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  1. Blimey, that's a gut punch. Thanks for sharing your great builds (especially the epic War Rig) and of course I'm sure all here will help your son with anything he asks. Best wishes to you and your family *Doffs cap
  2. Egress, XV-01 and the TC-01. Egress I think I'll be worried to run like my Avante due to spares unavailability, the TC-01 as it can't really be made as a rally car but I love the layout of it. The XV-01 as the Lancia looks wicked but so much work! Maybe I should just spray one yellow like an old school Evo... Hmmmmm..
  3. Could it be for a future hop up of a rear anti roll bar? Nice build, quite fancy one of these.
  4. I tried fitting the VQS Hi-Caps to a Terra Scorcher. Have to say it didn't work for me. The front springs end up way to compressed and hard due to conical lower spring holder. You can fit a CVA lower spring retainer but it isn't quite the right diameter. The rears also had the same issue once I'd adjusted the length internally to fit which I'd also done to the front. I pinched a set of black CVA's off my DT-03 and put the Hi-Caps on the DT-03 which fit perfectly!
  5. A Hornet, a tenth birthday present I think back in '85. Had to go back to the model shop with my parents to get the radio and battery that we didn't realise we needed. Long lost to time but was the first re-release I purchased to relive those times. Crazy to think how long ago that was!
  6. Loving that! Gotta be one of their best new releases in ages. Fingers crossed its not obscenely priced.
  7. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you've all had an ace time. 🎄
  8. Nice, love a 90's Touring car. Remember when these rocked up to the BTCC with their illegal higher wings only to have them confirmed as Alfa had sold all the homologated cars with the spacers thrown in the boot for "aftermarket" modification. We definitely need more of these!
  9. Yup, that's what's not quite right. Oddly the box art looks great?! Maybe it just needs to be lowered?
  10. That's spot on.... Td4 added to Xmas wish list..
  11. Gonna say that's a nope from me, the original is such a great looking buggy this for me just isn't. Can't quite put my finger on it but it I don't think the Blockhead scheme works, would be nice if you had the option in the box of the original colour scheme and decals. Bit like Kyosho did with the Optima Mid re re that had the original and turbo decals in the box.
  12. I'm local too and noticed this a couple of weeks ago. Really sad, its been a feature of Fratton for as long as I can remember. There is / was the other model shop up the road towards North End that moved from around the corner (Milton Road I think) but its not the same even though they do have good stock and an enthusiastic owner.
  13. Certainly are. Check the back of the manual for part number and Google away. Most good Tamiya Hobby shops will have in stock or be able to order. Tony's Tamiya Parts, Fusion Hobbies, Modelsport and Wheelspin Models are a good go to. I'm sure someone will be along in a bit with a link!
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