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  1. Glad you got all sorted. The tinkering is half the fun 😁
  2. What @Juls1 said. Weight needs torque to initially shift it so I'd definitely swap as I bet the DT-03 is lighter than the Stadium Thunder. Let us know the result.
  3. I've a small garden and find the Neo Fighter cool for scooting about but can't properly rag it. My suggestion would actually be a Hornet. It doesn't steer, skips all over place so is really fun in a "pointing in sort of the right direction" kind of way. It's not over powered with the silver can and will run for ages on a 3300 Nimh.
  4. Love this! Great idea whilst we're all cooped up, could definitely get pretty inspirational.
  5. Either.. Seriously I'd be tempted to go brushless as the Tble-02 has really good brakes and a Lipo alarm is so cheap, gives you much longer run times and lighter weight for any given battery capacity... Having said that its so easy doing a super neat install with a HW1060... Whichever, ease up on heat shrink! 😁
  6. Always. One of each of the two that your deciding between according to the wisdom here. 😉
  7. Wow, that doesn't sound right! One last thing to check. Place the car on a flat surface and look at it from the rear at eye level. Check that the wheels both leave the ground at the same time if you slowly lift it from the middle at the back. A pencil under the motor is good for this. Your looking to see if the chassis is "tweaked" or if one wheel drops / drops lower than the other. I'm sure on one side of the M-06 the upper suspension arm can catch on the chassis at full extension limiting wheel travel on that side. If so just add a small washer or two internally on the rear damper shaft so that they both extend the same. If that's not it, crack open the polish, buff it up and sling it on the shelf! 😁
  8. What difference a roof makes! Great colour, also never really liked the Sonic Fighter but yours is definitely cool 😎
  9. Before you give up with it try much stickier rear tyres than the front.. I really like mine, it's one of my favourites! Still, different strokes for different folks and all that 😁
  10. @ChrisRx718 is a good shout. My diff has AW grease in it, enough to make the wheels slow to rotate if you hold them in your hands and turn in the opposite direction.
  11. I'd put a vote in for the Avante or CR-01. Both overly complicated for their intended use but really well engineered.
  12. I feel your pain! 😁 The M-06 definitely takes a little finesse to get the most out of it. Being rwd as soon as you hit the brakes it's like pulling on a handbrake which is magnified by any toe you have set in the front wheels (angle off center). I found mine best with completely neutral steering, soft rear springs and light oil, harder front springs and heavier oil plus soft initial brakes on the speedo. Neutral steering minimises any spin, soft rear allows the back to roll and grip, a stiffer front alleviates the pitch forwards and lightening of the rear keeping weight transfer to a minimum. Once you have the hand of it they're ace to drift about.
  13. Might be a stupid question but did you apply to the outside of the body or inside like normal PS paint? I'm happy to be flamed if I'm being daft!
  14. The Ff-03, Nissan Silvia Bodyset for the M-06, a servo and hi torque saver for the ff-03. I'll be well prepared if I have to self isolate! 😁
  15. Definitely needs a thread of its own! Introduced my face to a tree whilst downhilling on a mountain bike... Was more annoyed about the busted new helmet than battered and bruised mug..
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