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  1. The snow hasn’t hit us this year yet but here are a few from last year. ⛄️
  2. Yet another Lotus owner on the forum. What is it about us fans of small plastic toy cars that also draws us to Tamiya RC models?😀
  3. The next Tamiya Junkies meeting is on Sunday 30th January at the Robin Hood Raceway. For anyone not sure where to find RHR, the what three words location is ///formally.standing.crank
  4. Very nice, the colour scheme reminds me of my own 👍🏻
  5. I was thinking it might be a re re of the Alfa Romeo 155 DTM car to go with the recent Opel Calibra TA02.
  6. I hope it’s a re re of this but I doubt it will be.
  7. Before I fit a new body on to my trusty old Lunchbox, I thought the old one needed a good run in the park.
  8. I’m interested in what you can make out of these @TurnipJF as I’ve also ordered a set of these Banggood specials for my Clod. I’m under no illusion about the quality at this price but I plan on using the kit springs, so if I can get any form of damping, even from 4 of the 8 it should be an improvement over the kit “shocks”. Maybe 🤞🏼
  9. Parts for my Bi-annual Lunchbox restoration 😃
  10. I think the 959 is being saved for the 50th anniversary in 2026.
  11. I don’t know about oven cleaner but I used a bottle of dettol antiseptic floor cleaner in a clear plastic bag once on a sand scorcher body. It certainly took the paint off and didn’t damage the body but the smell was horrendous. I still smell it when I look at that car
  12. This is something you don’t see everyday.
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