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  1. Certainly are. Check the back of the manual for part number and Google away. Most good Tamiya Hobby shops will have in stock or be able to order. Tony's Tamiya Parts, Fusion Hobbies, Modelsport and Wheelspin Models are a good go to. I'm sure someone will be along in a bit with a link!
  2. My Avante. Its so Tamiya, was so out of reach as a kid and I managed to get it spot on as a build!
  3. True that, plus spares support has been excellent for the XLS and Topcat. I'm in the UK so not sure how good elsewhere.
  4. Agree with all of the above! The XLS was the MOST challanging build but also the most rewarding. I ended up with a pro transmission and the alloy bulk heads but even in its standard form it runs brilliantly. Still think the "crash back" feature of the front suspension is genius. The Top Cat is much easier to build, however the funky front suspension is actually a bit rubbish even with the upgrade turnbuckles. The turnbuckles allow the damper to also control the down stroke instead of just gravity with the original set up. It does however look cool as... I'm actually thinking of getting the front suspension parts from the Couger to convert the Top Cat.
  5. Yup same here! Big bonkers that the front and rear stabilisers are £26! For two bits of wire and plastic supports. Gonna run mine ragged but it'll be a proper whince come part replacement time..
  6. Gonna be a glut of pics me thinks!
  7. Just had confirmation mine will be delivered tomorrow! Werhoo, can't wait 😁.. Feels like being 12 again!
  8. We have since 1987, reckon we can get through another month or two! Gotta be strong.. 😁
  9. Yup, had my confirmation as such. Still happy to wait however!
  10. Aaaargh!! I've got wait till the 29th April to get mine! That's looks superb. What electrics are everyone doing? Brushless? I was going for a Skyrc TS50 or HW106bl with a 13.5 "Blue Bottle". Or maybe brushed for an old school feel? Quality looks really good have to say.
  11. From the ever excellent @Fusion-Hobbies. Can't wait to have some spare time to start this!
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