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  1. Here pictures of the rare Bmw Race SpĂ´rts chassis, the competition version of the Super Sports. look at the different special parts, front steering, black chassis, different body mounts, no spring loaded suspension, etc.. wheels need to be silver.
  2. Hello, here i have some pictures of my old Kyosho cars. In Europe sold by Robbe and Graupner. The green frog looking buggy is a Robbe Baja Bug, or known as the Electric Peanuts. There next is a rare Bmw 3.5 CSL Race Sports chassis (looking for a body..), next Audy Quattro Sonic Sports (all wheel drive two motors), Lancia Stratos Super Sports, Bmw Mach Sports, Bmw M1 Super Speed Race Car, Bmw Sonic Sports, Two Porsche 936/78 Turbo Sonic Sports (front wheel drive), Porsche carrera Sonic Sports. The other cars are not Kyosho.
  3. Hello, this is another rare oldie rc car from my collection, I think it has been driven once or twice.. look at the gears. Complete, manual, decal sheet and clear body. will be listed next week on Ebay. I have about 35 rc cars, mostly 1/12 scale and mostly from the 70' and 80' era. I must make space in my crowded hobby room...
  4. Hello vintage fans, I have a rare Daishin rc car for sale, complete with transmitter and charger in the original box, few times driven. If someone is interested? https://www.benl.ebay.be/itm/Daishin-rc-vintage-classic-car-Chevron-B-36-1-12-scale/273317630428?hash=item3fa30011dc:g:LiYAAOSwlmhbLt4F I have also other rare 1/12 scale rc cars that i will sell in the near future. Johan.
  5. Hello, i'm Johan from Belgium, last week i bought an old rc car and i never seen or heard anything from this car. The brand on the box is Tsukuda but this brand is only known for static model kits and puppets... I happen to have also an old AYK from 1979 i think, and this car has the same wheels and rear axle, in the Tsukuda box are two optional gears and thy are marked AYK. The chassis is also black anodized. Maybe someone know something about this car? Thank you.
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