. Maybe it's the yellow wheels... I might show him some pics of various buggies mentioned above and take it from there. If I can get a top 3 then the rest of us should be able to come up with a solid answer lol.
  12. I'm in Australia. I considered a Black Edition Grasshopper and fitting a larger wheel/tyre combo... But recently I've liked the look (and price) of the DT-03 chassis buggies. A chrome edition Neo Fighter with Wild Willy II wheels and tyres is a definite possibility! :-))
  13. Ok guys the time has come for me and my son (turning 7 soon) to build a brand new kit together. I want to build it with him as I'm hoping it will make him appreciate the working mechanics of the car as well as give him a decent knowledge on how he might go about fixing it for when it breaks. I don't live with him so I'm not there every day. My question is what kit to buy..?? A large park is a couple of minute walk away which I'm sure has some good dirt so I was thinking a buggy/monster truck type kit. Would obviously have to be a current re re. Grasshopper? Lunchbox? Wild Willy II? Any of the many 4WD buggies..? Something that can be hopped up for when he gets better would be a bonus. And tough too. If he drives anything like me he'll be crashing alot lol. Cheers! One confused-overthinking-it dad 😊
  14. Man I must just love spending money lol. Ok I've decided against the chrome wheels I wanted to run that required the hex extensions. I'll get another car to use them on lol. Traxxas XL-5 ESC and Stinger motor (for now) mounted in place. Only one small hole has been drilled so I can stick a straw, toothpick, screwdriver etc into it to turn the ESC on. I didn't even take note of what the steering servo was. It feels quite good to turn the wheels manually so I'll see how it goes. Pretty sure there was a Futaba logo on it. I was working on it yesterday replacing all of the upper and lower control arms and rebuilt the shocks (the suspension action is beautiful now, btw 👌) when I spotted a set of short course wheels so I popped them on and now I'm digging it! It's got really good ground clearance and the geometry hasn't been messed about too much, either. I just need to do something about that front bumper bar. It looks a little out of place. The wheels hit it on 3/4 lock so something has to be done anyways. Might go for something like a Traxxas Bandit style.
  15. Yes you're absolutely correct lol... My brother is a nerd so I won't be wearing his clothes lol. I'll be keeping my Hot Shot looking "stock" but will be upgraded with ball bearings, better wheel/tyre combo and modern electronics etc.
  16. Ended up settling on a Snow Panther 16T brushed motor from Asia Tees. I'll stick to 2S also as I'd rather drive and enjoy it rather than buy up all the spares from constantly breaking it lol.
  17. Ended up getting some hex extenders. Easily change to stock wheels when I want. Been doing a little research and I'm not going to be pleased with the Stinger 20T motor so what "good" racing type 15T motors are there? I don't want to hurt the car but I don't want to fall asleep whilst driving it, either...
  18. Great info thanks Willy 😊 I have a debatable question... I picked up some killa wheels but they foul on the front uprights (their internal diameter is too small). Is it possible to extend the axles?
  19. My fellow Tamiyans... I've recently picked up this Hot Shot. I haven't pulled it apart other than wheels and body. Is there any tell-tale signs that would, in fact identify this as an early model from the '80's? Or do I have to strip it further the check the driveline etc..? Appears to be in good condition. It arrived with a broken front lower arm but came with a replacement which was slightly different. It didn't have the small triangular protrusion about 2/3 of the way along the outer edge... This got me thinking, was it a re-re or the replacement arm? It fitted up perfectly anyways. After further examination I noticed the rear suspension non existent. This was caused by a broken suspension link tab on the lower rear control arm. One is in the mail. I wonder if it will have the same triangular thingy or not... I just really plan on using modern electrics in the way of a Traxxas XL-5 ESC, a 20T brushed Stinger motor from an older Traxxas Bandit and 2S lipo power. That way I can use it and will keep the original electrics if I ever want to revert back... What else should be done to improve the buggy as a whole? Bearing upgrade is next. I'm guessing I'll have to pull the shocks down and service/clean them. What weight oil is a good all rounder? I added 12mm hexes in place of the tri-drive setup so I could pop on some later wheel/tyre technology. Not sold on the look. Think I'd rather some old styled but 2.2" gold wheels. Tyres will have to remain the exact same diameter, too, correct? I'm unsure of the 4WD system but I think it's a good enough reason considering the stock wheels are all exact diameters. Ugh, I'm rambling... Here's some pics.
  20. So these enable (4) "normal" style shocks to replace the factory (2) horizontal ones? Hmm, kind of takes away the unique appeal but I understand that it would help improve the handling...
  21. Haha that sounds like awesome fun! I decided to take the 3S Velenion system out of my custom Slash and got a 2S battery. With 23/86 gearing it has really women it up! I also put my RPM front/rear bumpers and wheelie bar on it as the colour better matches his factory body. And yep, I'll fix it stronger as it breaks things....
  22. I can't for the life of me find the shocks I bought. My eBay seems to have lost that part of my purchase history... (or it doesn't go back that far due to me buying 1 million things lately lol) Just remove your shocks and measure them from eyelet to eyelet and enter that number (in mm) into ebay with "aluminium shocks" in the search. Modify search results to be "worldwide" and price starting from lowest. Good luck. Half the thrill is the chase! 😊
  23. I measured them and put a search on ebay for blue aluminium shocks lol. They're nothing special but I did change the oils to synthetic 47.5wt as a baseline to see how it goes. I also used the stock front springs and the softer of the two sets of springs in the rear shock pack. I can get the eBay links if you can't find them?
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