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  1. Finally, six months after ordering, it’s time to dust off the Tamiya tool set 😀
  2. Modelsport have just posted on their Instagram page that a batch of Thunder Dragons has arrived. I can confidently say the long wait is nearly over 🥲
  3. The date for the next Tamiya Junkies meeting is Saturday 16th October at Robin Hood Raceway. https://goo.gl/maps/mw2Nd9G4ZrGHgNLt9
  4. 🤣 I wish I was that good, the stitching is part of the seatbelt decal.
  5. It’s 00:25 in the morning in the UK, I’m just about to go to sleep and I see Tamiya post this. Are we going to see a surprise Super Sabre Re-re?
  6. Like @ThunderDragonCy, I was at the Tamiya Junkies meet at RHR. My collection was some of the slowest on track but it was great fun providing a rolling road block for the fast guys. 😀 More photos in the event thread.
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