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  1. Hi P,I'm in Wales (UK),TL-01 wise it's just a regular chassis but there are a few TT-01 parts available,do you want me to mail you some photo's?,all the best,gary
  2. Hi Clubsters,I've just purchased a pretty large job lot of genuine,bagged,Tamiya spares.After taking what I need there are many bits and pieces left,particularly for the NDF-01,TT-01,TB02 and a small amount of other parts including a couple of TL-01 chassis.If you need any parts for these models let me know and I'll see if I have it.I'll go on to list what's left on eBay but before I do I'd like to help any members out if possible,all the best,gary
  3. That's a bit scary P,as it happens I have a substantial collection of Vintage Star Wars memorabilia,maybe I could swap an AT-AT for a Lancia Delta Integrale or an AT-ST for a Monte Carlo Mini,she's not very observant so she probably wouldn't notice.Got my own bank account too so what's to lose ;-)
  4. Thanks Max,it's not just me then...phew! Percymon that's an awesome showroom,now I know I can buy a few more kits without feeling guilty!!!
  5. That's a great looking truck,the bottom arms on your rear suspension are the same as TA01 I think.On the TA02 I have the springs fit inside the bottom arm in a slot bringing the dampers into contact with the hubs,my photo didn't upload for some reason :-/
  6. Has anybody noticed or come across this problem?I've recently bought an already built BMW sti on a TA02 chassis,and the rear suspension doesn't look right.I've stripped it to add steel bearings and checked everything out,I had to replace the adjustable steering links on the front as fixed/short ones were fitted and the wrong hub link arms were fitted on the rear.I'm pretty sure all the right parts are now on.I have a manual (thanks to Tamiyaclub) and a TA01 chassis to compare.What I don't like is the fact that the rear hubs touch the springs on full extension.I'll probably fit the springs outside the bottom arms TA01 style as shown in the picture with the long screws (instead of inside the bottom arm as per the manual).I'd love to hear any thoughts or solutions if I have inadvertently cocked it up ;-),thanks in advance,gary
  7. That looks great,I've ordered white 9mm offsets so they should have plenty of width.Once again thanks for all your help,my sons gonna love it!
  8. Thanks guys,great advice,i'll try to get some offset rims and wide hexes first,then the longer shafts depending what i can get hold of,any ideas for alternative tyres? PS I may have over egged the extra width req'd so 18-22 mm might be perfect!
  9. There is one on eBay if you still haven't got it
  10. Help wanted! Hi folks,Is there an easy way to widen the wheelspan on a Tamiya TA01 chassis? I have a HPI Lancer bodyshell I want to fit to it but it's about 30mm (1 1/4") wider across the axles and it looks rather silly at the moment.I think I could manufacture something but if there's any easy fix I'd love to know.Also are there any third party rally tyres I could use just for a change,I've got a few sets of the Tamiya rally block tyres and i'd like something different.Thanks in advance for any help,rally on,g
  11. Love the engine,fantastic detail,I'm almost tempted to customise my original clod...almost.
  12. Looks like WillyChang takes first prize,the old Acoms transmitter gimbals are screwed in place with just enough cable to swap them over.All in all an easy fix really,thanks for all the comments,no doubt I'll be back soon with another question ;-)
  13. Thanks guys,I'm going down the re-solder route. Steve is that called thinking outside the box?
  14. Thanks I'll try that,got a few spare controllers ;-)
  15. Thanks guys,looks like he'll be using it backwards unless I can pick up an original controller (it didn't come with one)
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