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  1. I have a Super Hotshot. It's pretty standard but I run it on 8.4v Nimh with the supplied motor. It's been bullet proof and I'd not change anything on the transmission side. Only mod I've done is to replace the shocks to shorter bodied CVA'S (so that the chassis bottomed out on the front) and put gold DF3 springs on with thicker oil (500w).
  2. Never knew you could remove paint that well with remover. Impressive, will have to add one to my kit. I've a few bodies that could do with a little sort out.
  3. Completely get your point, it would just be nice not to have to cut out some of the more complicated shapes. I'm more than happy to paint and cut out bodies (would much rather do it myself even if at the time I'm wishing it was already done!) but cutting out the stickers seems a bit archaic now!
  4. Already posted in the Mark 2 thread. The custom stickers are great, really wish Tamiya would precut theirs! Easy build, looking forward to running it at the weekend.
  5. Finished the Mk2 Escort (pic in Mk2 thread). Great bodyshell looks so right, really happy with the British Airways stickers. Why oh why doesn't Tamiya supply pre cut ones as well?!
  6. Another one to add to fold. Easily one of my favourite bodies. Just waiting on oil shocks and black M-05ra uprights. Not sure I'd want to tackle the headlight stickers again mind!
  7. These are ace. Brings back memories of thumbing through mags as kid gawping at all those I couldn't afford.
  8. Looks good. Could you use a small amount of decanted PS silver for the lights applied with a brush? 🤔 Interested to see how it runs.
  9. Magnets make sense, would be a shame to puncture that shell. Ive never used them so have no idea how reliable they are.
  10. Finished the Top Cat. Looking forward to the Escort now as I'll not have to paint it! 😁
  11. That's worked out well, loving the copper. The black and silver give it bit of a fighter cockpit vibe. Like.
  12. Painted the Top Cat body. Not sure what to do the wing in. The top surface is where you paint so black may be best, unless I peel off the protective layer and mask the top to paint underneath... I may have just answered my own question.. Not perfect but good enough for a runner.
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