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  1. Haha yeah cool. I think what I'm going to do is get some hexes and machine the centres out to fit the bearing. It's the only thing I can come up with that will be remotely safe. Unless you've got another idea... Yeah those uprights where a "have to buy" purchase after trying to fit the chrome wheels to no avail. Which reminds me... What is the size of those Wild Willys II wheels? What good tyres are available?
  2. Soooo the motor arrived today so I used the opportunity to fit it along with the wheels I'm going to run and the Mad Bull uprights that allowed the front wheels to actually fit! Here's some pics. Can't wait for the ProLines to arrive... 😀 I'm digging it so far 👌
  3. Get some pics up, Clint 😀 Where in Oz are you mate? Your collection sounds sweet. I'd love a Hot (or Super) Shot one day... One day 😂
  4. So I've been messing around with wheels and I've finally found some that I think I like however, they have 12mm hex hub pattern. I know these will fit the rear no worries but is there an adapter or some sort of mod I can do to allow the front to fit? Maybe mill the hex part out enough for the front bearing to sit snugly inside it?
  5. Yep I think I had Traxxas Slash specs plugged into my head when I thought 32p lol...
  6. Oh I'm an idiot I had Mad Fighter in my head when writing this!! Yes, it's always been a Mad Bull sorry guys I'll fix up the original post.
  7. Yep it is a Mad Bull shell mate I think I should of gotten the Mad Fighter as the rear mount might of lined up... Hmm... Can you put some pics up of your rear section of both chassis and work body on? I might have to get the same body dammit lol.
  8. Davin isn't in that much. It's a shame how things change but the Helion stuff is flying out the door and really giving it to the more expensive Traxxas SC trucks. Yep their repairs are through the roof with all the cheaper rtr stuff on the market. Ahh well it keeps the doors open. Would of been great to be into RC when I was a kid. I'm 40 now so I'd have a great deal of experience. Oh well time to catch up lol The Mad Bull body arrived this morning along with FlySky remote. I was hoping it was the brushless motor combo so I could pop it in Koop's Slash as his brushed 550 Titan just crapped itself. Mad Bull Fighter Buggy Mad Bull Fighter Buggy I like it! I have to fashion a new rear body mount as the Mad Bull (Grasshopper II) is slightly different. Might just have to notch the rear a touch where the shock reservoirs are. Or maybe spin them around so they face down?? She's getting there...
  9. Yes it would be nice to see more of the shocks! Hopefully the new body has a different design at the back there to show them off a bit more 😀 Definitely put a sealed bearing kit through it. You'll need to pull the diff apart for that as there's a few bearings to go inside the gearbox housing. Pinion tooth count from memory was 16T but don't quote me. Absolutely cannot remember the other gears, either... 32P rings a bell but, again, I'm not 100% sure... Some hop ups work with this chassis, a bit of researching is required. It's handy to have someone who has another kit like a DT-02/DT-03 that parts can be measured. It's either that or find out the part # and Google away, hoping that there's some info out there...
  10. Haha that would be Matt. I thought the same when I first went there a fortnight or so ago. He's unfortunately been to badword and back and it shows. He's a great hobbyist, though and knows his stuff. Yes it sends that there's more workers than customers at times but mostly when I've been there the till door is consistently banging open/closed which is what it's supposed to do I guess lol. Yeah they're a stockist of Traxxas, Horizon and Helion. No more Kyosho or Tamiya... 😞 There is a 50Lt plastic tub behind the counter with a heap of Tamiya small parts that I was fishing through to no avail. Matt was saying the box was close to "our age" being that it came from the old Dandenong store.
  11. Great info Jason thanks mate 😀 A little update. I got down to the local hobby shop to have a dig through any Tamiya parts they might have and turned up with not alot. I needed steering turnbuckles. I wasn't happy using the factory 1-piece plastic tie rod arms so I went about making some. All I needed was some threaded rod. They didn't have the size. They did have a small parts bag with a pair of bare turnbuckle rods in the correct thread. But not quite long enough. It needs to be another 6-8mm long for me to be happy but I just wanted the car to resemble a car. Sick of looking at a handful of clean parts... Anyways, I stole my old hornets wheels and popped in the original Fighter Buggy RX body just so I could look at it. It is a dummy fit at this stage and the car will look far different when finished. I like it whatcha reckon?
  12. Heya guys my son's Slash 2WD ate itself the other day so now I'm up for a suitable replacement motor and ESC etc... It has an XL-5 ESC and a TITAN 550 12T brushed motor that went south from running a few too many lipos and the usual dirt, dust eventually leading to it's demise. I'm thinking about an upgrade to brushless. What ideas do we have regarding something with a bit more poke? Ignore the pic of the Helion Select Four body. I fitted it so he didn't destroy the factory Traxxas one lol. Cheers and appreciate any/all input regarding the obvious and any other mods that would suit a friendly competitive "racer amongst friends" type of car. All that's done so far is a set of decent wheels & tyres...
  13. Ahh cool. Yeah bro do a thread so you can keep track for sure 👍 I'm keen to see how she looks! I've made pretty good friends with one of the young blokes at the shop and he pulled the shocks down, told me they were cheap (lol which I knew already) but!! The action etc, is awesome and he was really happy with them! 😀 I'm a firm believer in fixing stuff straight away so hopefully I never get any nasty surprises. Having said that I make sure I'm good to go well before we go out to the track. I guess force of habit from the moto-cross and drag car days... I'm so looking forward to seeing this Mad Fighter!!!
  14. I know right that was hektik. Poor ******s. Catastrophic engine failure was the cause of the crash. The worst domestic air crash we've had in 30 years leaving 5 dead... 😞🌹 On a different note I fitted some shocks. Need to get more mounting screws. I'm digging those reservoirs 👌
  15. Ahh cool as cheers mate. I've gone with 47wt silicon oil and the shocks are gorgeous now. Just gotta find some nice, light springs and she'll be floating like a butterfly lol...
  16. Mine comes with a few things form the Hop Up parts bin which are all period correct I believe... Sport Tuned RS 540 Shocks Swaybars I just need to add my own radio gear as she's been a shelf queen for some time. Apparently she does run, though. I'll prolly just leave it all as is, to be honest as it's an '84. I might get a re re kit and trick it up maybe. The stock silver can and some suspension tweaks and you'll have a blast with yours 😀
  17. Righty-ho update time!! Well, the postie arrived lol. My new aluminium adjustable oil filled shocks came in the mail yesterday. I didn't get much time to look at them but do I have to put oil in them? I've never pulled one apart and seemed apprehensive incase I stuff the whole lot up... The rear ones have a cool reservoir on them that reminded me of the early awesome shock absorber days with cars and bikes in moto-cross and dessert racing being equipped with similar... Here's a couple of pics. There is a plate of sorts that threads into the reservoir that has a small plunger (?) built into it that I guess presses into something? Front are similar but without the reservoirs. What grade oil should I use? Hmm the joys of the technical stuff haha!! 😂
  18. Monash car park!!!! 😱🔫 The guys at Hobby Man in Fountain Gate seem to be doing ok. Whenever I'm in there, which could be literally ANY time as I've been on/off work crook for the last fortnight, the place has always someone in there. It's cool. Never boring I guess?? I've witnessed about 7 Helion Select products sell the last few times I've been there. Also a few Traxxas SC trucks as well. Horizon seem to be moving well also. These later brands seem to be keeping the shop alive. Hopefully for a long time. Trouble is, shops just cannot compete with online sales. Example in my eBay watch list for my son's Slash is two pairs of ProLine tyres. They're $30/pair shipped to my door. The shop has the EXACT tyres on the shelf at $50. I'm all about shopping local and keeping the dollar here etc etc but a $40 difference in a complete tyre set is borderline a joke. I'll spend there on small parts as they're cheap enough anyways but shop prices are pretty nasty compared to online. There's nothing that can be done about it though. Hard to compete. One thing the shop DOES offer over an eBay seller is service. Really, really great customer service and advice. And if you buy a part, even if a few dollars worth, they'll fit it for you as they're all hobbyists themselves and love working on R/C. That's why I do my best to support them. Unfortunately shops die for whatever reason. Maybe hobbying comes and goes in waves and atm the surf is up. Time will tell... It's funny you mention Tamiya and only one person in the whole shop gets excited haha! But they're all a good bunch of guys and have helped me no end with my son's Slash. I actually just bought a VKAR RACING Bison 1/10 truggy thing which goes like a cut cat and it shares identical chassis (basically the whole roller) to the Helion Select Four TR 10. But half the price. If you can find one, that is. I think I snagged the last one off eBay. But they're keen to see what I'm doing with the Fighter Buggy RX which is the main thing lol. Ahh cool thx for the info on chassis code. I was trying to work out what the three letters stood for lol.
  19. Hey Jason cheers bro I'm glad to be of service! 😀 But, in fact, I got any ideas from here, so this helpful forum is the real hero... I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your Mad Fighter (is that the big wheels version like the Mad Bull?). Even if we can't get them handling like a modern buggy they will be giving off so much charm that they will be a pleasure to pedal around lol. I'm waiting on a couple of bits and pieces before I can dive into the final assembly stage of mine. Getting close, though!! 👍 Feel free to update your own DT-01 chassis mods in here, mate. I like it when it's all together. The only thing that irritated me when searching was that there was only little bits and pieces in many threads. Ahh well that's the thrill of the chase!! 😂 Cheers man enjoy 👍
  20. Awesome. I just picked up a tired yellow HUNTER off ebay. Paid a bit more than $40 though.... 😒 Your's is mint!
  21. Soooo I might of taken my son's Traxxas Slash 2WD to a track with a few of the boys who have recently purchased some new short course trucks lol. It was carnage. It rained all morning and on/off most of the day. First to go was my mate's Slash's spur gear. That was after less than 5 mins. Then a rear shock mount went on one of the Helion Select SC10's. Then ball joints went on the other Helion lol. Then my (son's) steering servo went. We had another but I still had to go for an hour total drive to the LHS to get a wiring loom extension 'cos Traxxas ffs. Got back, threw in a 2S 6000 lipo and happy days... Until the fkn motor overheated. Sonofa***** that was the end of my first track day. But it was awesome! I cannot wait to get this Fighter Buggy RX going soon!! Hurry up Mr Postman!!! Oh and Koop's Slash is going brushless now 😀 Ready for heart transplant as we speak...
  22. That's exactly it mate you said it perfectly you completely understand me haha!! 😂 Build Restore Drive Mint 👌
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