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  1. I have a 1937 MG TA which does a good job of stopping me spending too much money on RC toys.
  2. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/associated-rc10cc-classic-clear-edition-kit-1355127 £319. Thats quite a tempting price.
  3. I have the Hobbywing XR10 G3 ESC and Justock G2.1 13.5T Motor in mine. I’ve played with the ESC settings using the programme card but can’t get it to give me forward-brake-reverse, only forward-reverse. I’m obviously missing something but it’s a bit disappointing. It’s fast enough though.
  4. Okay. I bought this BBX almost buy mistake when my Mrs unwittingly booked a hotel for a weekend away too close to a large model shop😂 Its mostly kit standard apart from the slipper clutch an 13.5T brushless set. The colour is PS clear red followed by lame sparkle backed with bright silver and finally black. The wheels are from the Tamiya CC01 Defender kit And I 3d printed a vanity panel across the back to hide my dodgy soldering. All in, a lovely kit to build.
  5. This evening I fitted the body to my BBX. Now I’m going to sit back and look at it for a while.
  6. The next Tamiya Junkies meet is on Saturday 14th October 2023 at the Robin Hood Raceway.
  7. Box art just like my first Tamiya build when I was a kid. I’ve also picked up a couple of decal sheets from MCI to replace the missing sponsors.
  8. Sorry for the short notice but the next Tamiya Junkies meeting is Sunday 20th August at Robin Hood Raceway.
  9. After months of waiting, I finally have the body I want for my XV-02.
  10. I finished my Optima just in time for the Tamiya Junkies meeting tomorrow.
  11. I use Yeggi.com as a search engine for 3d print files. A search for Tamiya comes up with nearly 2,000 results.
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