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  1. Thanks to all for your suggestions especially on the JIS tools. And for Effigy3 suggestion on a build thread, I will give it some thought. I had already begun the documentation process and began posting photos to my Instagram acct. (@OgreSupreme). Thanks again everyone and here is a recent pic I took of my old school Tamiya Fox. Enjoy!
  2. Thanks for your suggestions Effigy3! Pretty stoked that you mentioned the Subaru because, after much deliberation, I had already ordered that kit online and expect a visit from UPS soon! I purchased 2 kits in the last 2 weeks (Midnight Pumpkin, Subaru Impreza). I've yet to start the build process. Its been a LONG time since I last did a build (original Tamiya Fox 1985?) but can't wait to get started. BTW, NEPA is abbreviation for "Northeast Pennsylvania." Thanks again!
  3. After being away from the hobby for 30+ years, I'm looking to build a new car from scratch. Specifically Tamiya brand. Looking at rally cars. Need suggestions for type of chassis, best Hop up kits, best place online to purchase, etc. Any and all suggestions welcome.
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