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  1. That's ace. Top job, the colour really suits it. Like!
  2. That's ace. The gold is spot on.
  3. Easy, first re release of the Egress. Was £260 at the time from Tamico before Brexit and a 1.6 Euro to pound. Still kick myself for not getting one then!
  4. Is it just me or is the TD4 Super Avante no where to be found?! There's spare parts and the mini ones but no kit. TD2 is there however. Discontinued or fingers crossed, coming back out with a better body?
  5. Following with interest. Love a S2000, had a 1:1 back in 2005. Was an '03 model with the glass soft top in a metallic purple. Awesome car, only got rid of as it tried to kill me pretty much every time rained! As Martin Brundle says "a definite case of ambition over adhesion!". Still, it sounded amazing with the airbox cover removed in the summer ..
  6. Buggies. Enough off road clearance to zip around the garden without the bulk of a monster truck. Actually wish I had somewhere to run a TC-01 though!
  7. Blimey, that's a gut punch. Thanks for sharing your great builds (especially the epic War Rig) and of course I'm sure all here will help your son with anything he asks. Best wishes to you and your family *Doffs cap
  8. Egress, XV-01 and the TC-01. Egress I think I'll be worried to run like my Avante due to spares unavailability, the TC-01 as it can't really be made as a rally car but I love the layout of it. The XV-01 as the Lancia looks wicked but so much work! Maybe I should just spray one yellow like an old school Evo... Hmmmmm..
  9. Could it be for a future hop up of a rear anti roll bar? Nice build, quite fancy one of these.
  10. I tried fitting the VQS Hi-Caps to a Terra Scorcher. Have to say it didn't work for me. The front springs end up way to compressed and hard due to conical lower spring holder. You can fit a CVA lower spring retainer but it isn't quite the right diameter. The rears also had the same issue once I'd adjusted the length internally to fit which I'd also done to the front. I pinched a set of black CVA's off my DT-03 and put the Hi-Caps on the DT-03 which fit perfectly!
  11. A Hornet, a tenth birthday present I think back in '85. Had to go back to the model shop with my parents to get the radio and battery that we didn't realise we needed. Long lost to time but was the first re-release I purchased to relive those times. Crazy to think how long ago that was!
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