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  1. I'll be measuring that out at the weekend, reckon it'll fit in the garden. Now to choose the appropriate weapon, I'm thinking the Hornet to properly represent my 10 year old self.. 😁
  2. Love this! Great idea, if I can fit the layout in the garden I'm in. 😁
  3. Never mind the parts.... Nice 1210! 😎
  4. Also showing as £349 on Modelsport.co.uk.
  5. Hadn't thought of that. Was looking at it like my FF-03 and it's IFS pushrod. Reckon you could be right.
  6. Was actually thinking that it looks as if debris would be able to fall out of the chassis rather than accumulate in it? The drive train is sealed and the sides are open, (I'd pop some foam under the steering arms to stop them jamming) so maybe just a skid tray rather than a full undertray? I'd not be bothered if underneath got a bit battered though! Looking forward to the first run report 😁
  7. This is a great effort with the build. Am I the only one thinking it could make a great rally chassis? Looks like the lower wishbones can pivot fairly low.
  8. I think mine is great. Works really well as a rally car with a little lift in ride height (achieved by merely swapping kit parts about) and Schumacher Sst tyres. Think gravel paths and cut grass, surprisingly quick with a 13.5 brushless and Tble-02 on Nimh.
  9. I've got a TS50 in my Schumacher CAT and Tt-02b. I think they're ace, really easy to program (lots of parameters), small and stay cool without a fan. In fact it was the only one I could fit in the CAT as its all a bit tight for space.
  10. No worries, glad they got there safe. Packaging may have been a little excessive... Still better safe than sorry 😁👍
  11. @TurnipJF Look what I've found... 😁 Pm me again so I can send on...
  12. Those battery mounts are very cool 👍
  13. £370 seems a bit steep still. I'd like a Vanquish to run but much like others think I'll wait and see if Kyosho re release the Mid.
  14. Around £400?! Ouch, that's more than the Egress was for some time. Seems a bit steep, but let's wait and see. That's a lot of cash for extra coloured wheels or wings!
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