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  1. Why did Tamiya choose to re-rere the Fire Dragon in preference to the Thunder Dragon? Is the fire dragon is an easier hit while the factory is running at reduced capacity?
  2. My pens are nice and organised but my lunchbox oversteers like crazy. 🤪
  3. Although I painted it yesterday, today I got to bring my scorcher shell into the house for a coat of looking at.
  4. It was a sunny afternoon so I took my CC01 Unimog for a walk in the countryside.
  5. For my money, playing with toy cars beats walking on broken glass as a hobby any day.
  6. No, they’re chromed Tamiya Star Dish wheels
  7. Today I finally repaired my Holiday buggy’s broken shock tower and added some bling wheels
  8. Today, has been a good day! 38 years and few months of waiting are finally over.
  9. I had the same problem with my frog dog bones. I took springs out of two retractable ball point pens and cut them (roughly ) in half and placed them in the drive cups. I had to use a bit of trial & error and trim the springs to fit as if they're too long they cause the suspension to bind. I've not had the problem since.
  10. That’s good advice. I’ll be sure to chase it up.
  11. I paid $80 plus $22 postage. Ouch! i ordered from Cooper813 on ebay and so far they’ve taken 19 days to arrive. That’s quicker than I expected.
  12. Sand scorcher box art bumpers from the U.S.
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