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  1. Couldn't agree more, it's not just Tamiya that has this effect. I really want to mod my Cat XLS with the carbon and alloy bits but then it wouldn't be the replica that it's meant to be... But it would be cool to have all the bits... Or should I get another one to mod?... Aaaargh! Have probably spent way to much time deliberating over it... 🤔
  2. Swapped out the original chassis for the new hard one on the TT-02B. Really is noticeably stiffer with very little flex. Used the self tappers as they have far more purchase in the material except for the steering which I tapped and used machine screws. Very impressed for £7.50! Just need a dry day to run it now.
  3. Have you checked that the end points for the servo are all set to 100% (EPA) and then dialled back from there? My CR-01 had the turning circle of an oil tanker with both diffs locked and one servo at the front. With both locked it needed rear steer but with just the back locked it wasn't to bad. I use a Spectrum ZX5c so that I can switch between front, front and rear, crab and rear steer from the tx. Easy to set up as it's there in the mix settings.
  4. That's exactly where I got mine. Had the stock notification, arrived in 24 hours!
  5. Two Hard black chassis, one for the Tt-02b and one for the TT-02R. Certainly feels a lot stiffer in the hand.. Fnar Fnar.. 😉
  6. I think the Tt-02b is pretty good, start with the silver can as it'll not stress the diffs and upgrade as and when. Mine started out as standard and now has the DF-02 metal diffs, aluminium steering and alloy prop shaft and flies on a 13.5t brushless with a Lipo.. Actually a little to much! So now it is powered by a Hobbywing 1060 and a 19t Double Brushed. Diff issues only really appear if you slam it into reverse from full forward or go full throttle from a standing start on a grippy service. It really could do with a slipper but it's not really a race buggy to be fair. As others have said ground clearance can be an issue but Df-03 wheels (2.2) with appropriate tyres lift it enough for longer than cut grass, dirt etc. You can always move the shocks towards the chassis to lift it further if need be. An important thing to remember is that spares are cheap and plentiful plus there are carbon reinforced arms and gearbox covers from Tamiya if you do go down the rocket ship route.. 😉
  7. It would be... If you had three hands... 😁
  8. Super Hotshot wasn't to bad, Avante was really great but more because its such a lovely thing to put together, and I wanted it to last. Now the CAT XLS that's an entirely different kettle of frustrating, annoying and blue languaged fish!! Very rewarding once done however. *******er does fight you all the way...
  9. It never slows down.... Ever. Like a snowball rolling downhill getting ever bigger and faster... Enjoy!
  10. Happy New Year all! Hope it brings many a Tamiya treat.
  11. Its not to tricky just a little bit fiddly but if building lego over Christmas has taught me anything, it's little fingers are way better at assembling small things than me!
  12. Wow, no kidding! Any chance of a build thread of the Ultima? Such a cool buggy.
  13. A very merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone 😁
  14. *waves... Wotcha! Ask away, there's an amazing wealth of knowledge amongst the members 😁
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