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  1. Looks good. Could you use a small amount of decanted PS silver for the lights applied with a brush? 🤔 Interested to see how it runs.
  2. Magnets make sense, would be a shame to puncture that shell. Ive never used them so have no idea how reliable they are.
  3. Finished the Top Cat. Looking forward to the Escort now as I'll not have to paint it! 😁
  4. That's worked out well, loving the copper. The black and silver give it bit of a fighter cockpit vibe. Like.
  5. Painted the Top Cat body. Not sure what to do the wing in. The top surface is where you paint so black may be best, unless I peel off the protective layer and mask the top to paint underneath... I may have just answered my own question.. Not perfect but good enough for a runner.
  6. Well now you're just showing off! 😁... *Goes to garage to cut some springs and make retainers for the DT-03....
  7. Just waiting on the cva shocks and black uprights and c hubs (Mo5ra). Impressed with the body, looking forward to the end result.
  8. This is brilliant, inspired. 😎
  9. That's a great tip thanks! Can't say I would have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out. 👍
  10. Some bits and pieces for the incoming Escort MF-01X build. Has a kit ever been so popular?! Mine may be a while, so I've the new battery for the Top Cat I may finally get to paint now it's warmer.
  11. Nice neat installation of electrics, that's going to be rapid with the Hobbywing and Speed Passion motor! Copper and matt black will be cool.
  12. Still looking good, always a relief when everything lines up. 6mm ride height is definitely do able. Could use protective tape underneath and a basher body. I assume it's a fairly standard wheelbase. Only concern would be the exposed pinion and gear. Looking forward to the end result 👍
  13. That is slick, such a good shape the Zonda. Looks great, body will be well worth the effort. Would definitely like one of those but I'd trash it where I could run it. My M-06 is scratched to bits and it's nowhere near as low as that!
  14. Wow! Chassis is interesting. Three shocks I presume for compression, rebound in three planes of motion. With the motor in the pod and part of the sprung weight will be interesting to see how it works. Quality looking kit, that body should be spot on once completed. It looks a proper job though!
  15. Good effort. Funnily enough that's how I do my ball diffs.. Any other way and I'm hunting around the floor searching for the balls!
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