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  1. All of the above. Some great posters which really make the forum what it is. Always amazes me the effort that goes into so many builds, comprehensive answers and new ideas. Do think a special mention to @TurnipJF for the postal race (I must have a go!) and the spirit it's organised in. @Saito2 has a knack of starting very interesting threads that brings out some great responses and @ThunderDragonCy has inspired me on too many occasions to spend more money... * ff-03.. @Mad Ax, @JennyMo and @Truck Norris builds simply blow me away and I wish I had the skill to achieve those results... Looking forward to what 2021 brings.. No pressure posters... 😉
  2. Controversially my Monster Beetle. It has a mip ball diff so no transmission issues but I'm always so nervous of tipping it and scrapping the body that I don't use it... Think I ought to get another shell to bash with!
  3. My FF-03. Was bought on a whim to keep me entertained through the first lockdown. Its just so impressive, handles brilliantly, requires very little modification out of the box (I went with a higher ride height to rally it) and is really well thought through. I've only added CVD's to stop the chatter at large steering angles and the carbon reinforced parts for the rear suspension. Has a Nimh and a Tble-02 at the moment but I've ordered another Sky TS50 so I can run a Lipo and lighten it a bit. Great car.
  4. That looks great... Wonder how hard a Rothmans livery would be?!
  5. Lower one, silver definitely looks better than the red. I'd imagine the original black would look cool too..
  6. Reckon that's a LWB Optima Mid. Either an original that had the proper conversion parts or a Custom or Custom special.
  7. Yup you're absolutely right. Meant to say that. Still found it much easier with hex head. I can hold the driver in place as it locks in better whilst pulling the diff forward to tension the belt and tighten down the lock nut.
  8. Got a Top Cat to build but my XLS is excellent. It is a challanging build, much more so than any Tamiya I've assembled but far more rewarding. I ended up with the upgraded transmission because the mild brushless (13.5t blue bottle & Sky Rc TS50) killed the original diff in the spur gear. It's not quite the same without the torque converter but it's rapid and handles brilliantly. Just take care getting the diffs set up and replace the four long (40mm) flat head screws for hex head that hold the gearbox, belt and bumper in place. Much easier to tension as the hex won't slip. Only other thing to be aware of is the dimples in the undertray do not line up with screws in the chassis. Easy enough to mark your own however.
  9. Be interested in seeing what a difference the brass weight makes, I assume to keep the front down when accelerating. Will it need stiffer front springs to support the front on braking I wonder? 🤔 I'll definitely get the alloy rockers however, makes sense to control the wheels down stroke with the shock as well.
  10. A little something to keep me amused during the four week lockdown. Big thanks to the ever helpful and excellent Joanne at Fusion Hobbies.
  11. This is great, will be following with interest.
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