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  1. The thing is I've done the threaded rod and ball cup mod off the servo and also a custom turnbuckle steering rod so I don't know how to make it tighter?
  2. Haha yeah man they're sick!! 👌 Decided to go with the monster spike tyres. I already had the rims and didn't want them to go to waste. It fits the look I was after in the end. I'm still not happy with the steering. There's alot of sloppiness and given the size of the front wheels in sure they'll end up ripping themselves from the body lol. Just need a 2S lipo soft pack and fit the ESC and she'll be good for a test run 😊
  3. Cool as your truck looks sweet! What battery are you running? We had a shot of a friend's 4WD on a 3S lipo and it was nuts! His has the Velinion 3500kv setup. Pretty awesome. I think I'll just go with a 120A Hobbywing or Turnigy waterproof ESC. Then I guess upgrade it as it breaks lol. We do like the way it handles like a true short course truck. Which isn't very good lol but that's the beauty of it for us. I've got my own full modified SCT so I can run with him. It's full aftermarket everything, though so handles nothing like a Slash lol.
  4. Ahh well I'll figure something out. All this just to run a nice looking set of rims! I might just have to paint a crappy Chinese set... 😒
  5. Found a 3800kV 4-pole motor in a local trader so now to get a suitable ESC!
  6. So there's no 1.9" tyres around is that what you're saying? Just getting a set of 2.2" is not what I'm wanting to do. I could of figured that out all by myself... Thx anyways.
  7. Wouldn't you just love to go o rampant with unlimited funds in RCMART's warehouse lol... The front wheels are held in place by the wheel nuts. Slide the bearing on the axle, then the hex, then the wheel, making sure the hex goes inside the wheel, then the outer bearing and then the wheel nut. The pressure holds it all o in place.
  8. Wild Willy II wheels fit perfectly. I have a Fighter Buggy RX (there's an intro thread that seems to have turned into a build thread lol - my only thread check it out) All I had to do was get Mad Bull uprights (longer axle to the Fighter Buggy RX) to make it all work! Chrome too, so they look killa 👌 Only trouble I'm having is finding decent, non-Wild Willys/Mad Bull style monster truck tyres... The rims are 1.9" high and 2.25" wide lol...
  9. I've got these hex hub adapters on there way from eBay land. I found some "machine hexes" that had an internal needle bearing that sat on the Tamiya front axle but I decided to go with the adapter style which utilises the sealed bearings which I've already got but now have another set as they come supplied lol. I've been waiting so long for things as of late. The international postal service has been quite slow... Hmm. Anyways here's a pic. Not long now!
  10. Yes, I know the rear wheels are on backwards.... 😒
  11. Hi Trexxfan thx for the welcome mate 😊 I forgot to update the Grasshopper pics. I hit the wheels 3 times with the oven cleaner, the last was in a plastic bag. They're not perfect but, meh. I couldn't pull the wheels apart due to them being glued lol.
  12. Started the paint removing process... So Easy oven cleaner.
  13. Yep she's a definite survivor of the '80's mate 😀 I think the wheels aren't in good shape anyways as the screws seem to have been lost long ago and the holes filled with glue which poured out and left horrible bumps and bubbles and were left to dry like that. I will most likely just chuck a cheap brushless system into it and have fun which will call for a wheel upgrade anyways... 👍
  14. I need to buy 2.2" wheels for another buggy now 'cos guess who bought the wrong tyres haha!!! 😂😂
  15. Haha cheers bro! Trust me this is the first and only thing she's done for me basically since forever... And yeah it's an old '80's Grasshopper 👍 Meh. She'll use it against me one day... 😒 Thanks man I'm super keen to get the Fighter Buggy going and I think I'm onto something regarding the hubs...
  16. Hi guys I'm trying to find a good quality, high speed tyre for my WW2 rims. I thought I was onto something when I measured the outside diameter and found them to be 2.2" (56mm). I jumped for joy as I hit buy-it-now on some awesome ProLine Truck tyres. They arrived and don't fit. They went on way too easy and I reckon even the best glue won't hold them there. Not with a 3S compatible brushless setup, anyways... Upon further investigation the wheels are actually classed as a 1.9" (48mm) as they're measured from inside the rim where the bead goes and I'm having some seriously horrible luck finding a decent set of tyres. I'm after a micro knob or pin type rear and a wide ribbed style for the front. I would never have guessed this to be such s#@t of an excruciating exercise!! So back to the drawing board... 😞🔫
  17. Got given this by the ex this arvo when I collected my son for the long weekend... Seems to be in quite good nic considering the Ken Done style wheel paint lol. Would you trust paint striper to not stuff the rims or is there a better alternative to removing the old paint?
  18. So what I'm wanting to do is get some modern 2.2" buggy rims so I can use my ProLine Dirt Hawg tyres. Trouble is that any/wheels I like are 12mm hex. The rear is fine as the Fighter Buggy RX is equipped with the correct hex fitting. The front, however, is the older style twin bearing type design and I can't seem to find any solid info on fitting hex front wheels to my older style straight axles...??? Or am I missing something?
  19. I'm having terrible trouble finding these adapters. Do they have an inbuilt bearing or something? The ones I've seen have grub screws or pins that lock them to the axle. Doesn't that make them stationary? As in, can't spin??
  20. Ahh cool thanks man. So they'd be classed as a 2.2" rim?
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