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  1. I can see the GoolRC motor has timing marks and I guess the double mark indicates zero timing? If new brushes are available, these might be a better option than the Firebolts for similar cost.
  2. I've had a Clod on back order for a few weeks which has given me plenty of time to think about upgrades too. I was considering the HPI Firebolts as they are known to have zero timing and can run in either direction. The GoolRC motors look to have replaceable brushes and have adjustable timing. Are these factory set at zero or do you have to adjust them to use in the Clod?
  3. I wonder why Tamiya chose not to sell this on the TA-01 chassis?
  4. I don’t get why people love the Top Force so much. Maybe I need to try one. 🤔
  5. I’m counting my laps on my iPad placed instead of the right cone. I’ve had a few near misses but so far I’ve managed not to knock it around too much.😉
  6. Today’s fun was fitting my spare Avante shims to the sand scorcher shocks to stop them leaking. They seem to be working so far 🤞🏼
  7. My Tamiya Lotus 79 which I bought part built before Christmas
  8. I finally finished the decals on black beauty.
  9. That looks quite mean without the stripes.
  10. They drive really well, unless you are completely ham-fisted
  11. Not Tamiya but I’ve just finished my Christmas Top Cat build. Just in time for the snow to start falling. 🙁
  12. I wasn’t a fan of the yellow wheels so initially I dyed mine black too. I think the style looks better in chrome though somehow.
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