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  1. That’s great. The nationals will be my first crawler event but I can only make one day. It’ll be interesting to see what else I miss.
  2. I have a Dash One Emperor on my Thunder Dragon chassis.
  3. Hi Chris, I’ve just renewed my subscription. Could you add me to TC photos as I’m having trouble posting photos hosted elsewhere?
  4. Ouch. I was a little luke warm about this, despite loving the standard Egress and at £600 I’m afraid it’s not for me.
  5. I realised it’d had been about a year since I took my CC01 Unimog out for a run so I decided to go and get the tyres muddy.
  6. I finally finished my “bargain” DT03 Neo Fighter and took it out for its maiden run. I’m really pleased with results considering it a buggy I’d never really fancied before.
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