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  1. Grotty Otty

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Mowed the lawn to finally run one of the buggies at the weekend! The Neo Fighter definitely needs a ragging.. 😁
  2. Grotty Otty

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Meh... Could be worse!
  3. Grotty Otty

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Epic. Cool as 😎
  4. Grotty Otty

    Project RR-03Ra - Converting a TRF201 into a rally car

    Really like how you've approached this, thought it especially brave to saw out that center section! I'd bet that it's stiffer and stronger now however with all that carbon.. looking forward to seeing the finished car 😎
  5. Grotty Otty

    Scipunk's builds, mods and upgrades

    Please do, was torn between a Super Astute or Topcat but realised I have enough buggies and have read nothing but great reviews of the XV-01. Waiting for Wonderland Models to get stock in (cheapest I can find in the UK) of the Lancia.
  6. Before you mount the servo saver onto the servo - Connect both the servo and speedo to Channel 1 and 2 respectfully on the receiver. Connect battery to speedo (no need to connect to motor) . Turn on transmitter then turn on speedo. If all wired up correctly then the servo should center, double check all trims are also centered then turn off the speedo followed by the transmitter. Disconnect servo. Job jobbed.
  7. Look for DT-03 manual here. Much easier to look at pics than try to explain! All measurements and screw sizes are indicated. Should be a simple fix.
  8. Wotcha @friskyjim. Ta for the compliments, they are indeed schumachers front and rear. Not quite the right size for the rims - the front wheels could do with being a touch wider but work brilliantly on cut grass and dirt all the same. U6581 - front mini spike - yellow U6596 - rear full spike - yellow Lipo is a round nVision 3700 but you can fit a square hardcase 5000mah lipo in there quite happily. The extra weight helps to. I use Core, nVision and Peak Powerplant batteries which all fit no problems. You'll have to let us know the outcome of the race!
  9. Just saw this so thought I'd chip in.. Here's my DT-03 with an Etronix Photon 13.0r 2950kv motor / 45A ESC. Its silly quick on a Lipo and I'm sure would decimate a Grasshopper on a Sport Tuned... These are a great chassis and are happy handling a fair amount of power only thing I'd say is to second the Steel pinion (19t) and be prepared for the front to lift off the ground if you give full berries on a grippy surface...!
  10. Grotty Otty

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Hope this helps.
  11. Grotty Otty

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Great find!
  12. Grotty Otty

    Yeah Racing 'QUTUS'

    Juls1 is right, it's been done before. On my 20 year old Corally C4 you can adjust the damping by pulling down the shaft to lock it and then twist the end to rotate the internals. I've always thought it was a great idea, I'll definitely get a set of these to tinker with.
  13. Grotty Otty

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Always easier to ask for forgiveness after than permission before!
  14. Grotty Otty

    Speedy's FGX EVO 2018 Build Thread

    Excellent build as always. That's an interesting chassis, I like the really scale features of the suspension with all the rockers and push links, will be interesting to hear how well it runs. Have to say the dremal to the cvd pins is inspired, wish I'd thought of that.